The Meaning Behind October Birth Flowers

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Every flower is given for a special reason and has a story behind its shape, colour and fragrance. The flower as a gift has a significant message and feelings behind it. Some flowers are given on anniversaries; some are given on wedding, birthdays and many more.

And we talk about any individual month of the year; each one has its own flower and a gifting purpose.

One such month is the month of October. Generally, a month filled with the preparation of upcoming festivals. Believe it or not, if you give flowers along with a gift to a person on their birthday, they will feel more happy, fresh and more enthusiastic. If your friends or your loved one's birthday comes in October, then you should give a special flower with a gift.

Which is the flower of October?

The flower of October the vibrant and stunning marigold, this is an attractive flower which represents aliveness and versatility with its mesmerising beauty. Marigold comes in a plethora of colours like gold, white, yellow and not to forget the punchy orange colour.

When we talk about the variety of marigold, it's available in two types; one is the tagetes and other is calendula. The common difference between these flowers is that the calendulas are edible flowers, they possess a healthy herbal property. And on the other side, the tagetes flowers are toxic to the body.

What s the meaning behind October birth flowers?

Now you have decided to gift a marigold flower bunch to the birthday person, let's have a look at what is the meaning of October birth flowers. Following are the reasons why Marigold is given:

●     It is the symbol of passion and creativity.

●     Marigold of often related to cheering and promoting the special day,

●     It symbolises winning over someone’s love with dedication and hard work.

●     It is often related to the desire to be very wealthy and a successful person.

●     Marigold is also related to bright future and good luck.

What is the history of Marigold?

Marigolds are used for numerous purposes for a long time. Roman and Greek and India are using the marigolds for various medicinal properties. For treating various diseases, marigolds are used as a remedy. People from various regions use this flower of October in a very different way from one another. As in Asia, marigolds are used for decoration purpose of various events,

In Mexico, the golden and orange marigold flowers are often used to decorate the grave of people by their family member in the belief that they can feel the freshness and fragrance of flowers.

Some Interesting facts about marigold- the October Birth flower:

In many countries, people use the marigold flowers as a salad dressing to make the salad look good and enhance the taste of the cuisine. This attractive flower makes the dish more appealing and scrumptious.

Marigold is the good source of antioxidants. They lower down the risk of heart attack, cancer and other diseases. That is the reason why people include this beautiful flower in their food.

Marigold fragrance keeps insects and mosquitos away from your body if you apply marigold natural scent or extract. They are often planted near the vegetable plants so that the insects will stay away from the vegetables.

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