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Here are 10 popular Bengali dishes.Make sure you sample all  these 10 dishes. From snacks to sweet dishes, Bengali food has something to offer all food enthusiasts.
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We've done it all. We've already gone through millions of beauty tutorials on YouTube, incorporated endless number of beauty hacks in our arsenal, and have religiously followed cleansing-toning-moisturizing method everyday. But still whole of our efforts and time doesn't give us a permanent solution to perfect, healthy skin like that of actresses on silver screen. Maybe we're doing something wrong. Yes! Perhaps, we're are putting these 10 things on our skin that should never ever be applied... like neverrrr everrrr!!
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Matte lipstick is trendy and fun to wear but it's not low maintenance makeup.You can't just throw it on and go.Matte lipstick easily settles into any rough patches on your lips, so you want to start with a smooth canvas.Here are the top ways to look flawless while rocking your best matte lip.
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Love, laughter and light - a therapy for weekends and a panacea for evenings
Want to know a place where you can just chill out with a great cup of coffee and your favourite book in hand, where there is peace and you can spend hours, and no one to ask you to leave your table beacuse you finished your food? 

Then you must visit these book cafes in your city where they not only serve good food but also have best of book collection!
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I walked a mile with her

Started with a smile, ended being wise

Taught me how I could not undo the done

And not dance the steps that were already rehearsed

To forget the ones, and walk faster ahead to the delight

I was singing a tune without any words

Was I trying to find those lost words with her?

Again, to jump high and catch those flown away clouds?

I found me within her, whom I used to curse on those darker days gone by

I forgave her today and here I am with her in search of new

Just being with you makes everything so right!

Oh! My dear heart, I missed you so much.

Now, the world will know our new story that will never get bury.

Life is just an unknown name to be found on our mysterious journey

Let’s not stop here, there’s another mile to go back home, dear!
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What will the cars we drive look like 10, 15 and 20 years from now? Cars that run themselves, or anticipate our every move – even a car that flies – could all be part of the automotive landscape.
Above are some of the most incredible futuristic cars we could be driving.
* Most of the car concepts showcased above aren’t yet in production, but they provide compelling glimpse into what the future might hold.
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Mean Machines
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Most couples find their soulmates in their field of work because it’s easy to understand the importance of a proper work-life balance. And especially in a field like Bollywood it’s hard to have a love blossom outside the tinsel town. But there are some stars who have managed to break that barrier and marry their childhood sweethearts and stick with them.It was not the stardom that attracted their counterparts towards them. Love just happened when they were still first graders, kindergarten kids or teenagers.

So, let us tell you about a few celebs whose love blossomed at a tender age away from the media glare, and later got culminated into marriage.
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In this article, I have unveiled some of the best adventure destinations in Guatemala. These destinations are no less than a paradise for the adventure loving lot. Have a look at them and then make a visit to experience the adrenaline rush.

1. Surfing on Pacific Coast- A Worthwhile Experience

A bright sunny day, strong waves and an isolated black sand beach, this description is enough to evoke an adventurous streak in a person passionate about surfing. The Pacific coast is now becoming the best surfing destination for the surfers across the whole country. The beach receives very less crowd, which is like an icing on the cake for the surfers who love surfing in peace. The best time to surf is in the months of March and October. This beach receives strongest waves reaching 18 feet. Two hours downhill from the Guatemala City to the coast will take you to surfing heaven. Best beaches to surf are Champerico, Iztapa, Marina, Tulate, del sur, Ocos, Los Pinos, Empalizada, Sipacate and El Paredon. Many camps also offer accommodations for the tourists.

2. White Water-Rafting in Rio Cahabon

Located in Eastern Guatemala, Rio Cahabon is the best destination for white water rafting. The river is 125 miles long and provides an exhilarating experience. The combination of thrilling rapids termed as Rock and Roll and calmer water is amazing. The Class III and Class IV rapids are very thrilling and challenging are are restricted for children. The hot springs, vegetations and waterfalls, take one very close to the nature.

3. Climbing on Volcan Pacaya

This place is especially meant for the people who love climbing volcanoes. Hiking on the Volcan Pacaya and getting to the edge of the crater is a great experience. The sight of spots of hot lava is amazing. Volcan Pacaya is located 20 miles away from the Guatemala City and is one of the most active volcanoes of Central America since past 500 years. When you trek on the molten rock, it will surely give you an adrenaline rush. It takes 20 minutes to climb to the top of the volcano.

4. Trekking in El Mirador

The trek begins from the small village of Carmelita. Going through the jungle to reach El Mirador provides a very pleasurable as well as a thrilling experience. The best season to visit is from February to April. Visiting in the rainy season, i.e., from July to November, is quite challenging.

5. Kayaking in Lago Atitlan 

Lake Atitlan is surrounded by three volcanoes. It is considered as one of the most beautiful places. The place some of the most picturesque views. The mountains covered with green vegetations and the clouds look breathtakingly beautiful. It is also the deepest lake in Central America, almost 1000 feet deep. Kayaking in this lake is like a once in a lifetime experience.
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