Please Let Your Children Be Who They Want To Be

86 Views Added on Fri Jun 09 2017
When myself along with 2 friends came out completing our posting from hospital. There was a dad and son duo standing in front of the cross lane.
He literally smacked his son
who would barely be 6 or 7 years maximum. I swear, with the amount of force he hit him on his face, it was so loud and audible even though we were few meters away. I was continuously staring at him, but unfortunately couldn't do anything(regretting I could have slapped him in return and showed how fucking hard that feels).

It's a request to all the parents out there, please don't give birth to a child, just because you want to hit them later or dominate them by your dreams, fulfillment of wishes of being a doctor, an engineer or what not.

Already the population is very high, as well if you are not capable enough of being a good parent, don't become one, why to become only at first place?

I still have that innocent face of that child in front of me. No matter what he would have done, but it wasn't right of his dad to hit him in any manner. And then when they turn out to be silent and depressed, you don't know where you lacked as a parent? This is where you lack, and if you are going to be like him, please don't be, don't, it's a request on my behalf.