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These stars will make you feel old! Check out our list of hollywood child actors who have now all grown up to be superstars!
2 years ago
Your Parents' anniversary is close and you need to gift them something unique? Then here we are to help you. 6 innovative gift ideas that will bring a huge smile on your parents' faces! Let us know what you think would bring them such bliss and share your innovative ideas..!
9 months ago
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Dad and daughter share a very beautiful relationship. Here are few things, probably your father would have taught you! So if you can relate to these cute little fun things, let us know! And what are the things we missed? Comment below your views. Have fun reading this!
9 months ago
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These 15 stars will shock you when you learn that you remember them not only from their debuts as hero/heroines but also as child actors! Let us know which one shocked you the most? If you think we missed any, mention them in the comments!
a year ago
Here are some really cute stories about men and women sharing their most perfect dates. If you wish to take your bae to a date, here are some really helpful ideas!!
10 months ago
Here are 13 stories shared by men and women both about the worst dates ever. So you kind of have a list of dos and don'ts that you must follow when you take your bae on a date. Have fun reading the most boring and the worst dates of Indian men and women.
7 months ago
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Embarrassments have been a part of life since the moment you have started caring about what people have to say about your actions. Basically when you started giving a fuck about society and judgments. Here are stories of women sharing their embarrassing moments. Hope you sympathize with them as you would find these hilarious. Have fun reading these stories.
6 months ago
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There is no right answer to this question. What is more important? You will see multiple examples of people who have not even finished their school and have achieved so much in life and are successful in their fields. But, you will also see people who have crushed their career opportunities for 'Love'.

The question is what is more important to you? To make a career or to have a love life? What do you want? And whatever you choose, do not regret your decisions. Whether it is to miss your important class to be with your partner or to go for that business trip and missing your partner's birthday. Life is too short to have any regrets. Live the life you want to live without caring about what others might think and how are they going to judge you. In the end your happiness is what counts.

Here is a quote from my most favorite classic of all times, 'Jane Eyre', "I'd rather be happy than dignified."

It is hard to say that we can have the best of both worlds. Yet there is a possibility. If only you learn the balance, and most importantly know what you want and when you want it. because if you quit studies for love at young age, then it will be hard for you to get back there. And trust me, it can be vice versa. Life is very unpredictable. So listen to your heart and what it wants, where you want to see yourself in next 10 years.
5 months ago
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It was my decision. We had been fighting for a really long time. He was not the same person. Maybe I was not the same either. I called him and ended it with a phone call. The worst part was he did not even try to stop it. I think that damaged me the most. The guy who would not sleep without listening to my voice, who would make endless efforts to resolve our issues, the person who never gave up on me even when I was so stubborn, gave up on me. Just like that.

I think there was this dying hope, still left inside of me. Somewhere my heart was not yet shattered into tiny pieces. Something was holding it together. The hope was that he would call me. I was not sure what I would say if I really want to be with him. I thought I would say I love him but I can't be with him. I kept waiting for his call. I knew he would call. He loves me. He loves me more than anyone in this world. He cannot live a single day without me. Not a single day can he live without me.

I was in hostel, it was 2.00PM. The dying hope was now dead. A hollowness had started building up in my chest, right in the middle of it. I wouldn't call it painful. I felt numb. Not happiness, not sadness, no pain. Just cold hard numbness. My roommate, who was present there with me. Her present was inexistent to me until she hugged me and the tears that had begun building in my eyes finally found their escape.

It has been four months now. I have deleted all his pictures, his contacts, blocked him from all social media. I met new people. It is not like I don't laugh anymore. I enjoy my life. More than ever, I have started living my early 20s after I broke up with him. It was all good until I saw that he had moved on. He changed his Instagram a/c name, now it didn't have my name's initial. He deleted that one picture of us that he promised he never will. He swore to me. The numbness that I covered with layers of pretentious happiness. It all came back.

I don't know if I exactly will ever move on. If I will ever want to move on. But, all I know right now is that I will smile. I will smile for those who smile when I do. I will laugh when I have to. I don't know how but, even though I still have that hollow numbness inside of me, I feel complete. As if this hollowness had become a part of me. It might go away, it might not. I don't know. I don;t know if I want to hope for its absence. But, I will live without looking back, or hoping for him to come back. I will go on without him, with a part of him inside of me. It sounds weird. I have lost a piece of me but I also feel like I found myself. 
a year ago
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Here is the lost of 10 most amazing brands of all time for men! The ranking isn't in any order. Hope you like it. And let us know which one has been your favorite of these? Or is there any other brand you would like to add to this list!
9 months ago
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