Smackdown your taste with Eggless cake

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Cakes are love. All the ingredients mixed together to deliver the ultimate perfection to you but many despite having a soft corner for the soft fluffy cake have a really big misconception about eggless cakes . Egg is the most essential part or element involved in the making process of cake. Egg has properties which helps cake to be more fluffier, soft and moist , it also helps ingredients to mix together well and binds them altogether but thinking that without egg cakes cannot be made fluffy or soft enough is wrong information.

If you are trying to bake an eggless cake but are confused then here is a guide to help you make the perfect eggless cake . If you want to order an eggless cake then CakenGifts, an online cake shop in Vasant Kunj Delhi is your place for best quality and genuine pricing.

Here we go with the guide

1)      The process of baking starts from preheating the oven. So make sure you have preheated the oven at the specified time and temperature. As there is no egg you have to be extra careful with the cake. Make sure the batter has all the ingredients and after it is poured into the pan, place the batter into the oven. Always keep the pan in the centre of the oven

2)      Yes, eggs are not the only ingredient which helps in making the cake fluffy and fully risen. Substitutes like baking soda, vinegar, flax seed, etc play more or less the same role . So instead of eggs these substitutes can be used easily. Make sure to read about different alternatives and if they can be used in a certain type of cake.

3)      To make a good batter we beat for a good enough time but while making an eggless cake make sure you do not beat it too hard or for too long as egg is what makes the batter more thick but in the absence of it not beat it for too long but also make sure that all the other ingredients like sugar and fat are properly mixed.

4)      If you are still worried about the rise in the cake then use sour curd. Due to it's nature it will help cake to rise properly not just that but also provides fat and moisture. There are plenty of options in term of alternatives for eggs all that matters is techniques and keeping in mind even the minutest of the details because that is what makes the difference between an average cake and a perfect cake.

5)      Do not add all the ingredients all together at once especially the dry ingredients. Use separate bowls for the dry ingredients and the cake mixture and once both are prepared then only pour the batter into the bowl and mixing it subsequently. This will prevent the unnecessary rising of air bubbles.

6)      Always cool the cake down either on wire rack or a cake stand. Prefer wire rack as it allow cake to cool down from all sides top, bottom and sides.


Here were some top and tricks which might act as a guide to eggless cake. Keep practicing and keeping feeding your soul it food. Now order cake online in Chittaranjan Park Delhi
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