Top 10 Stand-UP Comedians To Follow On Youtube

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<strong>1. Zakir Khan</strong> <strong>1. Zakir Khan</strong>

1. Zakir Khan

<strong>2. Kenny Sebastian</strong> <strong>2. Kenny Sebastian</strong>

2. Kenny Sebastian

<strong>3. Kanan Gill</strong> <strong>3. Kanan Gill</strong>

3. Kanan Gill

<strong>4. Abhishek Upmanyu</strong> <strong>4. Abhishek Upmanyu</strong>

4. Abhishek Upmanyu

<strong>5. Biswa Kalyan Rath</strong> <strong>5. Biswa Kalyan Rath</strong>

5. Biswa Kalyan Rath

<strong>6. Aditi Mittal</strong> <strong>6. Aditi Mittal</strong>

6. Aditi Mittal

<strong>7. Sorabh Pant</strong> <strong>7. Sorabh Pant</strong>

7. Sorabh Pant

<strong>8. Vir Das</strong> <strong>8. Vir Das</strong>

8. Vir Das

<strong>9. Papa CJ</strong> <strong>9. Papa CJ</strong>

9. Papa CJ

<strong>10. Atul Khatri</strong> <strong>10. Atul Khatri</strong>

10. Atul Khatri

"Laughter is the best Medicine"

True, as laughter comes within when you have forgotten about the stress and problems in life.
Seems like the phrase is taken very seriously lately in India in form of StandUp Comedy bringing a whole new flavour of humor.

So, Guys check out these comedian on Youtube.