Let's Forget It!

79 Views Added on Fri Jun 09 2017
I see you in the terrain land, with ambiguity covering your heart.
Those vague memories turning into sheer reality and I try to refrain from acceptance.

My heart skips a bit, the adrenaline rushing through the brain, waking me up from a deep slumber.
The place seems so similar, so ethereal that I could sense my blood smelling of it.

I try not to turn around. But then I do I try not to fall, but then I end up stumbling.
I whisper to those wintery lakes, those waves sailing taking along those words. But they never return, they don't. Would you still find them somewhere? That where they have been lost? Would you still fight and hold on or would you just let it go?

It's hard to decide, right? When your heart wants to stay and your conscience has already given up.

So, let's forget it all, let's shove it behind the winds. Let's not break the pieces of our soul into more of them, don't let the sunset enter, but instead let the bright light mark away, reminding you of the times that they left scars and you were courageous enough to turn them into poetries that you'll treasure.