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I was enjoying our official college freshers with my new friends in the new college.We were forced to have cold drinks and snacks instead of the usual hard drinks and smoke. Taking pictures was a part of our new College life. While clicking a groupie a Guy came from my left with one of my friends. It was a routine for me - Guys in new college coming and talking or my friends introducing them to me. That's why it was quite normal but that introduction had something different from his side. He started the conversation by saying " I also live in Phase II , so if you don't mind you can travel with me to and from college".

"No, I didn't come with him" I replied to my friend who used to sit with me daily and introduced "The Guy" to me. "But why?" he asked. "I don't need anybody's help, why should I travel with him when I can come myself" I answered. His statements were normal but had a compelling force in them. " I'll see" I said to end of that conversation.
We would sometimes meet in the parking in our short breaks between the classes and smoke together. But I still was not coming with him. He asked me a couple of times to message him if I wanted to travel to the college with him.That day I came from my friend's place and he called me to ask something and he ended up saying the same line. Just before falling asleep that night i texted him "See you tomorrow at 8:30 a.m" and he replied "I'll come at 8:20". Chat ended with good night messages.
Now as we started to travel to and from the college together, we became better friends with each passing day. We discussed our past relationships, breakups, heartbreaks, songs we love, friends and many more. Every evening he used to call me asking me to meet but i always ignored his awkward trials. I was afraid that someday he will ask me out.
19th August- He called me at 11:00 p.m and said " I need to meet you right now". He seemed tensed and so i agreed. We met and it took me only a minute to understand the situation. Yes he was drunk and had come from a party where his ex was also present. He told me about his conversations with her. "I mentioned you in our conversation" he said, shocked, I asked him, "but why did you mention me?" And then he tells me "I Love You". In the 15 minutes of our meeting he said it 10 times. Being a good friend he knew I was not ready to be in any relationship and that's what I replied with and he said that he actually knew my answer even before I had said anything.
Days passed and our discussions became silence in the car. When did our "Tu" changed into "Tum" we didn't realize. One day, as it was a daily routine before going to bed I was analyzing myself and I realized I wasn't my usual self. The girl who was full of attitude, who used to abuse a lot, her voice loud enough to shut people's mouth, fun loving backbench-er, who never listened to even her parents, do what her heart says, had silently changed to a girl who was quite, talking sweetly and most importantly listening to the guy who is just a normal friend to her. "Something is wrong" I thought to myself and called my only female friend in college. She laughed and said "I had noticed this way back". "Wait! What? What did you notice? Why didn't you tell me about it?" I questioned  her. She replied with a simple statement," You are in love my babe". "No, Are you mad! He is not even of my type babe, how can I even feel for him?" I screamed without taking a breath. She disconnected by saying "Accept it". 

"No, I came alone " i replied to my friend in the class after he teased me. "We Don't come together anymore" I added...