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Four wheels move the body, two wheels move the soul. If you ever need an adequate experience of getting this infamous quote proved, you need to owe a Harley Davidson. It certainly gets the biker in you going with its powerful performance and heart-throbbing looks. And believe us, no one assembles a machine as precisely at the HD's. With a total of 14 variables available in India, Harley-Davidson plans on to make a huge impact in the Indian market. 
8 months ago
Mean Machines
Bikes is a necessity in the traffic-stricken nation. It is a feasible commodity that has enticed the Indian audiences in the past 5 decades. From superpowers like Bajaj and Royal Enfield in the competition, foreign companies like Benelli and Hyosung have stepped in to prove their worth. Nonetheless, the growing launches from different companies have baffled the Indian audiences. Hence, we sorted down the list of best 9 bikes in India between 200-400 cc.
2 months ago
Mean Machines
Legs are the most important part of your body, when you're standing, walking, running or doing almost doing any other activity, your legs are in use. While huge biceps and pecks get most of the attention, we shouldn’t underestimate the importance of proper leg strength.
So, here we are presenting 5 reasons why you should never skip "LEG DAY"
2 years ago
Men's Fitness
Andaman & Nicobar is the Hawaii of the east. The perfect island settings equal the beauty of Hawaiian Islands. Also, nature’s magnificence and ability to bring peace to one’s wanderlust is excellent. The trip to the Indian islands is cost effective and does wonders to the one’s beach experience. Hence, it is comfortable to snub an exotic Hawaiian vacation for a dazzling trip to the ever so gorgeous Andaman & Nicobar Islands.  
2 years ago
We live in a vast country like India. We are always confused between thousands of trekking points the country has to offer. From lush green mountains to milky white peaks, God has privileged us with stunning beauties of nature. To admire the beauty of God’s gift, sometimes we have to take that extra mile and treat ourselves to heavenly sightings. Thus, we listed top 13 treks in India every adventurer should have on his traveling cards. Mega Wanderlust goals, aren’t they?
2 years ago
Bikes have had a huge impact in the developing India. Its utter effeciency to glide past city traffic and the equal steadiness on highways make it a common option. With so many bike manufacturers launching numerous two wheel machines for the Indian Market, it is difficult to opt for the right one. Hence, we jotted down a list of 8 most popular bikes that can be brought under 2 lacs. Effecient, speedy, and low maintenence cost, these bikes should definetly be considered if you want to enjoy the thrill of the two wheel drive. 
16 days ago
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SUVs have gained a tremendous popularity among Indians. Its efficiency to carry 5-7 people at a time and a fair amount of luggage have made SUVs hot favorites. In recent times, Mahindra has dominated the SUV section with their powerfully engineered XUV 500 and Scorpio. Innova has been extensively used in the country considering the power and fuel efficiency. 

There's a huge variety of options present in the Indian market. Hence, we sorted down a list of Best SUVs that'd suffice the Indian needs and come within a budget of ₹15 lakhs
23 days ago
Mean Machines
The land of the Blue Sky, Mongolia is one of the least densely populated countries in the world. A small nation hidden amidst two mighty countries of Russia and China can surprise you with its verdant landscapes and icy blue skies. A nation with untouched natural beauty and rich cultural heritage are still far from getting cluttered into a concrete jungle.

Mongolia made the list of Travel Wishlist 2013 by the New York Times. These 10 reasons can suffice all your queries about Genghis Khan’s nation and encourage you to explore the pristine virgin beauty of Mongolia.
3 years ago
 The Himalayan terrain is one of the youngest and difficult terrains on the face of the earth. It's changing landscapes and ever so beautiful sceneries can stun you for life. The lakes, the hills, the roads, the people, and even the air, everything in this mighty marvel is simply eye-catching. The terrain at times can prove harsh with deteriorating climatic conditions. Hence, it gives you a taste of pain, joy, shiver, chill, and can test your perseverance all at once.

I learned a lot from this expansive highlands of the Himalayas. The above ten things were worth mentioning out of many.

a year ago
Most famous festival of Brazil, The Carnival has attracted people all around the world. It’s excellent spirit and prolific nature is unmatched. There’s no way that any country could party like the Brazilians do. The Carnival stays as the most celebrated and stunning festival in the South American continent.

If you want to go to Carnival, go to Rio.
3 years ago
Rio de Janeiro