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Picture this: sitting on the terrace, sipping wine (or beer) and having a good conversation with your friend

This may sound fancy or much like a dream to many in Gurgaon but no more! So many restaurants in the city, today offer a terrace or an outdoor seating. It's fancy and it's nice. We pick the seven best restaurants with outdoor seating for you. Take a look and plan your next outing soon. 

In case you have any other place in mind, do share in below in the Comments section. 
a year ago
While most of us have this habit of saving as much on every purchase we make, there are still a few for whom 'money doesn't matter'. They spend lavishly and are into buying things at the most ridiculous of prices. Otherwise, who would ever dream of having a pizza for over 9000 bucks ($150)! 

Stated above is a list of the world's most expensive. Take a look and be awed!!
a year ago
Staying healthy, to most of us means being free from any ailments. But that's not just it. Being healthy has a much wider connotation and breast health is just of it's aspects. While many changes in the breast are related to hormone shifts during menstruation, changes that are not cyclical deserve a conversation with your physician. We list a few things that you must take care of for healthy breasts, take a note and try to follow them. It'll only lead to a healthier you :) 
2 years ago
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Ace lensman Dabboo Ratnani recently launched his calendar for the year 2018. While the calendar features a lot of celebrities from B-Town, Kriti Sanon and Manushi Chillar grabbed all the limelight. 

Kriti because of her topless photograph and Manushi because it was her most talked about photoshoot after winning the Miss World crown. The sensuality and aesthetics are so obvious in all these pictures. Dabboo Ratnani sure knows his craft well and perhaps this is what makes him one of the top photographers in the country and a favourite among Bollywood celebs. 
9 months ago
Gurgaon or the Millennium City as they call it has much more to it than the skyscrapers. 

If you are planning a one day trip to the city, here's where all you must go! 
9 months ago
5 months ago
Elon Musk needs no introduction. Stated above are a few of his habits that one can adopt in order to attain more productivity. 
a year ago
This is what it would look like if some of the most popular brands in India were to make condoms with their existing taglines in place. 

Come to think of it, it's funny AF (well, literally in that sense :P). 
9 months ago
Some people just don't need any introduction and Meghan Markle certainly doesn't. The 'Suits' star has been in news ever since she entered the entertainment industry. More so because of her humanitarian and philanthropic work. Needless to say, she is an inspiration to all women folk. 

When she got engaged to Prince Harry, many wondered if she'll lose her sheen and bow to the 'Royal' rules but that didn't happen. She held her own earlier and she is doing it now. 

More power to the woman!! 
2 years ago
So many make their debut on the big screen this year. Most of the newbies are star kids but that doesn't guarantee success, does it? Only their talent will tell if they are here to stay or will fade away after their debut movie. 
7 months ago