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Sarabhai vs Sarabhai is making a coming back as a web series & with seven years leap. This show was an epic when it aired earlier & ahead of time. Maya's sarcastic comments,Indravadan's jokes became everyone's favourite. Now instead of being aired on TV, this show is coming as a web series. Here are some of the best jokes from season 1 of the show.
3 years ago
Are you suffering from dry, chapped and dark lips? Do you dream to have soft pink lips naturally? This post is for you. Read on for some tips and ideas to get those perfect lips.
a year ago
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Malana is an ancient village to the north-east of Kullu Valley. This solitary village in the Malana Nala, a side valley of the Parvati Valley, is isolated from the rest of the world. At an altitude of 9,938 feet above sea level lies the village of Malana also known as the village of Taboos. Interestingly, Malana Fagli is celebrated in mid of February while Malana Shaun is celebrated on 15th August. In Malana Fagli, a group of people wearing nothing but cannabis leaves and demon-like masks dance around the houses spreading cow dung, which provides insulation from the cold as well. Another interesting aspect of the festival is the procession for Emperor Akbar.

Get all ready and visit the village. You'll love every bit of it. 
3 years ago
Most of us believe that exotic food can lead to an exotic encounter in bed. Wrong! Some of these foods can actually lower our testosterone levels leading to poor sexual life and eventually poor sexual health. I don't say that stop consuming the above mentioned foods but limit the consumption. 
3 years ago
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If you are in your late 20s or early 30s  you can easily relate to this post. We all have some fond memories of 90s era , be it our favourite song or  first crush.
3 years ago
Whether you have a rooftop garden already or you are planning to have one, these rooftop garden design ideas will help you in having the most beautiful roof terrace garden.
2 years ago
Khimsar Sand Dunes is an experiential desert camp located at a distance of 6 kms from Khimsar Fort (90 kms from Jodhpur), Rajasthan in the heart of the seven dunes of Akla.
Best time to visit here is November to March.
3 years ago
Sandakphu has always been known as the trekkers' paradise and is located  to the north west of Darjeeling town at an altitude of 11,941ft (i.e. 3,636m). This is the highest point (or peak) of the Singalila mountain range.
3 years ago
Gurez is a valley located in the high Himalayas , north of Jammu and Kashmir, India. At about 8,000 feet (2,400 m) above sea level, the valley is surrounded by snow capped mountains. It has diverse fauna and wildlife including the Himalayan brown bear and the snow leopard.
Best time to visit Gurez Valley is May to August.
3 years ago
The cliche marriages are once in a lifetime phenomenon is so passe now. What if your marriage doesn't work ???
The world of Bollywood is liberated and broad where relationships are made or broken.
Take a look at the Bollywood marriages who found soul mate in their secong Marriage
3 years ago