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Cakes need no introduction to anyone they are represent themselves . The first thing that comes up in your mind when you hear the word cake is never something negative or bad , it’s always something delicious , smooth , creamy , great and what not . Cakes are an important part of any celebration they just add life to the party keeping everyone waiting for it. The evolution of cakes has been a significant one , it has seen all from just a plain yet delicious cake to the incredibly crafted and beautifully frosted cakes .

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Did you know that there is a National Cake Day celebrated on 26th November every year. Well there are lots of facts about cakes that you still might be unaware of . So keep reading too find out more about cakes

1)      KAKA TO CAKE

‘ Cake ' the word Is derived from North Germanic word ' KAKA ' . Incredible isn’t it ? Ever thought that the thing you love the most could be derived from a word called KAKA. Well now you know.

2)       BASIC CAKES

First of the cakes were invented by the Romans in the 8th century but unlike today the cakes made in those days were very simple they used bread and was given consistency with butter and eggs and sweetened with honey . Very simple yet delicious enough to melt hearts . Cakes today are mixed with so many flavours and ingredients making them no ordinary. Now order cake online shop in Pune


Blowing candles on birthdays or any other special occasion has become a custom now but have you ever wondered how and why did this tradition come in motion? Don’t think because we are already have the answer . Initially cake was an offering to the Goddess of Moon and the candles were symbolic to moon light . Blowing out candles signify smokes carrying the prayers of the candle blower to the Goddess of Moon.


Red velvet cake's recipe was not out for a really long time until a women who liked the cake so much that she asked to the recipe of the cake . The Restaurant in exchange of the recipe asked for 100 $ this made the woman very furious and took her revenge by spreading out the recipe .


Earlier in US , women used to keep a fruit cake under their pillows . This was considered as auspicious and this belief was followed by the bridesmaid to get married soon to a good husband.


Cakewalk dance was first started by the African – American community in the Southern United . This dance was to find the most graceful walk of all and whosoever won the cakewalk dance was presented cake as the prize or gift.

7)      RECORD

More the cake better it is . People in Indonesia took this very seriously and the students with the staff of Hakasima Nilasari Culinary School in Indonesia baked the tallest Christmas cake . The cake was 108 feet and 3 inches in height.


Before the cake industry became so wide spread and available to all , people had to travel and cover long distances just to get their cakes and the tools used for baking were very expensive in earlier times