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Here is the lost of 10 most amazing brands of all time for men! The ranking isn't in any order. Hope you like it. And let us know which one has been your favorite of these? Or is there any other brand you would like to add to this list!
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A brand plays all the marketing strategies well enough by keeping fancy names and doing publicity stunts. Their work is to play with people's psychology. People generally percieve that a foreign brand will definitely be better than the Indian counterpart, which is completely wrong!
So, we give you the 10 best Indian fashion brands for formal clothing. Go have a look!
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Men's Fashion
All over the World including our own India, not being 'normal' is seen as a problem; as a disease that needs to be 'fixed'. Yet, here is a list of some of these very men who have gone to be achievers and their gender never came in the way!
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Indian humor is the best humor. Everything is a joke or can be made a joke. We will laugh and make jokes on our own lives, good or bad, keeping life full of smiles. It's like keeping critical in a funny way.

If you read these, you'll also conclude : sarcasm toh hamare khoon mai hai !
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Deepika Padukone is one of the youngest actresses in Bollywood. Not only her movies but also some of her dialogues are very popular among the youth.

Do you recall these dialogues in her awesome movies ?
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I am yet to meet a person who visited India and remained indifferent to this country. There are people who hate and despise India and can talk hours about the poverty and bad smell, and noise, and cheating; or there are people who can’t stop wondering at Indian history, Indian dance, Indian cuisine, Indian paintings, Indian architecture, Indian religions, Indian festivals, Indian teachings of yoga and Ayurveda, Indian languages, Indian sacred texts, Indian costumes, Indian music styles, Indian movies, Indian mountains and beaches, Indian forests and deserts, Indian hospitality and generosity, beauty of Indian people, Indian cities and Indian villages, temples, mosques, gurudwaras, palaces, parks and streets.

Is there any other country in this world which has so much of intellectual, spiritual and cultural heritage that it is literally impossible to learn it in one lifetime? Pick up anything from Indian classic culture: Bharatnatyam (or any other dance), Sanskrit (or any other ancient language), Vedanta (or any other philosophy school) and it will take the rest of your life to absorb at least a part of it. And even having learnt Bharatnatyam and Sanskrit you won’t be able to say that you actually know India.

There is India of Hindus, of Muslims, of Christians, of Jains, of Buddhists, of Sikhs, of Zoroastrians. There is India of Tamils, of Marathis, of Bengalis, of Malayalees, of Punjabis and of hundreds of other ethnicities. There is India of megalopolises and of tiny villages, India of the North and of the South (and the North-East India as well!).

No matter how many times you visit India, no matter how many years you live there, there ALWAYS will be something you do not know about. India is too much for an ordinary human mind. We fail to understand how can this subcontinent have so many secrets and treasures, how can Indians teach us anything, from politics to inner peace. If there is a place in this world that has everything, it has to be India.

Amazed and excited, seeking for more knowledge and beauty, we keep coming to India. And, in her kindness, despite being cheated and looted many times in her eternal history, India has never closed her gates to anyone.

**This write-up is an account by Anna Stepanova. She was a student at the University of Hyderabad and identifies herself as a Bibliophile 
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We put ourselves through so much. I mean, no guy knows how much devotion and attention you gotta have while applying the perfect mascara, how we need hours to get that lip colour right, how to be the perfect selves that we are. Ladies, we know the pain,so here are some makeup tricks that will help you look attractive and also which areas to focus on the most.
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Books are our escape to another world, to new characters and sometimes we get so involved with them that we actually forget about the real world where we live. And this is why, everyone must adopt the habit of reading because it opens an altogether new arena for us, broadens our horizon and definitely makes us a better individual. 
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Love, laughter and light - a therapy for weekends and a panacea for evenings