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Who said cake stands are only for cake stands? Well of course, they are used to gorgeously display your desserts but these stands can double up to so many things. Bouquet holder, kitchen organisation, vanity organisation, fruit basket etc. So many uses, one utility product! Are you already thinking of getting one now?
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Sidney Sheldon is one of the finest writers who has made mystery an exciting genre. Here you find the 7 best sellers of master in disguise. These have overtime become classics including his autobiography which is still touted as his best work.
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Burgers are just awesome to eat. And apart from McDonald's, there are other outlets too in Pune which offer great yummy burgers.

I have listed the 9 most awesome burger places for non-veg lovers in Pune. Tell me about your experience and visit in the city. 
2 days ago
Love, laughter and light - a therapy for weekends and a panacea for evenings
In many cases, many movies have been inspired by real life crime stories and you surely don't want to miss them.
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We already are aware of the magical benefits of essential oils, used by our ancestors since ages! You might be knowing about Lavender scented candles, that instantly uplifts your mood.
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Hair and Beauty
My baby is the best thing that's ever happened to me. Those tiny hands and feet and the feeling of cuddling my baby for the first time was so overwhelming that I could not help but share with you. Hope you felt the same when you had your baby too!

Share your thoughts :)
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Everyone loves fast cars, and so do we! Looking at that list of the 8 fastest cars in India is bound to make your want your own fast beauty. Most of the cars on the list were no surprise, except for the Bently. Who would have guessed a Bently was the 4th fastest car in India? 
For all your James Bond fans out there, the Aston Martin Vanquish is the closest you're going to get to being him, but hey it's still in the top 8 fastest cars in India!
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Mean Machines
The say the fate of your meal depends on your dessert and there you go! Here are my favorite dessert picks from the city of Nawabs.

You only get one life, eat the cake :)
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October is here and Halloween is right upon us with its spooky charms and costume's excitement. So as we go shopping for Diwali and plan to look our best, let's not forget the things that one maybe needing to perfect the Halloween Look. So if this Halloween, glamming up as a Gothic Girl is in your plans, we bring you the Easy Steps to pull off the look to perfection. So look your best good in Diwali and then pull of a sexy Goth appeal for an absolute "spook"tacular Halloween. 
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Top reasons, why are tattoos so "in" these days?

1-Make you strike out from the crowd
2-Way to remember anything close to your heart
3-In few cultures it is considered to be a protector from negative forces
4-Especially men use it to build their endurance levels
5-Can even help in balancing your emotions

Shout out loud with your unique TATTOO design now!!

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