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Want to get into the mood but do not like watching porn as it lacks love and romance? Then you should be watching the above hot movies which are filled with such steamy sex scenes that are enough to get you sweaty, leaving you full of desire and passion for your partner!
7 months ago
It is said that often women say things in bed which kill the mood of a man instantly because she was overthinking. But there are also many instances when guys speak things carelessly that are sudden mood killer for a woman too. Let us put some light on this, have a look!
3 years ago
Everyone at some point do question themselves "Am I a good kisser?", and they certainly declare "Yes! I am", unless their partner gives them a reality check and then it can be a bit hurtful to their ego! So why not attain perfection in it before there is a complaint popped up? In kissing perfection can only be attained through practice, but there are certain points that can be kept in mind to have a good start!
Have a look !  
3 years ago
With growing negligence towards health and overload of the work, millions of people are getting diagnosed with type 1 and type 2 diabetes and these celebrities are no different. Even after knowing that this disease run in their family, few celebrities took this fact for ganted and caught up into this severe disease! 
Doctors say you are not the same after discovering that you have diabetes, your eating habits, your daily routine everything changes, and you can't take any chances with it. 
So precaution is better than cure, eat healthy, exercise regularly and if diabetes runs in your family too then be little cautious of what you put into your mouth! 
a year ago
Men's Fitness
Anemia is a condition when the count of red blood cells reduces in your blood, Hemoglobin is the part of red blood cells that binds oxygen, thus your cells don't get enough supply of oygen causes anemia! The symptoms of anemia are weakness, tiredness, dizziness, lethargy, etc. 
You must have a healthy diet to combat this disease, here are some recommended foods which shoots up the iron levels getting you rid of anemia, have a look! 
3 years ago
Food & Drinks
If we want to give an example of bad destiny then be it having a pimple just a day before some very special event, isn't it? It almost makes us paranoid and we try so many things to hide it but that makes it worse, this must have had happened with many of us!
No matter how clear is your skin but still there are chances of that little pimple popping out on your face without any alarm, reasons can be many, lets just stick to the treatment for now!

These are the 11 ways which can help you to dry out that aching pimple overnight, if its not totally gone still it will be shrinked a lot, follow any of the above!

Tip: Just choose only 1 method from above and never try to experiment with your fragile skin!
2 years ago
Hair and Beauty
In this beauty obsessed world, who doesn't want to stay fit and look good? But everyday hitting the gym can be a big task, at least for a few people. So some people prefer working out at home or they go for a walk or a jog but in few days they lose all the inspiration & passion, isn't it? It happens with a lot of people!
Now no need to worry at all, here are the few sassy and rocking songs that will keep you going during tiring workouts as well! They have such awesome beats that you just won't feel like ending your workout at all ! ;)
a year ago
Women's Fitness
Who doesn't want a clean & fresh skin but we run away from that complicated skin care regimes, don't we? I mean who has that much time, right?
So, here is an easy & fast solution to it!!!
Always do the tonning after cleansing, this will close the open pores on your skin which will further avoid any skin problems like acne, wrinkles, fine lines, tanning, inflammation etc. 
It will hardly take 10minutes and you will be blessed with a beautifil & glowing skin! 

Tip: After cleansing & tonning, do apply a good moisturizer plus stick to one method and avoid experimenting with your fragile skin.
2 years ago
Hair and Beauty
God created Humans and Humans created a world which even God wonders at!
These are the most breathtaking water parks in the world! As summers have arrived, so this is the best time to visit these adventurously beautiful water parks!

Tip: Do not forget to apply a good sunscreen before visiting these! :P
4 years ago
Does your skin look tired? Are you annoyed with those fine lines and dark circles? Want to get rid of that swelling which makes your face looks bulgy? Always desired that fresh and yonger looking skin?

Then have a look at these foods, they have such magical properties that will not only make you look younger but will repair the skin cells from within. Have them on consistent basis, within few weeks you will see good changes! No kidding! 
4 years ago
Food & Drinks