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Many a times we need an instant mood lifter. At times because of our mood swings, we are unable to work or communicate with other people. Such situations may force us to take a back seat and may not allow us to work to the best of our ability. Many people rely on coffee to instantly lift up their moods as well as spirits. But there are only so many cups of tea and coffee that you can drink in a day. Excessive caffeine is not really good for the health and wellness of any individual. Black coffee or coffee without milk should especially be consumed in less quantity because it may lead to health challenges and issues. Extreme caffeine intake might lead to disturbed and irregular sleep patterns as well.

That best way to uplift your mood no matter what you are going through is by eating a slice of your favorite cake. You can easily order online cake shop in Aundh Pune and enjoy it while also improving and enhancing your mood.

If you are on a diet or want to lose weight and are controlling your weight and watching what you eat, you can still eat a slice of your favorite cake but you need to eat it early morning after which you can exercise and burn the extra calories and increase your metabolism rate. Even if you are on a diet, you can still indulge in your favorite desserts such as cakes you just need to know when to eat and how to eat it.

Whenever you are feeling low in energy and still have loads and loads of work to do, just eat a slice of your favorite cake, it will instantly cheer you up and you can finish all your pending work on time without getting a backlog. Dreading to start working on your assignments and projects? Eat a cake before you sit down to work. It will make you happy and leave you feeling content and relaxed. Once you are in a good mood, and full of energy, you can get started on doing those assignments and projects without feeling tired and restless and in almost no time at all, your work will be over. When you need to memorize something, a speech or something and need to prepare for a presentation, eat a cake before you sit to work on it. Doing so will enable you to learn things in a better manner.

If you dread talking to people, are shy or feel difficult to communicate with people, eat a cake. A cake will instantly make you feel more relaxed and calm and you will be able to talk to other people easily. As long as you are relaxed, calm and composed and in a good mood, you gain an extra bit of confidence and become more tolerant. You may come across situations where you might have to deal with people with whom you do not get along well. Eat a cake before dealing with such people. As long as you are in a good mood, and are calm and relaxed, you can get along very well with everyone. You no longer would worry about those people with whom you do not get along well. A single slice of cake has that kind of power. Who would have thought that a single slice of cake can do wonders to your mood?

If you are angry at something or someone, quickly indulge in a delicious heart-warming cake and let go of all that anger. Just order birthday cake online in Bopgaon Pune and stay in a high life condition all day every day.
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An exotic and sophisticated dessert is always multi-dimensional in terms of taste and texture. Majority of the 5 star restaurants, cafes, hotels and more serve even simple and easy desserts in a sophisticated and grand way by adding different textures to it. An exotic or a rich and decadent dessert will also have a crunchy or a nutty element, something gooey or a syrup and sauce to give that glaze on the top to add shine and glamour. A soft textured dessert, with an element or ingredient of some kind to cut down the excess sweetness, a crumb of some kind to add a crunchy and nutty texture and an ice-cream along with it is the perfect example of a rich and decadent, a grand and luxurious dessert which is not available everywhere. The easiest and the simplest way to add an extra texture and enhance the look, taste and aroma of the dessert is by adding any kind of syrup or sauce to the dessert.

A syrup or sauce is something that goes well with all kinds of desserts be it any cake or cupcake, pies, tarts, even brownies, ice-creams and cookies. People may not like to eat a cake, a pie or a tart that is too dry or has just one texture but by adding any kind of syrup and sauce, the dryness is wiped out while making the dessert look prettier and more attractive and also more delicious. When you order cake online in Noida Sector62, you can top it off with a delicious and rich sauce or syrup to further make it more delicious taste-wise as well as look-wise. In case you have baked a cake at home but the texture has become too dry, you can eat it after topping it off with a delicious sauce or syrup which will take care of the excess dry texture of the cake. You can even decorate your ice-cream with a similar flavored syrup or sauce and make it more awesome and delicious.

Here are some of the best syrups and sauces that you absolutely must add to all kinds of desserts:

·         Apple Brandy-Caramel Sauce- desserts especially during the fall season and the winter season can never go wrong with an apple brandy caramel sauce. Majority of the Thanksgiving and the Halloween desserts revolve around apple and caramel. Adding brandy to the desserts will help to make them a dish that gives your body warmth.

·         Maple-Caramel Sauce- make your Sunday breakfasts of waffles or pancakes grand and luxurious by adding a whole lot of maple caramel sauce. Just a neatly stack of pancakes or waffles with caramel sauce or even a brilliant cake drenched in maple caramel sauce can take you to paradise.

·         Praline Sauce- a praline sauce having a rich nutty and crunchy texture goes well with all kinds of desserts, even cakes, ice-creams and more.

·         Caramel syrup- a plain caramel syrup or sauce goes well with all kinds of desserts and sweet recipes. Though it is a sticky sauce, the color and the flavor is absolutely superb. You can even add it to fruits salads and more. A warm batch of brownies, pancakes and waffles taste the best with ample caramel syrup.

·         Fruity syrups- apple, mango, orange, lime, and berry syrups and sauces add a fruity flavor to the desserts and are the most popular choices to drizzle on top of plain cakes and vanilla ice-cream.

·         Raspberry sauce- this sweet and sticky sauce gives a lovely color, texture, taste as well as aroma to everything that it is added on. Raspberry sauce on top of any cake or vanilla ice-cream makes it even better.

Just find same day cake delivery in Noida Sector72, add any of the above sauces and syrups and turn a simple cake into an exotic dessert.
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Winter vacations call for infinite sleep all day long. The winter season is the time of the year when each and every person becomes super lazy. But alas, it is only the school going and the college going kids who are fortunate enough to get a winter break where they can sleep in without having to worry about the time. Winter vacations are designed especially to sleep in all day long, all cozy and warm inside your blanket sipping on your favorite hot beverage. It’s too cold to go outside especially in the early morning or late at night but people who work and have jobs can’t do without it. Despite putting on multiple layers of warmers, sweaters, jackets, gloves, socks and more, many people still feel extremely cold and their body internally remains cold. This can cause a lot of health problems which may turn into something serious. It is important to keep your body warm and cozy internally too. 

Also read:- Celebrate Dusherra with a Cake!   

Eating a cake will definitely keep your body warm both internally and externally. Eating a cake that contains dry fruits and nuts along with spices and condiments will without a doubt keep your body temperature warm and prevent you from catching illnesses and diseases caused by the cold weather. Excess cold weather can cause illnesses like cold, cough, sore throat, all kinds of body aches and many other such diseases. Spices and condiments such as ginger, clove, cardamom and more can solve such common illnesses like cold, cough, sore throat, several kinds of infections and more health problems caused by the cold weather. Incorporated in a cake makes it even healthier and more delicious.

There is so much one can do during the winter break, though it may be short but one can do what they have wanted to do for quite some time but just could not find sufficient time. As long as you are warm and cozy and are completely free from the illnesses and diseases that the winter season brings, you can make it a great one! Just order birthday cake online in Akurdi Pune and have a great and a safe winter break.

Dry fruits like almonds and walnuts will definitely keep you warm during the cold winter months and spices and condiments and herbs such as ginger, basil, thyme, and even honey will keep cold, cough, chest pains, and shivering away. Start your day with your favorite hot beverage along with a slice of your favorite cake that has great amount of dry fruits, nuts and spices so that you stay warm internally for a longer period of time. You will also be able to work hard without feeling lazy or tired easily.

Once the awesome cake warms you up, there is no reason for you to spend the day under a blanket all day long. Just put on a hoodie, your favorite pair of socks and shoes, gloves, mufflers and a cap and take a stroll outside and actually enjoy the cold winter months without the fear of catching a cold or falling ill.

Eating a cake based on your favorite hot beverage is also a great idea and will definitely keep you warm, cozy, comfortable and give you a lot of energy to work without feeling sleepy and lazy. A coffee cake or a cake based on chai spice is a great idea. It will not only keep you warm but also affect your health in a positive way. Filled with amazing medicinal properties and health benefits, a coffee cake or a cake based on any kind of tea is everything you need to have a great winter vacation and make the most out of it without falling ill. Just get midnight cake online in Aundh Pune and have a great vacation!
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Cakes need no introduction to anyone they are represent themselves . The first thing that comes up in your mind when you hear the word cake is never something negative or bad , it’s always something delicious , smooth , creamy , great and what not . Cakes are an important part of any celebration they just add life to the party keeping everyone waiting for it. The evolution of cakes has been a significant one , it has seen all from just a plain yet delicious cake to the incredibly crafted and beautifully frosted cakes .

CakenGifts, an cake online in Delhi,  is just the place your were looking for. You can order any type of cake even butterscotch cake and give treat yourself or your loved ones. Order it online and get delivered it on your doorstep. Same-day or midnight deliveries all are available.

Did you know that there is a National Cake Day celebrated on 26th November every year. Well there are lots of facts about cakes that you still might be unaware of . So keep reading too find out more about cakes

1)      KAKA TO CAKE

‘ Cake ' the word Is derived from North Germanic word ' KAKA ' . Incredible isn’t it ? Ever thought that the thing you love the most could be derived from a word called KAKA. Well now you know.

2)       BASIC CAKES

First of the cakes were invented by the Romans in the 8th century but unlike today the cakes made in those days were very simple they used bread and was given consistency with butter and eggs and sweetened with honey . Very simple yet delicious enough to melt hearts . Cakes today are mixed with so many flavours and ingredients making them no ordinary. Now order cake online shop in Pune


Blowing candles on birthdays or any other special occasion has become a custom now but have you ever wondered how and why did this tradition come in motion? Don’t think because we are already have the answer . Initially cake was an offering to the Goddess of Moon and the candles were symbolic to moon light . Blowing out candles signify smokes carrying the prayers of the candle blower to the Goddess of Moon.


Red velvet cake's recipe was not out for a really long time until a women who liked the cake so much that she asked to the recipe of the cake . The Restaurant in exchange of the recipe asked for 100 $ this made the woman very furious and took her revenge by spreading out the recipe .


Earlier in US , women used to keep a fruit cake under their pillows . This was considered as auspicious and this belief was followed by the bridesmaid to get married soon to a good husband.


Cakewalk dance was first started by the African – American community in the Southern United . This dance was to find the most graceful walk of all and whosoever won the cakewalk dance was presented cake as the prize or gift.

7)      RECORD

More the cake better it is . People in Indonesia took this very seriously and the students with the staff of Hakasima Nilasari Culinary School in Indonesia baked the tallest Christmas cake . The cake was 108 feet and 3 inches in height.


Before the cake industry became so wide spread and available to all , people had to travel and cover long distances just to get their cakes and the tools used for baking were very expensive in earlier times
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Cakes are love. All the ingredients mixed together to deliver the ultimate perfection to you but many despite having a soft corner for the soft fluffy cake have a really big misconception about eggless cakes . Egg is the most essential part or element involved in the making process of cake. Egg has properties which helps cake to be more fluffier, soft and moist , it also helps ingredients to mix together well and binds them altogether but thinking that without egg cakes cannot be made fluffy or soft enough is wrong information.

If you are trying to bake an eggless cake but are confused then here is a guide to help you make the perfect eggless cake . If you want to order an eggless cake then CakenGifts, an online cake shop in Vasant Kunj Delhi is your place for best quality and genuine pricing.

Here we go with the guide

1)      The process of baking starts from preheating the oven. So make sure you have preheated the oven at the specified time and temperature. As there is no egg you have to be extra careful with the cake. Make sure the batter has all the ingredients and after it is poured into the pan, place the batter into the oven. Always keep the pan in the centre of the oven

2)      Yes, eggs are not the only ingredient which helps in making the cake fluffy and fully risen. Substitutes like baking soda, vinegar, flax seed, etc play more or less the same role . So instead of eggs these substitutes can be used easily. Make sure to read about different alternatives and if they can be used in a certain type of cake.

3)      To make a good batter we beat for a good enough time but while making an eggless cake make sure you do not beat it too hard or for too long as egg is what makes the batter more thick but in the absence of it not beat it for too long but also make sure that all the other ingredients like sugar and fat are properly mixed.

4)      If you are still worried about the rise in the cake then use sour curd. Due to it's nature it will help cake to rise properly not just that but also provides fat and moisture. There are plenty of options in term of alternatives for eggs all that matters is techniques and keeping in mind even the minutest of the details because that is what makes the difference between an average cake and a perfect cake.

5)      Do not add all the ingredients all together at once especially the dry ingredients. Use separate bowls for the dry ingredients and the cake mixture and once both are prepared then only pour the batter into the bowl and mixing it subsequently. This will prevent the unnecessary rising of air bubbles.

6)      Always cool the cake down either on wire rack or a cake stand. Prefer wire rack as it allow cake to cool down from all sides top, bottom and sides.


Here were some top and tricks which might act as a guide to eggless cake. Keep practicing and keeping feeding your soul it food. Now order cake online in Chittaranjan Park Delhi
However , why should your soul and tummy wait too long for some delicious eggless cakes? Just order it CakenGifts discover the world of tasty cakes even midnight or if you wish to get the delivery on the same day. That is also possible. Cakes for different occasions and seasons.
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Raksha Bandhan is an ancient Indian holy festival. It is very special and holy festival for brother and sister because on this day, Sisters tie Rakhi on their loving brother’s hand. Rakhi is known as a symbol of protection for brother. So now order special cake with Rakhi from CakenGifts.in

Here you can full fill your needs

·   Buttery cake with Rakhi :- Make your best choice by selecting this cake because adding some best ingredient, Great taste.  So now give special order for this buttery cake with rakhi.

·  Cake Rakhi Hamper :- If your family fruits cake lover and looking this cake. Simply, buy this Cake Rakhi Hamper with free home delivery and bring smile on your family faces on this day.

·   Rakhi with heart choco cake:- This heart choco cake is looking something unique. This is the combination of cocoa, whipped cream and so many flavor. Order Rakhi with heart choco cake delivery in Delhi.

·   Rakhi with cake for brother: - This fabulous brown cake is the best gift for your loving brother. Get this best rakhi with cake for brother on this special holy occasion with extra discount.
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Are you looking for a cake for your anniversary, birthday, and more special event? CakenGifts.in bring many huge offers for its precious customer. We have many varieties of cakes, flower and combos, So now order online eggless cake in Mumbai and its local areas. We deliver fresh, delicious and luscious cake all local areas of Mumbai. Mumbai is the capital of Maharashtra. It is known for its passion and late night party.

Some special cake which is shown below:    


Chocolate gives universal look. Most people love this cake it is made of chocolate. Its top layer is decorated with chocolate and butter. This cake side layer is decorated with chocolate cream.

The cake is internal portion is whipped in cream and the outer layer is fully covered with chocolate. If you love chocolate cake and want to buy this chocolate cake, you can visit midnight cake shop in Lower Parel Mumbai which provides fresh and delicious cake at an affordable price and same day delivery.


Dutch land black forest cake is crunchy and it is favourite for it lover. It is not harmful to your health and you can use this cake without any harm. The cake is made with natural ingredients. Which it gives the feel of nature. It is some creamy and crunchy. If you eat this cake you will definitely make it fan. You can give this Dutchland black forest of your dear friend and your relative on their birthday.


Classic heart cake is simple in design but is classic in look. The top layer a red heart is made that gives it an eye-catching look.it has two layers its top layer is decorated with soft chocolate and its bottom layer is design by crunchy chocolate. If you find two taste in a cake, it is a good platform for you.



The fresh cake flavoured with natural vanilla it is decorated with white whipped cream on all part. It is fluffy and heavy cream in look.it is completely fresh so, you can celebrate your occasion at any time. Its top part is decorated with cherry and colourful gem the side part of this fresh vanilla cake design is a swirl.

Its base is draped with line texture. You can give this cake to your loved ones and celebrate your occasion with this fresh vanilla cake it makes more memorable for your occasion.



The delectable cake is the best way to show emotion between couples and partner. Amount of crunch is very low in this cake.it is crunchy and nutty flavour its top portion is decorated with red cherry and white cream which design is flower texture. We bring this cake, especially for their lovers. You can give this cake to your kid and celebrate their birthday with joyfully and happiness.
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Mother is the most precious gift of the God given to each one of us. We all are much attached to our mum first and then only we give priority to our other family and friends. Somehow some of us also don’t give much worth to her beside this for our mom we are her first priority only.

Asking a mother about her precious apple of the eye, she will for sure say her kid then why we are so mean in this perspective. Being a loving relationship we tear our heart, become obsessed and do what a lover want then why it is not for our mother? If you also feel the same then try these tricks to form a strong bond from your side now-:

Going on a movie trip

She might be knowing about your likes and dislikes but have you ever asked for the same? Do you know her favorite food, color, and her favorite movie? If not then you should know and try to fulfill her dream as she has been doing since you were born. You can make her feel delighted by knowing the favorite movie she saw and find out the surprising ticket for the same, you will get wonder seeing the happiness on her face.

Book a weekend surprise

Either book a food from out or delight her by taking all home responsibilities on your shoulder for a day.Though it will make you exhausted whereas she will feel relaxed, so make her feel special for one day. Order the scrumptious meal, you may choose CakenGifts and get the online cake delivery in Tilak Nagar Delhi same day.

Plan a mother’s day celebration with relative

Lots of celebration come and fade away but the memories and values of that festive season always become loving with the surprises and the moment we share, so this mother’s day let her feel own day by gifting a beautiful attire and astonish with a mouthwatering meal. You may get a perfect designer cake delivery in Dwarka Delhi at midnight on the doorstep.
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Have you ever had sweets? Then don’t you get crave for it over and over? You definitely!! As there are some delighted meals that always rules over our palate and makes us addicted to such flavor. Sweets though are occasion charm still whenever there is anoccasion or it is apart from theoccasion.

We always want to have a bite of sweets as these sugary bites dipped in milk always make us feel pleasure. You may also have look atthese sweets bite will surely grab your attention and make you fall in love with these-:


French fries

Though we usually know what it is made of still instead of enjoying this food delight at home or made by mom we usually love the flavor of markets, as the enhancing flavor by vendors grab our palate and we love that too as we don’t find the salt and sugar in excessive quantity.


Ice cream

Either it is the season of winter or summer we all are fond of ice cream and love to have it in different flavor as it always changes the palate each and every time.Even though we usually have the ice cream still once we look at the ice cream we want it and due to the chilled flavor, we feel like having it the first time.


it soothes our palate. Cakengifts also provide you such privilege by providing you a smooth layer with spongy touch. Yes, it is cake which is as per occasion and available in all flavor, so get the cake delivery shops  in Kota.


Pizza and burgers

These two food has almost covered all world with their different appetite. now all kid or aged have become addicted to its extra cheese. Now people rather than having sweet prefer a pizza delight and book it in a bulk.


Chocolates and candies

After all these chocolate is no far faded yet, due to its dark flavor it is also making kid fascinating to it. usually, all order a cake with chocolate flavor during birthday and the essence of chocolate always touches the heart so you may get online cake delivery in Nagpur with the flavor of chocolate if you are in love with it.
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The wedding is the day for each and every bride and groom they usually wait for. During the wedding though people usually hire an wedding manager who may look after all preparation and arrange all requirement as per guest comfort.

Besidesthis, it doesn't lessen the burden of thebridegroom and other relatives as there are lots of things which sometimes we skip from our mind. Due to thehectic day we can’t keep all thing together in our mind so have a checklist over here to avoid any blunders:

Entirely reliable to wedding planner

Remember your wedding is meant to you first then further are reliable for it. We understand the wedding you need to prepare yourself by carrying on best attire and planning for further still your mini efforts by making a checklist before a month of the wedding may provide you relief. You just need to reconfirm all the activities which can’t be missed from such event. In case you are not able still tell any of member to take responsibility to check whether all guest has arrived or there is enough space.


Receiving Wedding attire on a same day of wedding

This usually we do even during the common attire that can be accepted but during the wedding,it can be risky too.You never know whether your gown is prepared or not and without a gown, it may create panic too. Instead of making this mistake prepare a gown earlier and once you get it enjoy to walk by flaunting your gown. Add the wedding charm with CakenGifts which give you designer cake delivery in Patna that provide you delectable cakes matching to your gown look.


Skip to book a cake

Most of the time we give priority to attire and our cosmetic and due to all these sequences we miss out the most specific charm of the wedding which can’t go on without a cake. We usually get wedding charm with cake cutting so get it instantly with best online cake delivery in Ranchi.




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