5 unique ways to celebrate your friendship day in a different way

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You have probably been bored celebrating your occasions the same day. You must be finding some extraordinary ways that might give you thrill and uniqueness in celebrating your favourite occasions.

Friendship Day is a more special occasion than other as every person in this world gives more priority to his or her friends than their own family and this is what a true friendship is called.

If you are willing to spend this upcoming friendship Day with your friends a different and better way, you can have a look at the ways we are mentioning below that will help you make this occasion more special to you and your friends.

1. Send your friends a message card

We all know that technology has developed very much and that is good for the world.

Although when it comes to sending a message card to anyone on some occasion, sending it through online will not give that feel as it will give if sent written on a paper.

Friendship is a ‘soul to soul’ relationship and in such a relationship, sending any message online will not convey the feelings you also want to deliver with that.

Write a note yourself and send it to your friend. Do not attempt to behave too digital, covey your feelings only.

2. Give your friends gifts

A friend is always the person who helped you in every situation standing by your side.

Hence, s/he too deserves to get rewarded and what will be better than the occasion of Friendship day will?

You can get any gift for your friends but ensure that it coveys your love to him or her or you can also get him or her something what he was expecting to have from a long time but could not get that for some reasons, s/he will be happy.

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3. Get your friends friendship bracelets

Since your childhood, you must have seen your mates getting their friends friendship bracelets.

This still works. Even if you have been 20, 30, 50 or so on, you can still get friendship bracelets for your friends as it immediately conveys your feelings towards them.

A true friend will never taunt you if you give something low budget as whatever s/he wants from you is trust and love.

4. Arrange a get-together party

If you have not met any of your friends for a long time, you can arrange a get-together party and invite all your friends to be there with you to celebrate this occasion.

Get things that your friends usually prefer and make your party a complete package to celebrate Friendship Day with your friends.

Order cakes, food, snacks and drinks as well.

Try not to disappoint any of your friends as it might spoil your relationship with him or her.

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5. Spend time with your friends

We all know that we are busy our lives and do not give much time to our friends though we understand they are important to us.

Friendship Day is a good opportunity to spend some quality time with friends and share each other’s feelings and lives.

You can also go out to some place for celebrating your friendship in a different way. Go with your friends to some place where you used to go when you all were children or you desired to go.

Improve your bonding with them and so go further with your friendship.