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We use some products in our daily life that we don't know how but have been used in a different way than they've been produced for. It's quite hilarious to read the honest descriptions of daily use products like slippers, tissue paper, deodorant and many more. Read more about it to laugh and roll!!
9 months ago
There's not much of a difference between ripped denims and Ultra-Ripped denims but the styling of the latter becomes a little more rough. Right now, these are the kind of jeans, everyone must have in their wardrobe. The trend to look homeless in style right?!
Can't quite style your way beyond the edgy look? We present you with 7 ways to wear such ultra-ripped jeans without any discomfort. Let us know in the comments if you liked any look!!
a year ago
Women's Fashion
As much as we love the show, '13 Reasons Why', and its characters, we can't help and feel bad for Hannah and Clay. We've all cried while watching the tapes but Internet is the best, even when the subject of the Netflix series is so serious, the internet has still managed to make some pretty funny observations about the show.
These memes are absolutely hilarious and will make every '13 Reasons Why' fan say, “true!”
3 years ago
Is it necessary to take all your life lessons from quotes and books? No. Our favorite movies have a lot to offer to us rather than just entertainment and cute numbers to dance on, you can watch some of these iconic movies and take life lessons from these powerful characters of women that will be of great importance.
3 years ago
Have you ever been in a situation where you're on a romantic date and the waiter comes for your order but you cannot pronounce a Chinese dish but would love to try it?! To save you from such awkward scenario, we have some common Chinese Dishes that you have been pronouncing wrong all these years!
3 years ago
Food & Drinks
At one point of time, we have all wondered what the brides do with their beautiful, expensive wedding dresses after wearing it once on their big day!!!! And it's quite interesting to hear the confessions. We have found a list on Whisper where brides reveal what was done to their wedding outfit!
Read it out.
3 years ago
If you have a dog, I'm sure you are aware of their mood swings when they get to know they need to bath. Most of them hate it, but they look so funny when they are all wet. 
Australia-based pet photographer Serenah Hodson noticed something weird while bathing her three dogs. She says “Their personalities change when they know it’s bath time,”. And this hit her to make a project called as “Dry Dog Wet Dog” portraying hilarious before and after pictures of different breeds of dogs.
"Some dogs look completely different when wet, and this was the joy I wanted to capture," She writes on her Facebook page.
Take a look!
3 years ago
Fashion Trends and Parents never go hand in hand.

This is a situation we've all been at a point of time in our life where our parents have an objection on everything we wear. And most of the times it's hilarious! I've been told by my mom that I look like a retard when I wore a silver junk of jewelry, but in reality, it looked amazingly well and went great with my outfit. If you've been a victim of such fashion policing from your parents , these posts are for you.
Get ready for a great laugh!!! 
7 months ago
If there’s any one city that has transformed itself to a degree that amazes the world, it’s Mumbai. It's journey from Bombay to Mumbai has been remarkable making it one of the most famous cities in India. Mumbai has always been called the city of dreams. 
Whatever be the changes that the city has gone through, it seems that Mumbai then and now has always been charming in its own way. For that matter, these images that reveal the magnitude of the changes are a delight to go through.
3 years ago
All those people out there who love to travel must visit different different places and grow as a person. These are the 25 breathtaking pictures of places that are the most colourful and wonderful to for. ave a perfect vacation!!
3 years ago