Dear Ma,

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Today morning as I woke up. I checked out my Whatsapp and the status feed showed all of my friends photographs along with their mother. And I reminisce about the time when you were with me. I never had a phone or anything to capture a photo with you. I wonder how you might be looking now, beautiful as always, right? Are your hair still long, do you still put bindi on your forehead, do you still wear those beautiful sarees that make you look like the most beautiful woman.

I look at almost every status, everyone wishing their mother, a very happy Mother's Day. And it's like today I've a phone, but I don't have you to click pictures. Life is really an unexpected journey. Does any means of communication works there? Like any courier service, a phone booth so that I can make a call to you directly, on daily basis. But then how I'll find your number?

And I realize the only thing I could do is write to you the things I've been wanting to tell you. Write to you about the days I feel low, the days when life knocks me down, but dare I give up and instead fight back every time. About the days when I pass by through a saree store only to not buy, because whom will I gift it to, if you are not here? Write about happiness, finding myself. Because I know no matter where you are, but if I'll tell you something, you'll listen to it and not complain. From where you mothers bring so much of love for your children, so much strength for sacrifices and still asks for nothing in return ?

I wish if there was a place name heaven in the world, for a place like that I would've been ready to spend all that I'll be earning, just to see you. Even from faraway I don't mind, but if they'll allow to meet you in person. I don't know what my heart would want to tell you. My eyes won't believe the fact that you would be in front, your touch would be real, your handmade food would still be the best cuisine in the whole world. Do you miss me, ma? If I do something wrong, do you still wish to make me understand? But then how you'll come down and tell me what is right and wrong.

They say life goes on, but they don't say that life goes on making it hard every day to live here. They don't say that life isn't a fairytale, it's all hardships and struggle. They don't say that no one can love you like your mother do. They don't say that life goes on, because we don't have an option to survive through rest of the time.

When I see my friends loving and caressing their mother. I wish you were also sitting beside me. But then I'm okay. I'm better. Because your soul walks in mine like a shadow in the dim light.

I guess loving unconditionally, not asking anything in return but surely helping the one in need, loving whatever life throws in front. Isn't all of that I've learned or you've infused it within myself? I just hope that I'm what you always wanted me to be. I just hope you feel proud of whatever I'm doing and will be doing. I hope I'll never let you down. Because I know if I'll stumble and would be about to fall, your invisible hands, yet so visible would always show me a right path.

Your son. Who feel Mother's Days should be celebrated everyday.