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Your companion when there is not much else in the refrigerator. The one who you can't not buy when you're out grocery shopping. The one you don't look at unless you're under a dangerous starvation threat. The one you always crib about as 'boring'. Yet, the one that's always there for you!

Good ol' Bread is always around.

Honestly, It is kind of unfair label bread as boring since there are so many different and tasty ways of eating it.

Here are some delicious recipes that you can make, all with the help of bread.
3 days ago
Food & Drinks
We all fall in love and have heart breaks or maybe a happy ending but when someone enters in a relationship for the first time he/she makes a lot of mistakes and ends up having a broken heart. Everyone has a way of loving and caring. These are just thoughts, I cannot make a decision for you. Take this only as an advice. It's your life, nobody can command you, only help you.
3 days ago
Love, laughter and light - a therapy for weekends and a panacea for evenings
We've all experienced the blackouts, the drunken walk home, waking up covered in our own sick and other less than pleasurable sensations. Here are some of the most cringe-worthy and funniest drunk stories.
4 days ago
Punjabi, the name itself defines unique,fun loving,entertaining,cheerful,foodie. The place doesn't matters for any Punjabi, their nature will never change. If you meet any Punjabi you will feel their over exictement on every little things but when you will make friends, you can get no better friend or partner to be with you,support you.
4 days ago
Limousine have always been a centre of attraction anywhere they go. These limousines are beyond all limits of imagination. Riding any of these unusual   machines is an experience in itself not only from 'being in a limousine' point, but being in a vehicle different from any other which is as intimidating yet attractive as yours.
4 days ago
Mean Machines
 The Himalayan terrain is one of the youngest and difficult terrains on the face of the earth. It's changing landscapes and ever so beautiful sceneries can stun you for life. The lakes, the hills, the roads, the people, and even the air, everything in this mighty marvel is simply eye-catching. The terrain at times can prove harsh with deteriorating climatic conditions. Hence, it gives you a taste of pain, joy, shiver, chill, and can test your perseverance all at once.

I learned a lot from this expansive highlands of the Himalayas. The above ten things were worth mentioning out of many.

4 days ago
Visiting the uncharted coast-line city of Split is definitely worth the effort. It is a heady mix of culture, history, sun, sand and delectable food.  
4 days ago
Whether you're feeling down, lost or just curious and seek a deeper meaning in life, these books take your mind on a journey much different from what it's accustomed to. Get ready to have your minds blown and your jaws drop to the floor reading these novels!
Happy reading :)
5 days ago
There is something fascinatingly charming about detectives, as they are doing good to the society by hunting after the truth.
5 days ago
All over the World including our own India, not being 'normal' is seen as a problem; as a disease that needs to be 'fixed'. Yet, here is a list of some of these very men who have gone to be achievers and their gender never came in the way!
5 days ago