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2016 has been a slow year for Philanthropy with donations coming down sharply to ₹2,334 crores in 2016 from ₹30,767 crores in 2015. Shockingly, the latest philanthropy list has only 27 individuals as compared to 36 in the year 2015. Individuals contributing more than ₹10 crores have only been considered in the list.
2 years ago
The best way to end the day is with a glass or two of whisky, it is the most relaxing way to end it and if one has any one of these bottles then it is like icing on the cake. The better the ingredients and distilling process, more fine is the whisky. However, it comes with a price. Huge price, rather! 
2 years ago
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Himachal Pradesh is a state in the northern India which is blessed with an abundance of natural vegetation. The majority of this state experiences a serene and tranquil troposphere. Himachal is a mountainous state located in the Western Himalayas. There are a lot of places for one to visit and one should witness a few of them in their lifetime.  
2 years ago
Who doesn't know Adolf Hitler? Hitler led the political party of Nazi Germany from 1933-1945. Hitler is history's one of the most notorious dictators whose fascist policies initiated World War-2.  Given above are some unknown facts about Adolf Hitler! 
6 days ago
Mahendra Singh Dhoni has captained team India in Cricket for a good 10 years from 2007-2016 in limited overs and 7 years from 2008-2014 in Test cricket. His dedication and hard work accompanied with his love for the game have taken him from being a Ticket collector in Ranchi to being the 'Captain Cool'.
a year ago