Yes, I'm An Introvert

1.05k Views Added on Thu Aug 10 2017
I love my blanket more than I love the crowd. It provides warmth and serenity. I sleep trying to hide my face from the faces that walks around. I'm done pretending to like someone. I'm done trying to please, nod my head when not necessary, smile like it doesn't bother, say a 'No' because I don't like it. I'm done agreeing with the facts that I feel to disagree right away.

Yes you can call me an Introvert, anti-social, not a vibrant or label me with any names, but I'm happy with my space. I'm happy with a pillow under my head and a blanket covering my naked body. I'm happy eating a cup of ice cream at home with no one to tell me I'm turning fat, my face is hanging down with the fat. With no one to point out on what I should do and what I should refrain from doing.

Yes, I'm an introvert, so what? I love to give treat to my own self at times. I love being away from the gossips around. I love being away from the obnoxious people who are ready to spit the venom in the life of others. I'm happy to help anyone, but not trying to glorify like I'm the only one to do that.

I'm happy the way my thoughts traverse and oscillates. I'm happy I've so much in me that I keep hidden. But I still speak when needed. I tell a part of what I'm and others believe I've opened the book in front of them. You know me, still you don't know who I'm. I'm someone who would talk like an extrovert, yet live as an introvert. I'm someone who avoids going out at times. I'm someone who doesn't enjoy the crowd or love loud music always.
So, what would you name me after knowing who I'm, because a word would never be sufficing to dictate my personality. Yes, I'm an introvert and would you love to join me in my blanket ? Because, the warmth it provides, is better than the fake smile and care, that you are surrounded with.