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And at night, when the darkness surround all the corners, of my room and my battery drain to zero. I see you beside me, smiling and nudging me through your elbow. Not realizing that I've been nostalgic of those times that I still treasure. Sometimes I miss you so much that I can hardly stand it. Sometimes, I see your face fading from bright light, as if someone suddenly shut the lights off without my consent and I keep myself drowning in you, like it was yesterday. Trying to find myself somewhere I belong. But then reality hits hard on face, telling me it's all just memories down the lane. Tears, warming my face, rolls down. I hold the gasp as I press my face on the pillow, before I could make any sound. Because I've become numb to your absence. My heart still aches the same, it still gets submerged into a pool of how it could have been and why did it happen?
Because at times I find myself caged in your reign, where my escape is you and my sorrows smirk at me, as they know that you are a tragedy that I would never be able to elope from.