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Need different styles everyday? 
Whether you are a localite, shopoholic or a tourist you can enjoy shopping at these markets in Gurgaon.
So, Go and shop ahead at cheap prices!
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But why do you have to always be a sober, gentle and humble person on your best friend's birthday? Don't you think giving an exquisite gift, bouquet, and cheesy cards are too cliched by now?
So think out of the box and surprise them in the craziest way possible so check out these crankiest cakes, no friend would ever imagine having it for Birthday! 
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Here is a list of the best Gyms and Fitness centers available in various locations of Gurgaon/Gurugram.
Hit these roads, they will lead you to the body you deserve.
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Alia Bhatt is the cute rockstar of Bollywood. She has really grown, evolved and emerged beautifully as an actor over the years. And a true Alia Bhatt fan must be aware about these facts.
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In the era of smartphones and kindle, if you'll still ask a book lover about their fantasy, most of them would reply, "I wanna read a book in the corner of some beautiful library." 

So for all the bibliophiles out there, check out the list of 6 best libraries in the Mumbai!
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Undercut hairstyle dethroned the faux-hawk and took over the "Most Popular Hairstyle" crown.Here are 7 new undercut hairstyles you can try out for an edgy look.
The best thing is that it can work in any type and color of hair.
Important is to choose the best that can make you feel comfortable and that fits your face and style.It does not only look good in young men but also on men who are over 40.
2 days ago
"Size does matter. Nominees will need to be big enough and with kit enough for at least modest cruising. And they’ll need to be small enough to be easily handled by a couple"
Lookout 10 of the above showcased sailboats that you think have changed the way boats are built, sailed, or otherwise enjoyed.
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Mean Machines
Love, laughter and light - a therapy for weekends and a panacea for evenings