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Indian Moms are the best. They are superwoman and no person in this world can deny that. They take care of their family, do the best they can and even more to make them happy but what comes with the care is also the funny comebacks. Indian Moms are the best with sarcastic comments and we are in love with such nasty hilarious insults that their children have to go through!!! Take a look.
9 months ago
There are some pretty good and strict rules to be followed if you are member of the British royal family. Here’s a list of some rules that the royals have to follow.
8 months ago
Mommies! Tired of worrying about Where to drop your kids off so you can go and work or have a mug of beer? 
Worry no more, now you can just take your kids with you. Nowhere Terrace Brewpub Cafe allows you to bring your kids. Check out What more they have got for you !
They also have a foosball table for your fun. Don't forget the Happy Hour Deal on Beer (German Beer from 9am-5pm) and Spin the wheel and win a free liquor shot .
So, work from Nowhere Terrace & Brewpub from 9 to 5 in the evening, and transition your busy day into a chilled evening with some beer and live music.
2 years ago
So you got down on one knee, popped the question and celebrated with a bottle of the best bubbly. Now its time to make wedding preparations !
Plannings, to make your wedding day special and memorable for lifetime, you need to choose the best destination that would be your worth getting married at.
Mark a tick on your list for perfect destination, Here's a list of wonderful wedding destinations to choose from.
a year ago
Rabindranath Tagore, lies at the core of Bengal's creativity and intellect. 
Throughout the history of Bengali motion picture, multiple directors attempted the retelling of his movies through a rich cinematic language. Some of them stood out and stood apart.
Lets have a look at some of those ....
a year ago
Visiting Jaipur and looking for local Rajasthani things ?

Here we have compiled a list of best street shopping markets for you, where you can buy colorful jaipuri kurtis, pots, juttis, souvenirs, jewellery and lots of other things.
5 months ago
Ultimate Bridal Shopping Guide

One of the greatest struggle for a bride is to find the best wedding outfit that is the one for her in every way. 
But Chill girls ! Here we have compiled a list of places where you can buy your dream bridal attire.
a year ago
New Delhi
Treat each day as a festival/holiday!  All of us are in a super jolly mood closer to the holiday season especially around Christmas/ Diwali. As soon as we return to work or go back to routine after new years- we become the grumpy, old neighbour again. Incorporating the festive mood into our everyday routines would naturally bring much more joy to our everyday, boring routines.

I tried to incorporate the festive mood into this look- ornamented myself with fresh jasmine (mogra) flowers, wore a simple blue semi-silk saree, draped the saree in a different way, experimented with makeup, explored the local architectural art in Toronto and spent time with my loved one (i.e. my better half).

Enjoy the festival of routine every day!

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2 years ago
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Hi! I am Chinmaya Dave-a newbie hobby blogger.

I am born Indian, living in North America where everyone comes from various regions of the world leading to a treasure of cultures, traditions, rituals, languages, fashion, lifestyles and ideas that are outrageously different from your own. Learning to accept and love someone from a different culture and embrace their differences not only helps you open your heart but also become more accepting and open-minded.

Transitioning from a country with one concentrated culture into a country with a wealth of cultures and traditions was a bizarre experience as a child. I was exposed to countless cultures/traditions/lifestyles as an eight-year old immigrant due to which, I wandered away from my roots. “Staying rooted to your culture/tradition and being proud of where you come from is the first step for knowing and discovering yourself.” –Yours Truly.

I have taken my first courageous leap into the world of blogging hoping to discover new passions and of course discover myself. What matters most to me is that you enjoy reading my newbie writing/views and support me where you can otherwise thank you for dropping by!

Be sure to find me on Instagram (@myindianroots) and myindianroots.net


2 years ago
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