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A black model recreated famous fashion campaigns to draw attention to the industry’s lack of diversity. Model Deddeh Howard recreated pictures of one of the biggest brands in fashion industry to show people that major campaigns rarely seem to use black models. And to break this myth she created these stunning pictures. 
2 years ago
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If you have any doubts about the power of yoga please meet TAO PORCHON LYNCH. She has been declared  the oldest living yoga teacher in the world in the Guinness Book of World Record in the year 2012. She is 98 years old.

She has been teaching for over 45 years and is currently based in New York.
a month ago
"Hey guys, how's this for a headline? 'French fries'."- these were the final words of the famous serial killer James French moments before being executed. Last words somehow decides the legacy you want to leave behind. And when it comes to creepy murderers, their ghastly acts along with their last words are remembered by the people for eternity.

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2 years ago
A good cup of coffee is like a romantic affair. This love often turns into a relationship that is hard to let go. Here are the some of the most relished styles of coffee from around the world that you are most likely to fall for.
3 years ago
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Gone are the days when women were considered only household material. Today, women are showcasing their talents as an athlete, participating in parliaments, assemblies, in social as well as cultural functions. There seems to be no space left devoid of women in today's world.

The time has passed when women were kept behind curtains and left for household work only. They are holding the best possible positions in the business world as well.

Here is the list of some women who are on top positions of companies in India and have a dream to take those companies or corporate sectors on a global platform.
7 days ago
With sunny days arriving in full force, we're sure to plan those summery getaways! Well, in that case your perfect beach companion has to be the swimming costume. It's time you pick out the best kind of simwsuit for your body type and make heads turn! After all, your splash in pristine waters needs to be a fashionable one!
2 years ago
Women's Fashion

The best times to visit Budapest are March through May and September through November. 

Budapest, the capital of Hungary is divided by the Danube river, and the Chain Bride of 19th century connects the flat Pest with the hilly Buda district. Budapest is home to one of the largest music festivals in the world: The Sziget Festival.

Image Courtesy: pixabay guiadoestrangeiro  youvisit tripwolf  

3 years ago
Life is too short to be spent in one place. Here is a list of places that everyone should go. These natural phenomena are absolutely beautiful and leave you with a jaw dropping experience.
There is so much that nature has to offer us, all we need to do is pack our bags and go on a journey to explore the world.
2 years ago
Have you ever wondered why penguins have such a unique and not to say clumsy looking walk? Well, it seems they cannot help it with the kind of terrain they usually have to deal with in the wild alongside their adorable but strangely proportioned body.
2 years ago
Now you know where to head to in the city for your upcoming wedding or even for one in the future. These markets and the stores mentioned will cover your needs no matter what your budget is. Look through all of them so you have no regrets when you finally make the purchases for your D-day!
2 years ago
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