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As the world of travel and tourism has expanded, it has opened up several new opportunities for the hospitality sector to make a mark in the market with full bloom. One of the most loved cities of the travelers is Dubai. Every year, thousands of people travel there to collect some of the most exciting moments of life. Stemming from this, if you have your hotel in Dubai and you are not getting enough recognition despite of providing the best of services, then read this:

All the leading hotel interior design companies in Dubai believe that at times the problems do not come from the services of a hotel, but from the way the hotel looks. Despite of the fact that the hotel management has invested a lot of money for the hotel to function well, the management somehow unknowingly skips to make the interior of the hotel attractive. Thus, the role of an interior designer starts from here. It is extremely crucial to give meaningful looks to a hotel. This is because the people who come to stay in a hotel get affected by little things. Like the colour combination of a room can either lift the spirits of an individual or can dampen his/her mood in just a matter of few seconds. Several hotels believe in vertical and horizontal stripes and thus use them a lot to decorate the different spaces of the property. These vertical and horizontal stripes cause a lot of visual stress due to which an individual staying there might feel disturbed. Choosing the right set of furniture that match with the entire colour combination of the hotel is crucial and this is why the designing experts put in a lot of effort to make each project of interior designing successful.

According to the hotel interior design companies in Dubai, they have got clients who believe in bringing in a lot inside one hotel room. But, it should just be the opposite. It should be kept as simple as possible because simplicity has its own charm. The designing has to be such that one gets the goody good feel of staying in a hotel but must not feel isolated or completely away from home. So, the designing experts focus on the combination of luxury and comfort at the same time. Well, when it comes to designing, a hotelier tries to express her/his business personality through the designing of the hotel. But, the experts say that the hotelier must keep in mind that she/he has to serve the customers. So, the designing should be done by keeping the customers in mind.

Along with this, the interior fit out companies in Dubai, be it for an office or a hotel, always make it a point to keep the originality alive in every project they do. Different projects have different budget and casting a magic spell by maintaining a budget is what these experts excel at.

So, help your hotel in getting the recognition it deserves. Connect with an interior fit out companies in Dubai, soon. Wish you a very good luck.

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Whether at the home or in the office, your furniture should be amazing and convenient. Furniture gives the first impression and in office it also helps to increase the productivity. The importance of furniture should not be neglected and you can get the best office furniture shops in Dubai. There are types of furniture which is needed in the office like bookcase, cupboard, closet and many more and to get the amazing furniture you can also buy customized office furniture in Dubai. The most integral part of the furniture is the presence and mobility of the furniture. The wide range of variety and category of furnitures gives the meaning to your office and makes your office space well equipped.

Furniture looks beautiful, the range variety of designs and types of furniture are making every dead and dull area a lively experience. Furniture completes an empty build structure into an office. The grace and the beauty of an office gets complete with the placement of furniture. Furniture conveys an important message, using high quality furniture is essential. Furniture refers to movable objects that can be moved when needed. It is important for you to place highest quality furniture in your office. Quality furniture also helps the employees to stay organized for maximum efficiency and productivity. Regardless of what types of business you have, your office furniture should look attractive. You have to take care of your employees unique requirements and should take care for their comfort and well being.The furniture in your office directly reflects who you are as a company.

Today, there are many customized furniture available at affordable prices. Furniture can also be custom made to suit your own requirements. Furniture can be build on specific order and specification. We are bombarded with mass produced furniture and people have so many different options and choices available. It is good option to prefer customized furniture, if you have have and size which is not accurate. To create an impact of your furniture, you should make your furniture properly placed. There are semi-custom designs present, which refers to manufacturers with standard design and style. If you want to find the best furniture for your office you can buy from customized office furniture in Dubai, it will help you to find the best yet affordable price furniture.Customized furniture can bring an indispensable amount of designs and styles which will provide great deal of options. Furniture should have an unique feel and look. You can even get a high end designer look at lower price. You can get wide variety of furnitures and you have flexibility when it comes to spending. You can also have custom made furniture, within a specific budget.

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Customers can easily find exquisite furniture at high quality and affordable prices, if you want your office to look amazing you can check out the amazing office furniture shops in Dubai. You may have the unique design in mind which you wants to recreate, you can easily do that and find the furniture which is best for you.
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Be it your first time with interior designing process or you may be the master, it is easy to notice that furnitures plays a very crucial role in designing and defining your space. Indeed there are several elements within interior designing process that holds a massive importance but nothing can beat the charm of furnitures.
If you don’t agree, consider reading further and you may experience a change in your heart!

Let us begin:

1. Furnitures helps in defining functions

We seldom define room with the kind of furniture that it owns like a bedroom is defined by a bed which is a type of furniture or a dining room which is defined by a dining table. Professionals from interior fit out solutions in Dubai suggest that we tend to identify space based on furnitures as it gives a context clue i.e, it gives essential information about the space and its purpose. When you prepare for your design process, it is better to identify the intent of the space before going further.

Furniture is a focal point, hence, it should be given its desired priority. You can pick one element that can define the room’s function and then base your other decor and design around it. Make your furnishing in a way that is surrounded by that central point.

2. Furnitures gives a flow of movement:

Defining and arranging furnitures within a space dictates how the movement within the space would take place. People think filling a space is important, however, leaving empty is very crucial than filling up space.

When you go ahead with choosing appropriate furniture, it is important to keep enough empty space. While you go ahead with selecting furniture, keep these rules in mind:

* Keep the number of pathway within a room to a minimum of two
* Make movement flow around the seating not through them.
* Leave enough room for standing between the seating and table area
* Make furnitures away from wall
* Arrange seating in clustered group to have better conversation

3. Furnitures help in balancing the visual weight

Professionals from hotel interior design companies in Dubai define visual weight as creating a balance within a room. All the component within a room be it light or heavy, big or small should be spread across the room to create a visual balance. Consider grouping larger items together with small components to keep the visual interest varying.

4. Furnitures project your personal style

The furniture chosen within your space directly projects your unique aspect of style. There are people who love antiques while some go for modern furnitures. In any way, the furniture we choose speaks a lot about our own personality. Use the piece that you love to create a space that you love.

These were some quick insight on the usability of furniture in the interior designing process.
2 years ago
Earlier the offices were a portion of the home or the noble court. Presently, the offices were separated among the bosses who work in their rooms, the managers who work in small cabins and that too are a private area. The overall staffs sit together in the hall.

There is different kind of commercial buildings, ranging from offices, banks, schools, governmental projects, malls and even amusement parks. The interior design companies in Dubai of commercial buildings frequently select to give their time to tasks of a similar type. For example, experts who work in selling stores take the task on malls, supermarkets, boutiques and department stores. The best way to make a best look of your offices, you should take help from experts.

As there are many numbers of special works related to designing a commercial area. Experts working on fun work on movies, theatres, and television, arena, clubs, and theme park projects. Commercial designers work on projects of government such as on schools, libraries, fire and police stations, museums, courts, public transportation stations and other government constructions. Specialists may sometimes design hospitals, examination rooms, nursing homes and waiting rooms. Some other commercial designers may also work in bars, hotels, restaurants, country clubs, and major conference areas and cruise ships.

Office with sound proofing area is making the environment completely secure within the boss and the workers and is also safe from outdoor noises. Appointing best interior design companies in Dubai professionals are to make the soundproofing atmosphere for your office. Employee cabinets must be designed very carefully and use modern methods so that they love to work in that environment and able to give best result.


1. Conference Room: In many companies, the conference room may be a centre part at which all workers will work for themselves at a time. Here the business clients, guests and the boss discuss their business matters. So as to ensure safe discussion among the people presents there. In this respect, the designing should be done keeping in mind with great care. The interiors, lighting, decoration, furniture and view of this room should be planned and performed with great care.

2. Interiors: The color pattern of the area must be relaxing and peaceful as this is usually a space where tensions increase and thus good environment makes the work to be done easily. The interiors must peacefully show the company logo or image as this is possibly a space where customers will devote their time.

3. Lighting: Directional lighting like led spots running in a pattern over the conference table that can improve the instantaneous space of a person seating around the table which doesn't blind other people with extra light. To make this lighting arrangement impressive, you can use the services of professionals. They can guide you and advice you to make you workplace best.

4. Furniture: Safeguard that the furniture is settled in such a manner that customers have to see for a while to your company agents. This creates them expressively more likely to decide to most of your relations.
2 years ago
Colors are not randomly used while we talk about the colors of interior design. At first look we might believe that it is quite easy to select the colors for the living room for instance or for the entire home as we choose what we prefer and what we like to have. In various different cases the results are really good, but in other cases if you does not know much about the colors so you should look for the would look for interior designers in Dubai to get your home designed in most appropriate way, the results may have nothing in common with the professional appearance.

Choose the colors vigilantly:

1. We take the camera and think for how long we will spend in this and during what times of the day, what are the activities which will happen in that specific room and what is the mood they wish to induce using the colors.

2. You also need to check if the sun entering room and what is the times of day, is it morning, or it is afternoon, or if it is all through the day.

3. You should also see that how big is a room. According to it, use light shades or the dark shades. Bright colors also give true feeling of space and darker or even the warm colors that make your room that appear to be small.

The interior designers in Dubai perceive the colors in different moods. Usually, they respond to the colors in similar way, but effects will also not be same for each person. Like for instance, one specific color may instinctively awakens you for memories or also for feelings, it may also happen with any other person but memories and sensations being different. Other example will be the black color that several of them associate with mourning and something which is sad, though others might also like and feel great surrounded. With the use of the color psychology in interior design this never guarantee that the person in house will be able to feel and see exactly as you wish.

In many of such cases the interior designers have also some great knowledge about the colors, know perfectly well about the category which belong to specific color, what are the colors which will be much suitable for the combinations and most of these have the psychological effects of a single color or other which fits perfectly well in order to get the requisite result.
The thought was always liked the thought that by adding the specific color or the combinations of the colors, you may just change your mood, the room through creating the optical illusion as well as making them small or big and so on. Hence, initially we need to know that about the basic 3 colors such as blue, red and yellow color.
While combining the primary colors, we get some other secondary colors such as yellow and blue color will make green, yellow color and red color will make this orange, blue color and red color will make the purple.
2 years ago
When it comes to hotel interior design, it’s essential to note that it has some peculiarities which requires specific design skills and a definite specialization by the interior design company which provides it. Dubai is a metropolis which has some of the highest number of hotels in the world with even more to be build every year, therefore the number of hotel interior design companies is pretty high and it’s among some of the most competitive businesses there. Let’s see some of the factors concerning the process of interior design when it comes to hotels.

How does hotel interior design differ from regular interior design?

The key concept of hotel interior design is to create a proper living and sleeping space in an area that’s considerably smaller than a regular apartment. This means that there needs to be space for sleeping, sitting down, walking and also enough space for all the adjoining clothing a client may have. The proper creation of such space in a room that generally ranges from 20 square meters to 50 square meters can be challenging and requires professional planning and fit-out experience.

We can differentiate the following categories of accommodation for a general Dubai hotel:

Room : where everything is limited to one sole room which is equipped according to the hotel’s rating and standards.

Apartment : this means, that the sleeping area is separate from the living area. An apartment has one room number. Apartment may also be equipped with a cooking corner or with a kitchenette.

Suite :
this is a name that’s used rather flexibly both for rooms larger than the average and apartments where sleeping and living area is in different rooms. The key difference between an apartment and a suite is that the suite doesn't have a kitchenette.

Customized suite : this is a suite which is equipped with all sorts of extras which generally means a small pool a Jacuzzi or a special terrace or balcony section that’s extra-large or provides an extra beautiful view.

Naturally, there can be further categories or accommodation which differ in quality, size and in terms of extras. The three key factors generally include the size of the room, the number of rooms and the overall quality of all the equipment which you can find in a room. The highest quality accommodation is generally called a presidential or a royal suite.

The style : Most hotel has a signature style which may range from old/vintage/antique to contemporary. Each hotel has to adopt the exact style in all of its rooms, which includes the lighting, the furnishing and the placing of all additional equipment. The colour scheme has to match with the hotel’s idea and colours used in branding, with only slighter differences which may be used according to the type and quality of rooms or suites the hotel has to offer.

Hotels generally put up a competition in which hotel interior design companies in Dubai can enter and would award the project to the one the designs and plans of which are the most competent in terms of quality expectations, price and planning.
2 years ago
It doesn't really take an expert for creating your dream home, but you will definitely need to avoid the most common mistakes. However, Learning from the mistakes is considered as a key while dealing with the interior design. But it is always better to learn from others mistakes, why should you do the mistakes; rather you need to avoid it? Consider the below mentioned mistakes that should be always avoided with the exclusive care and proper planning.

But why make the mistakes yourself? Below mentioned are some mistakes but you can avoid them with proper and effective planning done by interior design companies in Dubai.

Use of Mirrors:

Yes, Mirrors are under-rated as using the mirrors will make the room to appear much spacious. However, lack of windows and mirrors gives a boxy feel to the room. So, don’t hesitate to hang the decorative and stylish mirror on the walls. You need to be creative. You may also find different sizes and shapes of mirrors at local retailer dealing in home-improvement. Not just that your room will look bigger, but this will also make your room bright since it reflects back the light.

Placing the photos on walls :

Where the art and photos go on walls is on you. Bear in mind the height of people. Also ensure that the combination of colors of wall, if the art or photo is dark in color so the color of walls should be light and visa versa.

Not giving adequate time for designing process :

You need to remember that interior design companies in Dubai are not the race that you wish to finish it quickly. Effective and impressive interior designing needs proper planning and proper organization. When you rush through some steps, you might find yourself taking decisions that have some disastrous consequences. So you should be careful!

Furniture :

You should be careful while buying the hospitality furniture for your house and for your office. They have an ability to give an awesome look to your room.

Not including nature :

The wonderful ways to enhance the feel of the room is by adding some natural plants. Adding the plants will definitely create great natural feel to your room, and hence with right kind of plants, you will certainly have refreshing essence that fill the air. While designing the room, you should never forget to include all five important senses while making your decision.

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All these points should be considered to ensure you don’t commit the common mistakes while designing your home.

All these are the important points which you can easily consider and which you must bear in your mind to avoid the common mistakes that might take place during the interior designing. This will ensure that you have perfect interiors either of your office or even for your house. When there is no mistakes or when the mistakes are avoided you should always get great results for the interior designing and the appearance of your office or house will be much wonderful.
2 years ago
Your Stories
Your home is basically a place which has an ability to reflect your personal style, the place where you can spend great time, and where you may also feel much comfortable devoid of paying an arm or the leg. Like any other thing which matters about buying a car or house, finding an appropriate interior designers in Dubai service needs proper research. It is important to work with the best or the top designers from all around the country hence we also have compiled the helpful guide which can show you how you can look for the professional and well experienced interior designer which can simply match your budget and style.

1. Get inspired

Now days there are several places to get the design inspiration, and also they may even lead to connecting well along with the interior designers which create the most inspiring spaces. For instance, you may find the interior designer by the room type and by the style. The online magazines can also help you to find incredible leads of talented interior design as well.

2. Compare the visual proposals

No doubt that Design is visual. What is a better way, to assist and to determine that how to find the interior designers in Dubai than to see the multiple visual proposals earlier? Having the proposals from various designers makes decision process to be simple and saves you the time as you understand you’re that both on same page. Clients also get multiple concepts of design from best interior designers at most affordable rates and designers work with the clients that perfectly match with their style – this is certainly a win-win situation.

3. Price check is important

Find about how the designer charges prior. This also guide and article which also breaks down that what is behind the service of interior design that prices also shed light on different ways fees for the services of interior design are also determined. However, getting the flat price assist to set the level of the expectations and also saves money as well. Bundled packages related to the design services usually produces the best and great outcome as it allows designer to provide all elements which follow the plan of complete design based on the need of client. The flat rate as compared to the up-charging is even much helpful for budgeting for the project expenses.

4. Compare the portfolio of designer

There are various great tools to look for the interior design. This is the online resource of interior design which is much focused for decorating as well as home design, architecture and also the landscape design. Such tools allow the people to view the most professional portfolios and also to find some wonderful inspiration photos exclusively for the projects. You may also narrow down the search by location as well as by the project type, apart from being also able to see different kinds of the projects which is done by the interior designer and typical budget with which they work.
2 years ago
Dubai is located at a place, which otherwise would be part of the huge Saudi Arabian desert. This means there is tons of sand, which does not provide a fertile ground for most plants in the world. Yet, the huge metropolis has decided to still embrace this challenge and become a centre of high profile gardens, parks which needs tons of water each day to keep it alive. Gardening companies import plants and fertile ground for the plants from Asia, Europe and Africa. As the place is well known on providing all-ready services and establishments, they often import fully grown plants, trees, bushes and hedges to be able to provide with a fully grown garden in a couple of days.

For a garden to be wholesome, especially in an area as hot as Dubai, there is a large need of shade in the garden. This shade can be both natural, as the shade provided by trees, or artificial provided by manbuilt establishments such as pergolas, covered decks, gazebos and others. These can provide well enough shades for the whole family to sit and relax enjoying outdoors, without the killing rays of sun. This is the reason why there are so many pergola manufacturers in Dubai who deal with the making of pergolas of all sorts.

What makes a pergola?

Pergola is originally an open roofed wooden building without walls, that’s supported by columns at each side when talking about square pergolas. When talking about long pergolas, which for instance provide cover for a garden road, then there are supporting columns according to the length of each beam. Today, pergola manufacturers in Dubai do not only use wood for the building, but also plastic, aluminium and whenever needed, they employ a covered rooftop above it, to provide protection from rain in the winter months. Pergolas can also be circular, although this form costs more, due to the complexity of its building. Originally, pergolas are built with an open roof, in order for them to give place for all sorts of colorful climbing plants.

Popular types of pergolas :

1. Bamboo pergola : The pergola is made to be covered with bamboo.

2. Arabic style pergola : This provides more cover and an overall more elegant effect for the whole building.
3. BKS pergola : This is a style where roof is either fully or partially covered with beams.

4. Fabric pergola : When the cover is provided by a strong, durable fabric generally in the color of beige.

5. Plastic pergola : The roofing is made out of plastic available in different colors.

As you can see, the types of pergolas are mainly differentiated according to their style and type of roofing. Apart from that, you can ask for pergola to be raised over your balcony, terrace or larger deck, that’s attached to the house.

Gardening companies such as S3T Koncept also provide with other wooden establishments, such as wooden houses, decks to create a terrace or around a swimming pool area and wooden bridges too.
2 years ago
Are you designing your home? If yes, then home designing is a very exhilarating project. It is even a very hectic time as you have so many decisions to make and things that have to be checked. One specific decision you must make is hiring an interior designers in Dubai. Not all the service provider or companies are good (keep this thing in mind). Each has their own techniques of making designs. Also, the services that designers provide will vary. If you are selecting a designer, you must confirm that it is the best which meets with your design requirements.

Here we are sharing a list that will help you to hire a designer to design your home perfectly:

1. What type and size of projects do you design? Professional designing companies will normally have definite size projects that they will design. With their expertise, they can design rooms in a building or home, complete homes, apartments, commercial buildings, condominiums, or all kinds.

2. What is the experience and education of designer? Check something more about past customers, what classes the designer attended, and in case she or he won any honors.

3. Interior designers in Dubai licensed or not? To be permitted to work in a specific state, a designer has to be licensed.

4. Does the designer have effective design samples? It is crucial to check some design samples to review the work quality. You have to confirm you like the style and designs of each design.

5. Does the designer have full or partial insurance? Each and every professional designer will have insurance, mainly liability insurance.

6. What are the services of architect? It can comprise plans, blueprints, discussing with the service provider, having contact with the service provider throughout the procedure, making a budget, and staying on site throughout the building procedure.

7. Can you utilize stock plans or online plans from a book? The designer will recommend that if you make a plan on making different changes all through the process, a stock plan cannot be the best option. You would even need to think how special you need the design to be.

8. What about the cost? Costs will differ in between designer.

9. Will the designer assist you find a service provider? Some designers will help their customers find an honest and good service provider.

10. Does the Designer use Advanced and 3D Software? An experienced designer must make home or other related projects designed in 3D or advanced software.

When building and designing a home, people wish the whole thing run smoothly. Using the service of a designer will make a great difference in building your dream home. Confirm that you carefully check references earlier than making a choice. It is crucial to interview different designers before making a choice thus you will recognize that the designer knows your design vision. It would even decrease some of the tasks that one must do throughout the building procedure.
2 years ago