Heartbreaks aren't beautiful

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It's tough, isn't it, looking back at all those memories we made together. It's hard to believe our together is over and how we are left with nothing, but to hold on to time that we had spent with each other. It's tough, isn't it?, to realize that we no more exchange any conversations, while time and then before we used to wait for the reply of each other, for that single blink on our phone reflecting your name. It's hard to believe the story where we existed once, are mere characters, who are nothing but just alive in the pages and strangers in reality. What if we cross each other's path tomorrow? Would your heart still skip a beat, like mine? Would you still have anxiety and feel restless, realizing years have only kept us apart, but heart has never come to the fact that it's over. Mom used to tell me that, it will all be fine one fine day, but I know that inside her closet at the corner there lies all those love letters, he gave her. She still search for that pieces of her in those words and her old self whenever in alone she reads it. I've seen her through the corner wishing how he would have been here with her right now. But then we have to realize that sometimes we have to chose someone who loves us more than the people we love. Maybe broken is beautiful, but there's nothing beautiful in heartbreaks. It's not something I would wish for anyone, it's not something I would want anyone to go through. Because whenever we leave someone a piece of their soul leave their footprints on the door of our heart.