Find Syrups and Sauces for Desserts!

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An exotic and sophisticated dessert is always multi-dimensional in terms of taste and texture. Majority of the 5 star restaurants, cafes, hotels and more serve even simple and easy desserts in a sophisticated and grand way by adding different textures to it. An exotic or a rich and decadent dessert will also have a crunchy or a nutty element, something gooey or a syrup and sauce to give that glaze on the top to add shine and glamour. A soft textured dessert, with an element or ingredient of some kind to cut down the excess sweetness, a crumb of some kind to add a crunchy and nutty texture and an ice-cream along with it is the perfect example of a rich and decadent, a grand and luxurious dessert which is not available everywhere. The easiest and the simplest way to add an extra texture and enhance the look, taste and aroma of the dessert is by adding any kind of syrup or sauce to the dessert.

A syrup or sauce is something that goes well with all kinds of desserts be it any cake or cupcake, pies, tarts, even brownies, ice-creams and cookies. People may not like to eat a cake, a pie or a tart that is too dry or has just one texture but by adding any kind of syrup and sauce, the dryness is wiped out while making the dessert look prettier and more attractive and also more delicious. When you order cake online in Noida Sector62, you can top it off with a delicious and rich sauce or syrup to further make it more delicious taste-wise as well as look-wise. In case you have baked a cake at home but the texture has become too dry, you can eat it after topping it off with a delicious sauce or syrup which will take care of the excess dry texture of the cake. You can even decorate your ice-cream with a similar flavored syrup or sauce and make it more awesome and delicious.

Here are some of the best syrups and sauces that you absolutely must add to all kinds of desserts:

·         Apple Brandy-Caramel Sauce- desserts especially during the fall season and the winter season can never go wrong with an apple brandy caramel sauce. Majority of the Thanksgiving and the Halloween desserts revolve around apple and caramel. Adding brandy to the desserts will help to make them a dish that gives your body warmth.

·         Maple-Caramel Sauce- make your Sunday breakfasts of waffles or pancakes grand and luxurious by adding a whole lot of maple caramel sauce. Just a neatly stack of pancakes or waffles with caramel sauce or even a brilliant cake drenched in maple caramel sauce can take you to paradise.

·         Praline Sauce- a praline sauce having a rich nutty and crunchy texture goes well with all kinds of desserts, even cakes, ice-creams and more.

·         Caramel syrup- a plain caramel syrup or sauce goes well with all kinds of desserts and sweet recipes. Though it is a sticky sauce, the color and the flavor is absolutely superb. You can even add it to fruits salads and more. A warm batch of brownies, pancakes and waffles taste the best with ample caramel syrup.

·         Fruity syrups- apple, mango, orange, lime, and berry syrups and sauces add a fruity flavor to the desserts and are the most popular choices to drizzle on top of plain cakes and vanilla ice-cream.

·         Raspberry sauce- this sweet and sticky sauce gives a lovely color, texture, taste as well as aroma to everything that it is added on. Raspberry sauce on top of any cake or vanilla ice-cream makes it even better.

Just find same day cake delivery in Noida Sector72, add any of the above sauces and syrups and turn a simple cake into an exotic dessert.