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Are you searching for a good place to have a meal for brunch?
Here are the 9 Best places for Brunch in Pune.
a month ago
Love, laughter and light - a therapy for weekends and a panacea for evenings
Oh I love my denims so dearly that i don't have the heart to throw them away. So that's why I try to find as many as options which will help me keep my old Denims even after they are well worn out!
a month ago
Undercut hairstyle dethroned the faux-hawk and took over the "Most Popular Hairstyle" crown.Here are 7 new undercut hairstyles you can try out for an edgy look.
The best thing is that it can work in any type and color of hair.
Important is to choose the best that can make you feel comfortable and that fits your face and style.It does not only look good in young men but also on men who are over 40.
a month ago
As technology advances and our cars get fancier, it is no surprise to see that even the keys that operate them have started to evolve as well. From just opening and locking your car; to controlling the temperature, lighting, moving the car and even serving as USB flash drives, keys have gotten cooler and fancier by the year. 
a month ago
Mean Machines
Watercolor tattoos? Sounds bizarre right! The main difference between the traditional tattoos and watercolor tattoos, is artist use different techniques to create a fading and blur effect in watercolor tattoos body art. Although they look extremely beautiful and much better than the traditional ones, but you need to maintain them by visiting your tattoo artist after a while as the colout starts to fade away!
a month ago
Women's Fashion
Brace yourself up as you might get shivers down the spine the next time you sit onto your couch, while watching any of these 11 movies about serial killers. What make these films more terrible and ghastly that they resemble the real life stories of the most notorious serial killers of all times including Ed Gein, Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, and more. These movies features their most gruesome and nasty crimes, which were more than enough to terrorize the whole city leading to the desperate manhunt by the police. 

Trust me, these can leave you spooked for days. Have a look!
a month ago
Falling in love is without a doubt an extremely beautiful process. However the realization that you are in love often takes a lot of time and the battle between if and if not makes you impatient and restless. Well, the above points will help you in figuring out your confusion.
a month ago
Grahan village trek is a beautiful trek in Parvati Valley after Kheerganga Trek which is considered to be meditating point of lord shiva for 2000 years. What makes Grahan Village more loving is very adventure seekers know about it. The trek is very lunatic and it is advised that no one do it alone. The last part of the trek is very steep and needs to taken care while putting steps. 
a month ago
Want to control Hair Fall with well nourished hair? These 7 DIY hair masks will help to keep the scalp hydrated, boost hair growth and solve problem of Hair Fall and remove dry hair problems as well. 

It is advisable to apply the hair mask at least twice a week. 
a month ago
Hair and Beauty
Gol Gappe lovers confused- as to which gol gappa place is best to satisfy your cravings.
You may find countless number of stalls in Gurgaon, but finding the stall with best tasty spicy water and crisp gol gappe is a big task.
So, Here is a list of best Paani Puri aka Gol Gappe stalls in Gurgaon.
a month ago