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If you're planning to go out on a date, or you're just getting ready for one, you have to remember the 3 main rules: Be kind, confident and concerned. A well-planned date is always great. So, we give you 10 steps to have the best date ever!

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4 months ago
"The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls." - Pablo Picasso
You can express yourself by painting your emotions on a piece of paper. All it will take is just a bit of your imagination. We've got you 15 best ways to control your emotions and soothe your mind!
a year ago
Men's Fitness
Yes, these are the same actors whom you adored on the small screen. Despite of their cold attitude towards each other, they are such brilliant actors and professionals that they have totally convinced the audience of their chemistry by playing their parts brilliantly!
3 years ago
History of tattoos is an inspiring tale. It has a synopsis of centuries old native americans, sailors and some Hepatitis B as well. People who already have tattoos today probably don’t know half the truth of Tattoo history. So we give you 10 unknown facts of tattoos!
3 years ago
Women's Fashion
Everybody wants to be strong, physically as well as mentally. But did you know that achieving mental resilience is damn hard to achieve? Life will eventually get on top of you, but always remember that emotionally stronger people shine exceptionally, as they always have their eye on the prize!

So check out these 11 ways on how to get emotionally strong!
3 years ago
Almost every girl own such wardrobe pieces that lurks at the back of her closet for months and months. And letting go of them seems the worst job ever. But now you don't need to worry about it anymore as we've come up with awesome DIY hacks that will make your old clothes and accessories feel new again.
3 years ago
Women's Fashion
It really takes a lot to deny movies like 3 Idiots and rather choose roles in movies like Ra.One and Dilwale! Well, King Khan has the guts. Take a look!
2 years ago
Some foods can do more harm than good if eaten at the wrong time. So you need to be very cautious while having these ten! Have a look!
2 years ago
Food & Drinks
Bleaching is a way to lighten your skin tone as well as facial hair. But on the flip side, it's loaded with chemicals that may leave your skin with rashes and inflammation to the point of severe burns. But you need not worry as we've rounded up seven natural remedies that can help soothe your skin after bleaching. Have a look!
a year ago
Hair and Beauty
We've done it all. We've already gone through millions of beauty tutorials on YouTube, incorporated endless number of beauty hacks in our arsenal, and have religiously followed cleansing-toning-moisturizing method everyday. But still whole of our efforts and time doesn't give us a permanent solution to perfect, healthy skin like that of actresses on silver screen. Maybe we're doing something wrong. Yes! Perhaps, we're are putting these 10 things on our skin that should never ever be applied... like neverrrr everrrr!!
6 months ago
Women's Fitness