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Healthy food is often thought of as boring but look at these stunning pictures delightfully shattering the myth! 
3 years ago
Food & Drinks
That green tea helps your lose weight is a fact that has become universal by now. Green tea is delightfully healthy and one delightful news is that you don't necessarily need to sip that boring insipid green tea beverage to enjoy its benefits. These amazing green tea recipes have all the goodness of green tea and are sumptuous to taste buds!
2 years ago
Food & Drinks
Barely within 24 hours of launching her Instagram handle, Katrina got 1 million followers. One look at these pictures and you will get to know why. Katrina knows how to deal with summers like a true diva!
3 years ago
Bollywood movies have time and again surprised us with unique stories that stayed with us for long. Bollywood has raised the right questions through movies and sadly, the society still does not have the answer for some of those questions. Here are some stories that differed and refused to cater to the era these were released in. 
a year ago
Raw mangoes are synonymous with summers. It's hard not to drool at the very mention of the word 'raw mango'. Well, here is how raw mango can be a part of your everyday meals. 
3 years ago
Food & Drinks
Aishwarya Rai at Cannes has become a phenomenon that none of us can ignore. She has created headlines with each of her appearances. Sometimes she nailed it and sometimes she got criticism. Here is my review on her appearances over the years! 
7 months ago
'Ombre' is the seamless blending of a few colours in progression. This blend is so ethereally beautiful that everything ombre is in fashion. Here is how you can go ombre!
8 months ago
Hair and Beauty
Malaika Arora has recently gone through a divorce but it seems that this change in life has only made her more confident. If this is what you can look like when 44, then no woman would ever want to hide her age!
2 years ago
Women's Fitness
Gone are the days when you could associate denims with a pair of jeans or a jacket. Today, denim is a whole fashion phenomenon in itself. Here is how Bollywood loves denim!
4 months ago
Women's Fashion
Denim has been in fashion since yore and will be in fashion till eternity. Denim Jacket is one part of a dress which is more of a fashion statement than a jacket to shield you from cold. Learn the denim jacket swag from these Bollywood divas.
6 months ago
Women's Fashion