MJ Freeway - cannabis software for your cannabis business

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Hi. I’m Jack, manager at AMLF Leaf. At AMLF Leaf we started our business using MJ Freeway’s cannabis software and it’s been amazing for us. As our business grew MJ Freeway grew with us and the new all-in-one registers have really made the difference.

MJ Freeway is incredibly efficient when it comes to creating new customer profiles, verifying recommendations, and processing transactions. Check-in is so easy with our digital agreements. The process just takes a few seconds and the patients use tablets to sign forms with just one click.

MJ Freeway’s app has changed the way we display our menus, specials, and customer waiting list. It really helps our clientele decide what products match their preferences and budget. Processing sales for both medical and recreational customers is simple by quickly selecting the appropriate patient type.

We really wanted to find marijuana software that could manage state compliance as well as sales. All of our reporting is completely automated so we never have to worry about getting our numbers in on time. One feature that has really boosted our sales is the integration with our ecommerce website.

Our customers can simply download an app, browse our menu, and place an order for pick-up or delivery. It’s user friendly and has doubled our business with online orders. MJ Freeway includes advanced mmj software allowing us to send text and email campaigns to all of our customers when we offer special discounts and promotions.

Processing sales has been simplified. The built in barcode scanner allows us to ring up products instantly and we can add discounts and loyalty points with just one click. Once the order is complete, select check out and choose the customer’s preferred method of payment. The cannabis software automatically calculates the necessary change for all cash transactions and prints the receipt in seconds.

We’ve got thirty employees and training took less than two weeks for our entire staff. Everyone was able to learn how to use the software just by exploring the available features. When I first started using MJ Freeway cannabis software, I noticed right away it was very intuitive. I was able to setup an online demo and the training took less than an hour.

If I ever have any questions about the cannabis software, I can easily setup a chat with a live agent and they’ll walk me through with every step of the process and ensure that all my issues are resolved. MJ Freeway marijuana software fits in perfectly with our aesthetic; it’s really sleek and modern. It has barcode, ID scanner, it also has a cash register and receipt printer.

It’s very organized and it looks professional and customers pick up on that. Making deliveries has gotten much easier since we started using MJ Freeway’s marijuana software It automatically suggest the best driver for each order based on their proximity to the customer and number of active orders, plus it’s multi-stop route mapping is pretty amazing The driver accepts a new delivery with just one click and can use any navigation app in tandem with the delivery application.

Having the ability to see a drivers real-time location is essential when dispatching orders to drivers who carry an onboard inventory. Customers really appreciate the notifications and are always pleased with how fast we deliver. I really like that I can use my smartphone as a mobile register to complete the order.

It’s really easy to just kind of have that in your pocket and once I reach my destination I can have customers digitally sign agreements and upload the medical recommendation.

From the very first days we had valuable partnership and together we were able to achieve the highest standards and provide top class service to our customers. We tried multiple point of sale systems but MJ Freeway is the only one who could meet our specific needs and sets the bar for best cannabis consulting.