How Does Hotel Interior Design Differ From Regular Interior Design?

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When it comes to hotel interior design, it’s essential to note that it has some peculiarities which requires specific design skills and a definite specialization by the interior design company which provides it. Dubai is a metropolis which has some of the highest number of hotels in the world with even more to be build every year, therefore the number of hotel interior design companies is pretty high and it’s among some of the most competitive businesses there. Let’s see some of the factors concerning the process of interior design when it comes to hotels.

How does hotel interior design differ from regular interior design?

The key concept of hotel interior design is to create a proper living and sleeping space in an area that’s considerably smaller than a regular apartment. This means that there needs to be space for sleeping, sitting down, walking and also enough space for all the adjoining clothing a client may have. The proper creation of such space in a room that generally ranges from 20 square meters to 50 square meters can be challenging and requires professional planning and fit-out experience.

We can differentiate the following categories of accommodation for a general Dubai hotel:

Room : where everything is limited to one sole room which is equipped according to the hotel’s rating and standards.

Apartment : this means, that the sleeping area is separate from the living area. An apartment has one room number. Apartment may also be equipped with a cooking corner or with a kitchenette.

Suite :
this is a name that’s used rather flexibly both for rooms larger than the average and apartments where sleeping and living area is in different rooms. The key difference between an apartment and a suite is that the suite doesn't have a kitchenette.

Customized suite : this is a suite which is equipped with all sorts of extras which generally means a small pool a Jacuzzi or a special terrace or balcony section that’s extra-large or provides an extra beautiful view.

Naturally, there can be further categories or accommodation which differ in quality, size and in terms of extras. The three key factors generally include the size of the room, the number of rooms and the overall quality of all the equipment which you can find in a room. The highest quality accommodation is generally called a presidential or a royal suite.

The style : Most hotel has a signature style which may range from old/vintage/antique to contemporary. Each hotel has to adopt the exact style in all of its rooms, which includes the lighting, the furnishing and the placing of all additional equipment. The colour scheme has to match with the hotel’s idea and colours used in branding, with only slighter differences which may be used according to the type and quality of rooms or suites the hotel has to offer.

Hotels generally put up a competition in which hotel interior design companies in Dubai can enter and would award the project to the one the designs and plans of which are the most competent in terms of quality expectations, price and planning.