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Love is a tricky feeling. A guy can say I love you without even meaning it, or he could really love you but wouldn't be ready to say it. The problem arises when you try to figure out if a man truly loves you or not. So we've got you 9 undeniable signs if a man truly loves you.
3 years ago
You might love wearing red nail paint and it would even suit you well, but what's the harm in going for a black if its going to magnify your personality? Here's a nail polish guide to pick the right nail colour according to your zodiac!
9 months ago
In Bollywood anything and everything is possible. A 50 year old can play lead and a 24 year old can play a father, it seems as if age is just a number to them. This has worked in favour for various celebrities who fell in love with their partners despite some huge age gaps. Have a look!
a year ago
Feels like I am still suffering from Friendship's day hangover, let me dedicate one more day to it. :D Friendship is one of the most beautiful relationships one can ever have, and over the years cinema have proved how incomplete our lives would be without it. Some movies explore friendship from unusual angles, and some teaches us the do's and don'ts of it.
Have a look :)
3 years ago
He owns an IPL team and now he may also be owning a chain of restaurants soon. 

Something to look forward to, isn't it?
2 years ago