The Most Fruitful Relationship Till Date

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When I met myself When I met myself

When I met myself

Wherever I went, whoever I found,
they went on to be with me forever,
some I left, some I kept but these relations,
they were always keep on growing like interceptions,
sometimes they happened to me, sometimes I happened to them,
Wanted or unwanted,
good too, bad too,
and sometimes, I needed them to go through

When I was less body,more soul
I met my mother and father,
who brought me to these streets in which,
I am wandering and for this, 
I am grateful 

I met people who smiled at me,
to make me smile,
when others filled me with toxicity

I met friends who became lovers,
then became friends and then shadows

I met the mountains, the soil,
some pebbles and a shore

and after everything, I met some ash and smoke,
in which every bit of me disappeared

This was when I found the God living inside me,

I found myself, I met myself,
I began a relation with me,
and that was the most fruitful relation I ever had.
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Sakkshi Rana 2 years ago
Beautifully written
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