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There are a few songs which just guarantee a hangover, there is no escape. Here is a list of few such songs which we couldn't understand fully but still groove to :) Music has no language they said :D
3 years ago
When it comes to decor the horizons must be expanded from time to time and that's exactly what I attempt to do here in the pictures above. Follow the same and let your creativity wire your life the same way:)
9 months ago
London has been one of the favorite destinations for travel and we know why. Well, here are a few places which are sadly overlooked by the tourists but you must visit them for they hold so much more :)
2 years ago
Mumbai is more than just Marine drive and Gateway of India. These are a few of many unexplored territories of this wonder city. You aint travelling unless you go to the uncharted places.
3 years ago
Fiction and weight-loss have a rather interesting tangent. These books can contribute intensely to your practice as they have been tested and tried and also tailored to the demands of the person.
a year ago
Every country has its own set of things to offer us and few of those come as shocks, But they are welcome if you know them beforehand. Acknowledgement is key :)
3 years ago
Not all cultural shocks are warm and lovely and will make your way to your facebook profile. But a few of them certaily will, and about the rest you can learn here :) Happy Travelling!
a year ago
India being home to such a diversity, the businessmen have realized this and acted accordingly to provide to the wants of customers. From big cities to small cities malls have taken been footed everywhere becasue we love to shop ;)
7 months ago
Chikan is LOVE. Here I have listed the best shops to go grab chikan from the Nawabi town. And friends, there is no reason why you would not want to get your hands on this divine cloth which will go for every event you name.
a year ago
Because strangers today can be your best friends tomorrow. If you have ever been in a situation when you just were like, I so wish we could strike up a conversation, this is your chance, don't let it go. People are just people anyway, plus you might learn a thing or ten!!
a year ago