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Even men can't stay away from perfumes, so it's not just a women's obsession! But again not everyone can afford high range fragrances and usually the reasonable ones don't stay for long! 

So here is a list of best perfumes under Rs.2000 that stay long and smell strong! Tell us which one is your choice?
5 hours ago
Men's Fashion
Confession is made by a person, admitting that he is guilty of something. So we thought of doing something different. We have collected 10 brother-sister confessions that will amaze you like never before. Go have a look!
3 hours ago
Visiting Jaipur and looking for local Rajasthani things ?

Here we have compiled a list of best street shopping markets for you, where you can buy colorful jaipuri kurtis, pots, juttis, souvenirs, jewellery and lots of other things.
an hour ago
Combination-oily skin is typical of its kind. Not all cosmetics are suited for it. 
2 hours ago
Hair and Beauty
Ready to take you own watch challenge? Chill this summer in the most comfortable outfit and the best movie to suit your mood. Warning: These series will trap you in your own room! :P
5 hours ago
The toothpaste whitens, brightens, deodorizes, removes stains from our teeth but did we ever know we can use the humble toothpaste for so many things beside brushing! Be innovative ; beyond the dentist's advice of a morning and night routine.
15 hours ago
Relationships are like SHIPS - there's a constant need of continuous mobility! The same applies for couples trying new different/interesting places; and what better than a place that's amazing to look at, be at and dine at. Here's 5 amazing joints around Bangalore that're sure to make you and your loved one feel special. You can surely look forward to a great gastronomic experience and a pleasant time. 

PS: You're sure to get 'brownie points' for taking her there :P
17 hours ago
A burpee is a full body exercise for strength training. Almost all athletes embrace burpees and include them in their daily workout regime. They are the best to get you fitter faster as they help burn a lot of calories! This awesome exercise boosts your metabolism faster and gets you conditioned! Here's why you should include it in your workout regime too.
19 hours ago
Men's Fitness
Whoever said Goa is known for  beaches and party places, hadn’t been to these best  restaurants in Goa! Yes, it is home to some of the most fancy and posh restaurants.
Here are the 9 best reasturants with the beatiful view where you must visit.
a day ago
Love, laughter and light - a therapy for weekends and a panacea for evenings
Are you looking for travel inspiration and a cure for domestication? Are you looking for a fantastic destination for your next adventure?
Here we list out some international travel blogger who will guide and inspire you to enjoy your life.
a day ago