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If we look back at college days, we'd remember the college fun and also the cribbing part about exams and results. Sometimes it feels like life was a never-ending vacation. Then we graduated, and suddenly realized that life doesn’t mean spending 24/7 with besties and every Saturday isn't the night for a party, every day dress up is not for the glam show. What is it that changes, when the path gets twisted and life hits maturity. Run for success begins... 

Listing 8 ways how life after college changes, if you are still in college, don't waste a moment :)
2 years ago
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Life is a question that humankind is trying to find answers to since its inception. We've manufactured methods of insight and religions around it, gone to war over it, and wrangled about it for a considerable length of time. Hypotheses on exactly what the significance of life really ranges from the idealistic to the brain blowingly discouraging, however all are intriguing.

Difficult to process, yet there dependably have been distinctive perspectives and methods of insight. Henceforth, significance of life has a wide range of answers

Let's find about some of them.
2 years ago
For each of us, the importance of life is distinctive. Yet, we are all looking for answers so we can locate our own significance of life. Each one of us are hunting for an answer that can solve the riddle we all have in our mind, the question that no one could answer not even science,"what is life".
For a few of us, this is a deep rooted travel. For others, it involves finding a way to make sense of why we are here, and what we are intended to do with our lives.
We tried helping you in it, all we could do was sort some books for you that can help you in finding the meaning to the most interesting word ever "LIFE"
10 months ago
In this period of globalization, life's no longer straightforward. There's dependably an idle weight to exceed expectations in each field—be it in pre-schools for the little children, in secondary schools, at office—and the circumstance deteriorates. To give individuals a chance to adapt to the "weight cooker" circumstances, many schools and universities hold sessions with the motivational speakers. These speakers "persuade" them to improve as well as, with their accommodating—once in a while, even clever—addresses, unwind them from their problems and inconveniences. How about we endeavor to know the best in the field..
9 months ago
3 years ago
There are inquiries that will perpetually be a piece of the human experience. What happens when we DIE?
Which religion has it right?
Are agnostics the ones who have the best comprehension of everything?
Explaining or even talking about it makes no sense because we know nothing about the same.But on the other hand throughout the years, there have been numerous Hollywood movies that have gone up against this all inclusive subject, and some of them have been exceptional than others. In this article, we list 7 of the best "Life After Death"movies. Some of them are helpful, others dull and frightening, and there are even others which have been founded on genuine occasions. Have a look and go watch these movies to experience some thrill and amusement.
7 months ago
Wedding stands out to be the purest Event that occurs once in lifetime (well, mostly). It is purely due to the fact that it has a mixture of love and affection, what we are suggesting here is innovation.
Your wedding day has to be perfect because it is YOUR day.
With the minds and hearts full of nervousness and emotions that we forget to take care of the minute details, which should be taken care of and we understand that.Hence coming up with 7 things that can make your wedding day perfect and long lasting in the minds of your guests.
3 years ago
All these will be memories that are going to be with you forever. Regardless of what number of weddings you've gone to some time recently, or how frequently you've been a bridesmaid, there are a few things you simply don't get some answers concerning until your big day.Your wedding day is not a piece of cake that is easy to feed upon. As it is the big day hence you need to put in a lot of effort to achieve the same.
a year ago