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On any given day, our bodies send hundreds of thousands of messages to various cells, organs, systems, and metabolic processes in order to keep things functioning in tip-top shape and in a state of homeostasis (a happy medium) - or at least as close to it as possible. Here are few body signs and what it means and how you should tackle them! 
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Believe it or not, I adopted ALL these ideas to change the look of my bedroom. I de-cluttered before I moved, chose an off-white color palette mixed with sorbet shades and added the elements mentioned above. It might take a toll on your pocket so start off with one and build your bedroom to a better, definitely comfortable one!
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When I used to hear the word 'Biography' or 'Autobiography', I used to imagine an old dusted book. It's pages must have been yellowed out, torn from the edges and I would take forever to finish reading it. Not any more!

If you have a similar perception, try reading any or all of these 5 listed books to change it.

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We all have plenty of unused things like plastic and glass bottles which we consider as a waste ,but wait we can make plenty of decorative things with them.These things are inexpensive and yet look good and eye-catching.Here are some innovative ideas which you can use to change to utilize your unused bottles.
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Dharamshala, to me will always be full of fond memories. We arrived on a March afternoon, while the clouds hung low and the farway mountains were capped with snow. It wasn't the winding roads, it wasn't the smiles of strangers I passed before we got there, I couldn't place what it really was. There was a mystery that tugged at me, the trees had stories to tell and I, had alot of unwinding to do. Some journeys need to be finished so that we ready ourselves for the newer roads. Dharamshala has been one such journey. On our first day we made friends and it felt as if we had known each other since years. Conversations brewed over steaming cups of Hot chocolate which I happily gulped as the evening gave way to a starry night. Every night we would sit in our balcony and look at the stars that shone brighter than I'd ever imagined. To me, that's the magic of the universe. We walked up and down winding roads(deliberately discarding the use of GPS) often found ourselves lost, discovering places we would have otherwise never stumbled upon. The walking would make us famished and every little cafe we discovered served some really delicious wood oven pizzas, chowmein and tea. It was all very welcome in the slight drizzles that only encouraged our days there. I have never felt as much at peace as I have when I sat in silence on the rocks. My secrets are with the pine trees that promised to keep them safe until I return with new stories. There are things that we leave behind and let go as we travel and there are those that we often carry with us in our mind and memories  laughter, eyes that shine with wisdom, smiles of the himachali kids, friendships are few of the many things that will stay with me. 
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Oranges are extremely beneficial to the skin and can be a part of your daily diet beyond that glass of juice! Flush out those toxins in these effective ways- like removing tan, closing pores, etc. Stay healthy!
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Here are some pics of Preity Zinta's South African holiday that she shared on her social media handle. She opines that nothing can beat the excitement of climbing the top of a mountain.

Do you agree?
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We are always mesmerized when we see actresses with glowing skin, each one of us desires to look flawless like them, don't we? But the everyday stress and pressure makes us dull day by day, making us looking much more than our age & that is so disappointing! Don't worry, with little bit of effort we too can have a perfect looking skin. Even if you follow 75% of the above tips then you will be having a glowing skin in no time.
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Hair and Beauty
Love, laughter and light - a therapy for weekends and a panacea for evenings
One of the greatest actresses Hollywood has ever produced, Julia Roberts has stolen millions of hearts across the globe for decades now and has given us characters that we haved lived by ever since we first saw them on the screen. This post lists some of the her greatest movies & reinforces her finesse in what she does.
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Rabat, Morocco’s political and administrative capital is is a hidden gem and has not yet established itself as a tourist destination. The colonial architecture is stunning. For those newly weds who are looking for an offbeat destination for honeymoon, Rabat is an ideal place to be considered. 

The ideal time to visit is May to August.
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