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The 12th Academy Awards was unlike any other previously seen as it was a year of many firsts especially for the Black community as there have been many speculations in the past regarding the biased system of the Oscars. 
Moonlight stole the night and inspired a lot of people when it won The Best Picture Award. 
A feature film about a black man growing up in Miami and being harassed because he was gay, this movie touched a lot of nerves and gave voice to the harsh life in the ghettos.
A truly inspiring story and a must watch!
3 years ago
Quite often we find ourselves caught up in situations we don't know how to get out of. More times than we know, the solution lies at home itself. These are tried and tested hacks to come to your rescue anytime!
7 months ago
Hair and Beauty
Music is the language most of us swear by. The one language that connects us all irrespective of our tongues. Over time, many a musical legend has come and gone, but their eternal gift to humanity is preserved in the music they made. 
The most inspiring stories and chronicles of mankind's most precious music icons over time. Take a look :) 
4 months ago
Wanderers, travellers and hipsters alike, flock to Himachal for a retreat every now and then. Hell, it's one of the major reasons most of us are proud of our nationality! Nestled in the north, what we call our paradise, and most sought after holiday destination, Himachal Pradesh is a region of immense beauty!

Here are some extremely beautiful cafes and restaurants to make your trip experience more worthy and your insta followers more jealous!
a year ago
Many a times we travel places and take back souvenirs from there as a memory. Most times we regret buying what we did, because it seems insignificant and doesn't quite showcase the speciality of the place. Here are some of the most popular destinations around the world and their most popular souvenir items! Check this out and never ever regret taking bad souvenirs ever again!
3 years ago
Happy Republic Day to all you readers out there! 26th January marks a day of patriotism in the lives of every Indian and yet do we know all that which makes this day an important historic landmark?
On our 68th Republic Day, let's vouch to feel patriotic with the knowledge of it's significance. 
2 years ago
We've seen Tibetan Prayer flags dangling from many a Royal Enfield enthusiast's bike. It is a sign that they've been riding in the heavenly Himalayan region. Do we all know what these prayer flags actually mean though?

Here's a little culture for everyone to share and blessings to go all your way!
3 years ago
Whether you're feeling down, lost or just curious and seek a deeper meaning in life, these books take your mind on a journey much different from what it's accustomed to. Get ready to have your minds blown and your jaws drop to the floor reading these novels!
Happy reading :)
a year ago
We associate Bollywood movies with massive budgets, an acclaimed star cast and fancy sets to make bucks at the box office. Sometimes, all it takes is a great script and some intelligent marketing for a movie to be a success.

These movies did exactly that and succeeded big time. All it takes is for the heart to be in the right place and that's what these movies taught us with their humble beginnings & grand success.

3 years ago
House parties are a great way to cut down on your expenses on a night out and also to have fun in the comfort of your abode. It's your house, your, friends, your music, you're the boss of the party. 
With the right kind of people your party can really be the talk for days. Correction. With the right preparation your party certainly could impress your guests and be the talk for the next few days. 
Hope these tips help you guys! Happy partying people!
3 years ago
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