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Start with baby steps. Focus on eating properly, exercising and getting sufficient sleep today. Then do it again tomorrow. Don’t become overwhelmed by the bigger process and just focus on doing a good job right now.Exercising anytime is good for you,eat proper food.Skipping meals will not make you lose weight faster .
3 years ago
Men's Fitness
Wherever I went, whoever I found,
they went on to be with me forever,
some I left, some I kept but these relations,
they were always keep on growing like interceptions,
sometimes they happened to me, sometimes I happened to them,
Wanted or unwanted,
good too, bad too,
and sometimes, I needed them to go through

When I was less body,more soul
I met my mother and father,
who brought me to these streets in which,
I am wandering and for this, 
I am grateful 

I met people who smiled at me,
to make me smile,
when others filled me with toxicity

I met friends who became lovers,
then became friends and then shadows

I met the mountains, the soil,
some pebbles and a shore

and after everything, I met some ash and smoke,
in which every bit of me disappeared

This was when I found the God living inside me,

I found myself, I met myself,
I began a relation with me,
and that was the most fruitful relation I ever had.
4 months ago
Your Stories
A lot of people concerned with fitness ask questions like, when to exercise, for how long and how much. To which I have brought you some answers.
Hope you make use of them to get the body you deserve.
a year ago
Women's Fitness
Get the forearm you deserve by following these 9 exercises mentioned above.
a year ago
Women's Fitness
Some Fitness tips by the man himself, John Abraham. It will be worth reading what he has advised. And beneficial for someone who implements his sayings in their daily life.
8 months ago
Men's Fitness
1.Tumhari yaad ke jab zakhm bharne lagte hain
hum phir kisi bahane tumhen yaad karne lagte hain
-Faiz Ahmed Faiz

2.Sitaron se aage jahan aur bhi hain
abhi ishq ke imtihan aur bhi hain
-Allama Iqbal

3.Jhuki jhuki si nazar beqarar hai ki nahin
daba daba sa sahi dil mein pyaar hai ki nahin
-Kaifi Azmi

4.Aghaz-e-mohabbat ka anjam bas itna hai
jab dil mein tamanna thi ab dil hi tamanna hai

5.Akhri hichki bhi teri god mein aae
maut bhi main aisi shairana chahta huun

6.Aate aate mera naam sa rah gaya
us ke honton pe kuchh kanpta rah gaya
-Waseem barelvi

7.Abhi aage jaate ho jaldi kya hai dam le lo
na chhodunga main jaisi chahe tum mujh se qasam le lo

8.Agar talash karun koi mil hi jayega
magar tumhari tarah kaun mujh ko chahega
-Bashir Badr

9.Tumhare shehar ka mausam bada suhana lage
main ek shaam chura luun agar bura na lage

10.Tum se milti-julti maiñ avaz kahañ se lauñga
taaj-mahal ban jaage magar mumtaz kahañ se lauñga

11.Tum se bichhad kar zinda haiñ
jaan bahut sharminda haiñ

12.Pyaar ka pahla khat likhne mein waqt to lagta hai
naye parindoñ ko udne mein waqt to lagta hai

13.Puchh lete vo bas mizaj mira
kitna asan tha ilaaj mira

14.Kar raha tha gham-e-jahañ ka hisab
aaj tum yaad be-hisab aaye
-Faiz Ahmed Faiz

15.Shaam bhi thi dhuañ dhuañ husn bhi tha udaas udaas
dil ko kai kahaniyañ yaad si aa ke reh gai
-Firaq Gorakhpuri

16.Hum to samjhe the ki ham bhool gaye haiñ un ko
kya hua aaj ye kis baat pe rona aaya
-Sahir Ludhyanvi

17.Meri jaat par faqt itna ehsaan kar do
kisi din subah ko milo aur shaam kar do

18.Jis ka khayaal hai mujhe, kya us Ko bhi mera khayaal hai
mere liye yahi sawaal sab se bada sawaal hai
-Javed Akhtar

19.Mohabbat mein nahiñ hai farq jeene aur marne ka
usi ko dekh kar jeete haiñ, jis kafir pe dam nikle

20.Dopahar ki dhoop mein mujhe bulane ke liye
Wo tera kothe pe nañge paañv aana yaad hai
3 years ago
Bikes for some people is not just a mere machine, it is a lot more than that.They want to invest their time, money and emotions for their dream bike to enjoy the ride of their life.
Here are some bike stations of India that can help you to live your dream.
10 months ago
Mean Machines
If you need to reduce the fat around your face and want to look like the way deserve, then follow these steps mentioned above.
They are going to help you for sure.
2 years ago
Men's Fitness
Wow is the only word that i can spill whenever i look at the diversified and incredible Indian cuisine.It has got everything, you just need to go through it and you can discover the amazing tastes of India.
Every state has got something different to offer to rule your taste buds.
a year ago
Food & Drinks
Jaipur is one the most beautiful places in the world, people have wrote books about it. But there are a lot of places to go near and around Jaipur too. And they are not to be missed.

Take a look! 
2 years ago