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I know Periods are painful but there are certain ways which can at least reduce the pain, tenderness and irritation so that we can have a peaceful life. And of course, there are a lot of other things in life to focus on.
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Mangalore, an important port-city on the Konkan coast is emerging as an educational and industrial hub. Like all coastal communities, fish is an indispensable part of the everyday meal.
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The main aim of a kitchen model is to get some more storage space. The functioning of a kitchen majorly depends upon the art organisingHere are 9 brilliant solutions that makes life in the kitchen a little bit easier.
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Anish Kapoor the famous British Indian artist has become famous due to his modern art decos, which have become sort of landmarks. 
His work rapidly gained international recognition and has been awarded numerous prizes, including the famous Turner Prize.
He has organised many solo exhibitions at the world’s most prestigious museums, including the Louvre, the Royal Academy, Tate Modern, etc.
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Arrogance is a strange disease. It makes everyone sick except the person who has it. It can indicate an excessive need for self-importance and wanting to be everybody’s center of attention. In its extreme form, it can also turn into narcissism.

If you are facing an arrogant person, do not let them tear you down and instead stand up for yourself, act politely, and be honest. Face them with confidence.
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Burgers are just awesome to eat. And apart from McDonald's, there are other outlets too in Pune which offer great yummy burgers.

I have listed the 9 most awesome burger places for non-veg lovers in Pune. Tell me about your experience and visit in the city. 
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It's the age of globalisation, where everything affects everything else and we're all ruled by commercialisation and the market. Like it or not, we're all consumers and it's better we know who we're buying stuff from. Here's a list of some great businessmen today who have made a name in the ever-so-expanding industry.
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There are so many movies that demanded good deal of sweat from the makers and yet those movies are banned in India by Censor citing indecent content or blah blah reason.

Infact there are some of the movies that are so amazing, that they got so much appreciation in abroad, some of them won various International awards.

Here we have compiled a list of such amazing movies that are released in Abroad but not in India. So, check them out :) 
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Swimming can be exhausting, but it definitely is rewarding. Perfect your technique of swimming, running, lifting weights - and dance like Beyonce by getting top tips from expert trainers on getting faster, fitter and stronger! Here's a list of 7 gyms that have swimming pools in Mumbai!
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Love, laughter and light - a therapy for weekends and a panacea for evenings