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3 years ago
Men's Fitness
Black pepper (scientific name: Piper nigrum) is a hot, pungent spice with a lots of health benefits and infact it is used often in Ayurveda. It has an active component called piperine that gives black pepper its taste. It contains iron, potassium, calcium, magnesium, manganese, zinc, chromium, vitamins A, C and other nutrients. 

Black Pepper is usually added to dishes when the cooking is done to impart in them a unique spicy taste. However, apart from being used extensively in foods, it is loaded with many health benefits, have a look! :)
3 years ago
Food & Drinks
The molten choco lava cake can blow your mind, it is so mouth watering that no matter how full you feel after dinner there is still a place left for such delicious dessert! But do you know you can even make it without baking? That too very easily and within few minutes?

Have a look :)

And yeah don't forget to workout few minutes extra next day to burn those calories ;)
2 years ago
Food & Drinks
Summers have arrived and have brought excruciating heat along with it! In this season our skin is prone to become very sweaty and dehydrated, and dealing with it becomes a heck of a task! We all need that freshness on our face whole day but in summers it is very difficult to maintain that natural matte glow, so here come Facial Mists for our rescue!

Facial mists are extremely very helpful in dealing with summers, it maintains the Ph level of our skin keeping it hydrated and fresh. They can be used at any time of the day!
Just keep them in your bags and spritz on your face when you need that refreshing instantly!
2 years ago
Are you a water baby? Do you feel the ecstasy under water? Does underwater diving boost your adrenaline too?

Diving wrecks are a unique phenomenon, in the ancient times people used to do it to find treasures and secrets which were cleverly hidden in the depths of the oceans! Now, people do it for fun, to have a magical experience, to boost their adrenaline rush but under an instructor or a guide! All over the world scuba diving is one of the favorite sport or I should say a hobby of travel enthusiasts!

So, here is a list of top scuba diving spots in the world !!!
2 years ago
International music festivals are too over rated! Don't you think so? 
Try India This Time!! These are the top music festivals that shake India in ricking music and sheer pleasure every year. It has the best singers, foods, drinks, loud music, over excited crowd and what not!!!

If you too are a fan of music festivals then you must not miss any of these! :D
3 years ago
With the blazing sun and the hottest new spring-summer trends, why should we follow the old fashion in footwear? Time to replace your shoes too! As we know this season the styles and materials are little loose and easy, so the footwear should also match with the trend, right?

You know people say that anyone you meet, they first notice your shoes then your clothes! So be careful with the fashion you adopt in your footwear!

Here is a list of 5 must have shoes for spring and summer!
3 years ago
Women's Fashion
Finally, the wait ended and India has the world's first White Tiger Safari called THE MOHAN WHITE TIGER SAFARI, REWA(M.P).
Did you know that the first white tiger was found in India in the sub-terrains of Madhya Pradesh? All the other White Tigers belong to it's family. So here is where you can witness the unwitnessed :) I have packed my bags already, have you?

People of Madhya Pradesh were eagerly waiting for this safari to open up, to have the legacy back of this rarest big white cat, finally their dream came true!

Madhya Pradesh's Chief Minister inaugurated it on 3rd of April 2016.

Do visit! :)
3 months ago
Crop tops came in fashion in 1980s, they showed off Madonna’s sexy abs time and time again and they vanished away for a while but now they are back with more stylish designs and materials. 
Usually girls are little apprehensive while wearing crop tops, some worry because of the over exposure of bare skin and some worry due to their fuller bodies.
But there is no need to worry now, if you wish to wear a crop top looking very decent and stylish then there are many ways you can style it! 

Its summers, do try this fashion!
3 years ago
Women's Fashion