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Effective December 31, 2018, India will be included in the list of countries which are required to provide the biometrics of visa applicants while applying for a visa to Canada. The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) announced that all categories of Canada visa application for Indian, including visitor visa, student visa, work permit and permanent residence are required to provide details of their biometrics. Currently, biometrics of visa applicants are being asked only by the United States, the United Kingdom and the Schengen States.


Earlier this year, Canada requires biometrics of visa applicants from applicants from the Middle East, Europe and Africa at the end of this year, biometrics of visa applicants from Asia, Americas and the Asia Pacificwill also be required.

Exemptions from providing biometrics of visa applicants.

The only exemption from providing biometrics of visa applicants is for children who are14 years old and senior citizens over the age of 79, although asylum seekers are not exempted from the same.

The validity of biometrics of visa applicants.

 IRCC explained that the biometrics of visa applicantswill be valid for a period of 10 years and applicants are not required to provide the details of their biometrics before the expiry of the validity period.

Cost of providing biometrics of visa applicants.

The cost of providing biometrics of visa applicants is $85 Canadian dollars, and cost for families applying together is capped at$170 Canadian dollars. The cost for Canada visa application for Indian citizens may vary in Indian currency depending upon the prevailing exchange rates.

Why is Canada collecting the biometrics of visa applicants from Canada visa application for Indian?

Canada, just like many other countries around the world, request and collect the biometrics of visa applicants to accurately establish the true identity of visa applicants, which was proven to be a reliable method.More than 70 countries are using the biometrics of visa applicants the processing of visa and immigration applications. By using the biometrics of visa applicants, the Government of Canadacanensure the effective management, identification and improvement of the application process. This will also simplify the entry of visitors in the country with their biometrics authenticating their identities.

Others uses of biometrics of visa applicants

The biometrics of visa applicants will provide immigration officers with additional information in making an accurate and informed decision pertaining to anindividual’s eligibility for admission in the country.

Also, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) will have access to the biometrics of visa applicants which will be stored in the RCMP’s National Repository. This data can be utilised for cross-checking criminal records with immigration. This will help both the police and the immigration officers to confirm whether a Canada immigration visa applicant has a prior criminal record or has been deported or removed from the country.

This biometrics of visa applapplicants willo be shared with other countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia. This sharing of biometrics of visa applicants will maintain the integrity of the immigration system of Canada in accordance with Canadian laws which include lawsrelated to privacy, civil liberties and human rights.

Also, using the biometrics of visa applicants, the Canadian Border Services Agencies (CBSA) will easily confirm and ascertain the legitimate identity of the travellers. This will enhance efficiency and enable speedy entry of travellers into the country utilising a fingerprint verification which will be conducted at the main inspection kiosk at all major airports in Canada.
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Every flower is given for a special reason and has a story behind its shape, colour and fragrance. The flower as a gift has a significant message and feelings behind it. Some flowers are given on anniversaries; some are given on wedding, birthdays and many more.

And we talk about any individual month of the year; each one has its own flower and a gifting purpose.

One such month is the month of October. Generally, a month filled with the preparation of upcoming festivals. Believe it or not, if you give flowers along with a gift to a person on their birthday, they will feel more happy, fresh and more enthusiastic. If your friends or your loved one's birthday comes in October, then you should give a special flower with a gift.

Which is the flower of October?

The flower of October the vibrant and stunning marigold, this is an attractive flower which represents aliveness and versatility with its mesmerising beauty. Marigold comes in a plethora of colours like gold, white, yellow and not to forget the punchy orange colour.

When we talk about the variety of marigold, it's available in two types; one is the tagetes and other is calendula. The common difference between these flowers is that the calendulas are edible flowers, they possess a healthy herbal property. And on the other side, the tagetes flowers are toxic to the body.

What s the meaning behind October birth flowers?

Now you have decided to gift a marigold flower bunch to the birthday person, let's have a look at what is the meaning of October birth flowers. Following are the reasons why Marigold is given:

●     It is the symbol of passion and creativity.

●     Marigold of often related to cheering and promoting the special day,

●     It symbolises winning over someone’s love with dedication and hard work.

●     It is often related to the desire to be very wealthy and a successful person.

●     Marigold is also related to bright future and good luck.

What is the history of Marigold?

Marigolds are used for numerous purposes for a long time. Roman and Greek and India are using the marigolds for various medicinal properties. For treating various diseases, marigolds are used as a remedy. People from various regions use this flower of October in a very different way from one another. As in Asia, marigolds are used for decoration purpose of various events,

In Mexico, the golden and orange marigold flowers are often used to decorate the grave of people by their family member in the belief that they can feel the freshness and fragrance of flowers.

Some Interesting facts about marigold- the October Birth flower:

In many countries, people use the marigold flowers as a salad dressing to make the salad look good and enhance the taste of the cuisine. This attractive flower makes the dish more appealing and scrumptious.

Marigold is the good source of antioxidants. They lower down the risk of heart attack, cancer and other diseases. That is the reason why people include this beautiful flower in their food.

Marigold fragrance keeps insects and mosquitos away from your body if you apply marigold natural scent or extract. They are often planted near the vegetable plants so that the insects will stay away from the vegetables.

If you are looking for wholesale flowers online florist in Pune, then there are many famous flower shops from which you can check out beautiful varieties of flowers and directly buy flowers online in Pune.

Order flowers online Pune at very affordable rates from the best florist which gives fast delivery. Choose the best online flower delivery in Pune and gift the best birthday flowers to your loved ones and bring a smile on their faces.  Buy flowers online Pune and get it wrapped in beautiful way.

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Yoga is an ancient healthcare system designed to heal ailments and to help a human live life in the most holistic way possible. Yoga is not a religion, it is a science of internal wellbeing. Yoga connects the body, mind, and soul and forms a ladder that takes us towards the divinity that resides within each one of us. Practicing yoga-asana, pranayama, and meditation, we gain an in-depth knowledge of the Self; with it, we acquire awareness about our body and its needs. This awareness is important for a meaningful living.

Here are amazing health benefits of yoga for a happy and fruitful life.

Physical Health Benefits of Yoga

To gain inner-peace and calmness of the mind it is important to be physically fit and healthy. With the practice of yoga, optimum physical health and fitness can be attained. The physical benefits of yoga are countless including:

·         Yoga helps to relieve back pain and other body aches

·         Makes you more flexible

·         Increases mobility and reduces joint pain

·         Reduces a headache and treats a migraine

·         Improves body balance and posture

·         Promotes a healthy digestion and longevity

·         Prevents heart, liver, and respiratory conditions

·         Prevents diabetes and arthritis

·         Reduces the signs of premature aging

·         Takes care of your skin, body, and hair

·         Helps in reducing and managing a healthy weight

Mental Health Benefits Of Yoga

Not only the body, there are many mental health benefits of doing yoga. For the complete body health, the wellbeing of our mind is also required. Mental condition is not about being a maniac; this condition starts at a low key and if not treated, creates a life havoc.

·         Reduces stress, anxiety, and mild depression

·         Prevents eating disorders- anorexia, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder, etc.

·         Treats insomnia, sleep deprivation, and sleep apnea

·         Improves concentration, focus, and memory

·         Gives mental clarity and brings attention

·         Stabilizes the emotions and feelings that lead to serious mental illness

·         Calms the mind and makes us more positive

Spiritual Benefits Of Yoga

Yoga is the path to spiritual awakening; the spiritual benefits of practicing yoga are centered around gaining a deeper understanding and affection of the Self and for the Self. Yoga promotes the openness of the soul, cultivates awareness, and leads towards the unification of the soul and universal consciousness. It helps us control our senses and drives our attention towards the divine.

There are many types of yoga you can choose from and start practicing as per the inclination for Yoga is the ideal way to cultivate wholesome health and vitality.  

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Women's Fitness
Hair fall is a common issue among both men and women. It is proved that we all lose around hundred strands daily, especially women. The real problems exhibit slowly and we keep ignoring it until we start facing problems like balding, receding hairline, etc. So, before the problem gets out of your control, start taking good care of hair and scalp using natural remedies for hair growth.

Try Ayurveda for hair growth as it is one of the ancient natural medicinal systems to keep the hair, skin, and the entire body healthy. Ayurvedic herbs are widely known for different types of beauty and hair treatments. There are many products available in the market that claim or promise the best of Ayurvedic Herbs as their main ingredients. But why go for chemical-infused products when we can directly avail the goodness of Ayurveda by using the Ayurveda treatment for hair loss.

Ayurveda Treatments for hair growth

The natural methods and remedies are way better than any other product and the renowned healthcare practice of Ayurveda and natural herbs comes with a lot of benefits. These herbs and remedies can be commonly found and are easy to use.

Ghritkumari or Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is widely known for its use in beauty treatments and cures skin and hair issues effectively. It is one of the best Ayurveda herbs for hair loss that prevents hair thinning and helps in their re-growth.

Take 1/3 cups of Aloe Vera juice and mix a bit of cumin in it. Use the mix on your mane 2-3 times a week for 3 months.
Take Aloe Vera gel directly from the plant and apply on the scalp and hair. Keep for 20 minutes and then wash with lukewarm water.

Banyan Tree or Bargad

Works great as the hair growth stimulant, Banyan tree is an amazing remedy for hair growth and baldness prevention. It provides long, luscious, and beautiful hair, and waives off any other scalp issue.

Take 20-25 leaves of the banyan tree and mix it with flaxseed oil. Massage your head with it twice a week.
Take out banyan tree leaves extract and mix it with an equal amount of mustard oil. Cook it to make medicated oil and apply on your mane.
Take a small piece of banyan tree root and grind it. Mix it well with lemon juice and then apply on the scalp. Leave for 20 minutes and wash it with water.

Henna or Mehendi

The herb is used in South Asian tradition to color hands during the wedding. But it is also used for hair coloring, conditioning, and to make the hair healthy, luscious, and thick. Henna consists of antibacterial, astringent, and antimicrobial properties that make it an amazing Ayurveda treatment for hair loss. Henna prevents clogging, remove excess scalp oil, repairs damage, and restores pH level.

Mix henna powder with water. Leave for overnight and apply it on your head. Leave for few hours and then wash. You can also mix lemon juice and coffee water with it.

The herb has anti-inflammatory properties and is a popular hair care solution. The herb prevents and removes excess dandruff as well.

The best way of using Arnica is in its oil form. You can massage your scalp with arnica oil for 15 minutes and then leave overnight. Wash off with water in the morning.
The benefits and usage of Ayurveda are countless, and with these natural remedies of hair growth, one can surely find your way to a healthy and voluminous hair. Along, with it, a regular herbal oil massage and eating a balanced diet work wonders for the scalp and hair health.

Uplift all the advantages of Ayurveda and stay healthy!
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Hair and Beauty
Breakfast is an essential meal of the day. Eating a healthy breakfast channelizes the proper working of the digestive system and energizes the body. But most of us have the habit of skipping the breakfast or eating it in hurry. According to Ayurveda, skipping breakfast disturbs the Sadhaka Pitta- responsible for maintaining temper. An imbalanced Sadhaka Pitta leads to unsettled emotions and irritability.

Diet plays an important role in helping a person remain healthy. With a balanced Ayurveda diet and Ayurvedic foods, live a robust and ailment-free life.

Here are some of the mouth-watering Ayurvedic recipes that you can prepare and eat during breakfast to kick-start your day on the right note.

Oatmeal with Stewed Fruit


1 cup oats
1 seasonal fruit- pear, peaches, apple, etc.
½ glass each of water and plant-based milk- rice, hemp, coconut, almond, etc
Pinch, each of crushed cardamom, ground cinnamon, and fennel
Jaggery to taste

How to make:


Cut the fruit into four halves and remove its seeds.
Now take a pan and put 2 teaspoons of water and put the fruit in it.
Cover the pan with a lid and cook it on simmer flame.
Keep stirring in between.

Ready when they become soft and get caramelized color.


Take a saucepan and put oats and spices in it. Mix and dry roast them.
Then pour warm water and stir. Let it cook on simmer until it becomes soft.
Pour the milk, give a boil, and it’s done.
Put in a bowl, garnish with stewed fruits, and serve.

Turmeric-Ginger Smoothie


½ each of banana and mango
1 glass plant-based milk of your choice
½ teaspoon turmeric powder
½ inch ginger
A pinch of black pepper

How to make:

Put all the ingredients in the blender and blend until smooth.
Pour in a glass and enjoy.

Dates-Ragi Porridge


1 cup each of water and milk
¼ cup Ragi flour
2 tablespoons jaggery
5 grams cashew nuts
2 pitted dates

How to make:

Take a pan, put ragi in it, and dry roast.
Now add water and cook until it gets a thick consistency.
Now add jaggery and cook until it melts. Then add milk and cook to gain a thick consistency.
Stir occasionally to avoid lumps formation. Off the heat and put the porridge in the bowl.
Garnish with chopped dates and nuts. Serve hot.

Rose Smoothie


1 cup soaked pumpkin seeds
2 tablespoon rose jam
Few strands of saffron, a pinch of cardamom powder, 2-3 droplets of rose water, and water as needed

How to make:

Put all the ingredients in the blender and blend until smooth.
Pour into a glass, garnish with rose petals, and serve.

Ayurveda coolers are also great options to try. If you want to dig deeper into many more Ayurvedic Cooking ideas for Ayurvedic cooking at home then take up Ayurvedic cooking classes. Every meal of the day is important. So skipping any can be very unhealthy. Gradually, indulge in more conscious and mindful eating.
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Yoga is an ancient therapeutic practice that not only affects our mind and body but works on providing the inner-freedom and tranquillity as well. Practicing yoga daily deepens your connection with the self and helps you to grow into the practice and heal completely. There are many types of yoga, but with the practice and knowledge of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, a modern form of classical yoga, you can achieve the in-depth knowledge of the life science and relish its benefits.

How does Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga work?

Ashtanga yoga is a traditional form and to master the art of this yoga form, a person needs to practice and perfect Sun Salutation. Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutations are an important part of Ashtanga practice. The practice of Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga focuses on the synchronization of the breath and body movements. The practice takes time to attain perfection and is quite challenging at times. The yoga styles follow a series of poses and align them with the breath for perfection. The yoga is often confused with power yoga and vinyasa power yoga.

Benefits of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga

For In-Depth Knowledge- The practice helps to deepen the understanding of the self and also of the yoga philosophy for better knowledge. The yoga forms emphasis on self-practice and helps you improve to the finest.

Gives you ample ‘me time’- As mentioned, Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga is about self-practice that makes us dig deep inside ourselves. It leads to the journey of self-discovery and helps bring back to ourselves by keeping us centered and focused.

Relieves stress and anxiety- Stress is something that people of today are living with all day long. Work obligations, family, responsibilities, outer chaos, etc., take a toll on the health. Practicing Ashtanga yoga helps us live in the present moment and waive off past worries and unwanted tension of the present and future.

A Healthy Body- A healthy body means a healthy mind and soul. Without a fit body, we can’t calm our mind or provide peace to the soul. This yoga form also focuses widely on the physical training and fitness.

1. Strengthens and tones the muscles
2. Lubricates the joints
3. Improves flexibility
4. Massages the internal organs
5. Improves blood circulation
6. Help with weight loss and management
7. Increases energy level
8. Boosts immunity and metabolism
9. Improves digestive system
10. Promotes healthy heart health
11. Lowers respiratory disease level
12. Relieves body pain

Harmonious Mind- A fit and healthy mind complete a healthy body. It is necessary to take care of mental well being. It is said that mental conditions are majorly the result of emotional imbalance and stress. But with Ashtanga vinyasa yoga practice, you can achieve a healthy and strong mental health.

1. Relieves depression
2. Calms restless thoughts
3. Balances emotions and feelings
4. Supports mental clarity
5. Makes you self-aware
6. Treats insomnia
7. Releases tension
8. Soothes nervous system
9. Promotes inner peace
10. Increases concentration and focus
11. Keeps other mental conditions at bay

A Happy Soul- Yoga is about aligning the body, mind, and soul together and connects to the universal consciousness. Ashtanga yoga practice not only helps with the spiritual awakening, but also encourages self-acceptance, fills with tranquillity, and honors the wisdom within.

The daily and consistent practice of Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga gets you rooted in the life science and with the inner-self. You feel the positive transformations from within.

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Meditation is about being tuned to the inner-self and connecting to the divine. It is not about escaping from society or the outer world. Rather, it is about connecting with the inner energy source. Meditation has many forms. There are certain meditation postures that are the most ideal. These positions help to keep the mind calm and body aligned at its best.

How to do meditation?

Meditation is a very simple practice where the practitioner needs to align and concentrate. Whenever you feel distracted while meditating, simply start paying attention to your breath, and you can bring back the focus. Follow these steps to begin the meditation practice.   

Yoga Meditation Poses:

There are about seven meditation postures for a complying meditation practice.

1.  Sitting Down- Meditative Asanas

Sitting with crossed legs on the floor is not a sole meditation posture. It comes with unique variations for a deep and comfortable practice.

a) Padmasana: The basic and one of the easiest sitting meditation positions.
b) Ardha Padmasana or Ardha Kamalasana: In this position, you need to cross only one leg, and let it rest on the thigh or you can fold under the leg.
c) The Quarter Lotus: This position is highly recommended due to its comfort level, where you sit on the ground with legs crossed loosely.
d) The Burmese Position (Padmasana position in Buddhism): In this position, your feet lay on the ground in a relaxed position. Great for those who can’t sit with crossed legs.
e) Seiza (Japanese sitting position): A position where you sit on the knees and place a yoga prop or cushion between the legs.
f) Using Chair: Padmasana or Burmese pose is the most commonly used pose for meditation. But some people find it difficult or uncomfortable sitting on the floor, so they can use the chair. Just don’t let your back rest on the chair, place the feet strongly on the ground, and aligned with the knees and hips.

2. Lengthen Your Spine

While practicing meditation, it is important to sit with a straight back but do not stress it. Try to rouse up yourself through the spine. It helps develop a clear mind and allows a free flow of energy.

3. Hands Position

While meditating, keep your hands in a resting position on the lap. You can also keep it at your side or on the thighs. These are the best hand positions to keep while meditating

4. Ease The Shoulders

Relax the muscles of your back and shoulder by slightly pushing the shoulders back. It builds a firm back and helps to meditate with comfort and ease.

5. Push in the Chin

Every small detail matters to deepen the meditation practice, even chin position matters. Your chin should not be too down or too up, just tuck in slightly.

6. Relax Face Muscles

It is important to relax the facial muscles to let your jaw open. Place the tongue behind the upper front teeth or against the roof of the mouth, it allows clear and direct breathing and helps to prevent excess saliva.

7. Close Your Eyes

Relaxing the gaze by semi-closing the eye.  It is recommended to leave your eyes slightly open to admit a little light while redirecting the gaze downwards.

Meditation makes us aware of ourselves, and it creates a sense of mindfulness. Rejuvenate the body, quiet the mind, and purify the soul with a regular meditation practice.
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Holiday on your mind, but yearning for something different? Let’s retreat with a cause in the yoga haven of India, where the ancient science of the Vedas has proliferated into a compelling alternative lifestyle which is sustainable, self-empowering, and enriched with deeply seated wisdom.

The legacy of yoga, meditation, and Ayurveda ricochets in this birth land of ancient yogis and world peace leaders. In the far North, the Himalayas stand in all its majestic glory where yoga has been a way of life since long. And in the deep South, in the tropical stretches of Kerala, Ayurveda, the priceless medicine of the Vedic civilization is still maintained in lived practices. Where else can you spend your days off to get rejuvenated and feel the power surging within at a cellular level, but here in India!

Here are reasons why you must experience this awesomeness—

Rest Because You Need To

To work is to live, but to work without break to catch your breath on is a menace! Once in a while, you need to give your body and mind a rest, press pause, and go somewhere far away. With a weeklong retreat planned away in India, you can finally get that much needed wink of rest. How great is it going to be on a meditation retreat in Kerala, laying out a deck chair out to see and look for as long as the sunsets?

Bleeping Out of Network

To remain unconditionally connected with the fast moving life around has become so naturalized in each one of us, that it seems like a dream to be alone with one’s own thoughts for a while. If you are desperately wishing your phone, pager, and mail boxes to shut the hell off, retreat in India can be a super excuse. Bleep out of network range for a few days and feel the stress building up in your body and mind residing away. Take a book to read, the one you had no time to sit with in a long while, plug into your soul music, yoga, travel, talk to someone new, see how the world becomes your oyster again.

Cellular Level Purification

Can you feel the toxins accumulating and working their way into your health? Some common indicators of falling health show with chronic pain, fragile skin and hair, as well as a deep sense of fatigue. When you know the toxin to have reached the brimful, come off to retreat in Kerala. At a standard yoga retreat in Kerala, Ayurvedic herbal spas and rejuvenating massage therapies will be availed to you in-house, so that you can completely detoxify and take home only good cheers from the duration of your stay at the retreat center.

Good Old Indian Food!

Anybody who has ever had a taste of food made with delectable Indian spices can never forget what joy it is to the taste buds! Indian food is an explosion of heightened sensations, and not just that, but a pack of health benefits come along with every dish. At a retreat in India, you are going to have great food served to you every day and bunch of priceless recipes handed out at cooking classes too. Holidaying with yoga retreats in Kerala has got more attractions for cooking enthusiasts, because the enchanting spice gardens of the Nilgiri Hills would be so close by!

Reconnecting With ‘Yourself’

Our day to day hectic life has a way of letting our true Self slip away amidst all the fray. You cannot remember what your heart’s true desires were and your prayers to the divine. In the tussle of keeping up with the world around creates a disruption of our spiritual process which can only be re-claimed through meditation. At a retreat in India, you will be given the best of guided meditation and a space conducive to the exercise. Happy coming back to yourself!

A Good Load of Yoga

It’s time you take a break from popping pills and going round the vicious cycle of ill-health, medicine intake, and falling sick again from its chemical side effects. There is no disease that cannot be cured with yoga and a retreat will be great way to try it out.

This is it, the best possible way to travel footloose and fancy-free, spend quality time with people you want to travel with, and coming home with golden memories and undeniable mind-body benefits.

So, what are you even waiting for!
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The human body is one of the marvels of the Creator. When you become ill, you can readily conclude that your body is not as good or fit as others. The fact is a little different. Your body, like others’ are made of same elements and are controlled by them as well. There are 7 major and several minor Chakras, in your body, which controls your physical as well as psychological wellbeing; even your life. When you are ill then know that there must be some issues in the health and functioning of these Chakras.

Ancient process of healing and medical treatments was highly guided by a profound understanding of these Chakras. If you have heard of magical tales of people recovering from irrecoverable illness and nearly saved from death, then it was because of such an approach to restore your health. Thankfully and much to our relief, there are some herbal teas which can heal your weakening Chakras, now as well. You can have different types of yogi tea online to try its benefits.

Know the Herbal Teas Which Can Heal and Balance Your Chakras

Your health and wellbeing is entirely controlled by the 7 major and a number of minor Chakras. Let’s take a look at the major Chakras and their relevance to your health and wellbeing and know which herbal can best help in healing and balancing them.

·         The Root Chakra: This chakra is the one which makes us feel grounded at both physical and psychological levels. So if you become too angry, feel over the place, then your Root Chakra might be imbalanced. Try drinking dandelion root tea, ginger tea, sage tea to find effective results.

·         The Sacral Chakra: The secret of your creativity, the power of manifestation and sexual energy, lies in the functioning of your Sacral Chakra. If there is any problem like excessive anxiety, phobia, fear, urinary tract infection, or reproductive issues or eating disorder, it’s primarily because of an imbalance in your Sacral Chakra. So you can drink calendula or hibiscus tea to balance it.

·         The Solar Plexus Chakra: If you are having issues with your self-esteem and feeling depressed or having digestive issues, then it because of an imbalance in this chakra. It is responsible for your thoughts, self-controlling abilities and emotions. So to balance it, you must try the benefits of rosemary or cinnamon tea or both.

·         The Heart Chakra: This chakra is primarily responsible for feelings of love, compassion and forgiveness in you and helps you in expressing the same. So if you are being able to love yourself and others, or feeling disconnected, or lacking empathy then you must

·         The Throat Chakra: If you are finding it difficult to voice your opinion, lacking confidence, suffering from thyroid then it is because of imbalance of this chakra. You must then switch to red clove tea or lemon grass tea as well. There are some amazing places to buy wellness teaHerbal teas are extremely effective in treating some of the complicated illnesses. Here we discuss some herbal teas and their use to balance your chakras. , look for them and pick your tea.

·         The Third Eye Chakra: Interestingly, this chakra makes you intuitive, makes you conscious. If you are finding it difficult to think, frequently having headaches, suffering from migraine, insomnia, or having nightmares, it could be because of weak Third Eye Chakra. To balance it, you must make it a habit of drinking mint tea, lemon tea or even jasmine tea.

·         The Crown Chakra: When you feel left out, or depressed, or aimless then it could be because of a weakening of this chakra. It is primarily responsible for providing you wisdom and takes you to enlightenment. So to heal this chakra you must have lavender tea. It is very effective in balancing your Crown Chakra and restore your wisdom.

Herbal teas are very effective in treating some of the most complicated health issues. There are some great places to buy Ayurvedic tea online from where you can choose the tea you want.
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While most of the people focus on different fitness techniques to stay healthy, there are others who know that exercising is not the only thing that can make you a healthier and wiser person. Fitness trainers, dieticians, and health experts often talk about how important it is for a person to cut the chords from negative people, kick off stress and stay away from emotional outbursts in order to lose weight and lead a healthier life. Your diet is what influences your weight, mental stability and stress factors in your life. Yoga diet is known for various holistic benefits and its distinct approach towards a healthy lifestyle. It is a complete package to stay fit and healthy for life.

What you put into your mouth considers your weight, health, and fitness. If you want to refrain yourself from those drastic illnesses, stay healthy, and fit, you have to think twice before creating your diet chart. No matter what kind of yoga certifications in India you go for, you are always taught about the best Yoga diet that you need to follow for a better living.

While junk food increases your stress level, “Sattvic” diet ensures to detoxify your mind, internal organs and align your mind, body, and spirit. When all of these three things are aligned, losing and maintaining weight is easy. Sattvic diet also helps you to stay away from dreadful diseases that may pose challenging health circumstances later.

The best Yoga teacher training in India would always put a light on how important it is for you to go on a Yoga diet and keep a track of what you are eating all throughout the day. When you eat right, you feel right. The better your diet is, the easier it is for you to practice and perform all the Yoga Asana that you have on your schedule.

It is very important for you to know that your diet influences minor to major things in your life. From your stress levels to how you generally feel about yourself, what you eat has the power to define what you think and what you experience. A Yoga diet promises to align you with your Higher Self. Nutritious fruits give you all the vitamins you need for beautiful hair, clean and clear skin and perfect system for digestion. You never complain about being constipated, having painful acne or going through the problem of hair fall when you follow the Yoga diet.

The best Yoga TTC School in India talks about the benefits of following a Yoga diet. When you eat crunchy vegetables and certain dry fruits, your stress levels are controlled. In fact, no matter what situation you are going through in your life, you can manage it with the help of a balanced diet. Don’t begin with the Yoga diet thinking that you won’t have any stress anymore; this diet gives you enough strength, energy, calmness, and wisdom to handle all kinds of stress that you go through in your life.

Does Yoga diet mean tasteless meals?

Nope. A lot of people often believe that a Yoga diet consists of tasteless meals, weird looking vegetables and ugly fruits. This is nothing but a myth. In order to learn about the Yoga diet, you must totally get into it. When you read everything about this diet, you realize that it includes tasty food items. You feel great when you consume all those foods included in the list of the Yoga diet. The only thing is that you have to avoid deep fried food items, along with all sorts of junk that you have always been feasting upon.

When our ancients ruled our country, they survived on a Yoga diet. Since Yoga was not fashion, but a mandatory part of everyone’s lifestyle in the earlier days, people believed in keeping their bodies as detoxified as possible, even though they had absolutely no idea about the term “detoxification.”

A Yoga diet:

1. Brings you closer to your very own self
2. Brings you closer to those who believe in consuming healthy food
3. Makes you a calm and quiet person
4. Helps you quit meat

Imbibe a well-planned yoga diet for reaping optimum benefits on mental, physical and spiritual levels.
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