Garden culture and garden furniture in Dubai

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Dubai is located at a place, which otherwise would be part of the huge Saudi Arabian desert. This means there is tons of sand, which does not provide a fertile ground for most plants in the world. Yet, the huge metropolis has decided to still embrace this challenge and become a centre of high profile gardens, parks which needs tons of water each day to keep it alive. Gardening companies import plants and fertile ground for the plants from Asia, Europe and Africa. As the place is well known on providing all-ready services and establishments, they often import fully grown plants, trees, bushes and hedges to be able to provide with a fully grown garden in a couple of days.

For a garden to be wholesome, especially in an area as hot as Dubai, there is a large need of shade in the garden. This shade can be both natural, as the shade provided by trees, or artificial provided by manbuilt establishments such as pergolas, covered decks, gazebos and others. These can provide well enough shades for the whole family to sit and relax enjoying outdoors, without the killing rays of sun. This is the reason why there are so many pergola manufacturers in Dubai who deal with the making of pergolas of all sorts.

What makes a pergola?

Pergola is originally an open roofed wooden building without walls, that’s supported by columns at each side when talking about square pergolas. When talking about long pergolas, which for instance provide cover for a garden road, then there are supporting columns according to the length of each beam. Today, pergola manufacturers in Dubai do not only use wood for the building, but also plastic, aluminium and whenever needed, they employ a covered rooftop above it, to provide protection from rain in the winter months. Pergolas can also be circular, although this form costs more, due to the complexity of its building. Originally, pergolas are built with an open roof, in order for them to give place for all sorts of colorful climbing plants.

Popular types of pergolas :

1. Bamboo pergola : The pergola is made to be covered with bamboo.

2. Arabic style pergola : This provides more cover and an overall more elegant effect for the whole building.
3. BKS pergola : This is a style where roof is either fully or partially covered with beams.

4. Fabric pergola : When the cover is provided by a strong, durable fabric generally in the color of beige.

5. Plastic pergola : The roofing is made out of plastic available in different colors.

As you can see, the types of pergolas are mainly differentiated according to their style and type of roofing. Apart from that, you can ask for pergola to be raised over your balcony, terrace or larger deck, that’s attached to the house.

Gardening companies such as S3T Koncept also provide with other wooden establishments, such as wooden houses, decks to create a terrace or around a swimming pool area and wooden bridges too.