Because you've to fight

91 Views Added on Mon Jun 05 2017
It's been more than 2 months. Yes more than 2 months of fighting with my inner self. I'm so much dissolved within it, that I'm finding it tough to get out of bed. I don't like looking at my face in the mirror. I don't enjoy almost anything. Then I see my soul, it's all stained with bruises, scars and miseries.

It's like all those things are coming back, and devouring me back into a tunnel where there's no exit. It feels like I've been holding on to something for too long. Just like when you keep on dragging the rope away from everyone, at a point you realise, to leave it and let it go.

Just in the picture below, the tides are waiting to devour the guy whose already half beneath the water. I'm that guy, it's like I'm drowning and yet I know I'll rise. Hope is a crazy thing you know, It never surrenders. It always fight back and stay alive. So, for the hope that still ignite, for that flicker of flame that still doesn't relinquish. I'll fight and I know no matter what I'll rise high, beyond those horizon where sky meets the earth, beyond the predicaments that comes without a warning.

Because believe in me, you can take away everything, but you can't let the fighter in me die, never.