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Saree is the best attire worn by a women. It makes her look elegant yet sexy, amazing yet alluring and simple yet lovely. Earlier we have spent hours at a boutique to choose a stylish blouse but we are at a loss when it comes to varieties. Here are some blouses which will make you stand out in the crowd and believe me you are gonna love them!
6 hours ago
Women's Fashion
Love, laughter and light - a therapy for weekends and a panacea for evenings
Are you crazy! Oh hell yeah, I am. This year make your body a canvas, and let the inside out. Get inked at these awesome parlours in Delhi by the best of the bests. Don’t forget to flaunt your tattoo here!!
8 hours ago
Women's Fashion
Whether its a romantic evening with your date or just a relaxing evening with a nice company, nothing can compare the pleasure we get when we drink & dine under open-sky.
Here we have compiled a list of best rooftop bars & Restaurants in Bengaluru with an exquisite seating area.
10 hours ago
The age old broth has been found to be very nutritious for the health problems that many of us encounter on a day to day basis.It is surprising how it has made a come back from ancient kitchens to join in the list of superfoods for their multiple benefits.
So next time someone in the family is not feeling well, you know broth is going to make them feel better.
12 hours ago
Food & Drinks
Indian film industry, popularly known as Bollywood is a vast one! It is known to make the largest number of films in the world. I bring to you 9 amazing facts about the industry and it's stars which I bet you had no clue about. Let me know which one startled you the most!
14 hours ago
Shower some love with these classic gifts that any whiskey drinker will love. They are not only different but also thoughtful :)
14 hours ago
Comes summer, and there you are standing in front of the wardrobe every morning wondering about what to wear. We bring to you the most colourful, interesting markets that will not fail to surprise you upon each visit and will be super light on your pocket!
Happy shopping!
16 hours ago
New Delhi
Potassium is extremely important for our health. With other nutrients taken in good amount, potassium should also be consumed in equally proportionate ratio. Here are some food which carry a high content of potassium and are also rich in a lot of other nutrients.
18 hours ago
Food & Drinks
Fish is one of the most tastiest and amazing sea food. Quick to make, it is crunchy yummy food item which savours your tastebuds always. Here are some tasty fish foods you should try.
a day ago
Food & Drinks
If you're tired and your flight is delayed, or sleeping in the plane is not satisfactory for you, then you got to check out these nap pods around the world where passengers can get relaxed and chill.

*Japanese Yen
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