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While looking at celebrity photographs, we often tend to look for similarities between them and their famous parents. Here are eight celebrities who are a look-alike of their parents.
2 years ago
These homemade fake nails are water-resistant. They won’t bend easily. They can be removed without a fuss. Try them and tell us in the Comments how did it go!!

5 months ago
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These Bollywood divas may have enviable figure but they do have their share of cheat days as well. These pictures are deliciously adorable. 
A little bit of cheating with food and a hell lot of slogging in the gym makes their lives so inspiring! As Parineeti put it wisely after her phenomenal weight loss - Eat whatever you want but just keep the portion on check! 
3 years ago
While it's only a tiny tube of colour for many, lipstick has been part of an ancient history around the world. Here are little known facts about the cosmetic which we bet you never knew before. 
2 years ago
India is a diverse country with food ranging from various colours and flavours. It is amazing how many types and varieties of cuisines we have. So every time you travel to these places make sure to taste these local cuisines.
2 years ago
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Television serials gave us many hit soundtracks. We have handpicked a few of them. These tracks still give us goosebumps. What's your favourite track from this list? 
2 years ago
Your companion when there is not much else in the refrigerator. The one who you can't not buy when you're out grocery shopping. The one you don't look at unless you're under a dangerous starvation threat. The one you always crib about as 'boring'. Yet, the one that's always there for you!

Good ol' Bread is always around.

Honestly, It is kind of unfair label bread as boring since there are so many different and tasty ways of eating it.

Here are some delicious recipes that you can make, all with the help of bread.
a year ago
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Many people who are on weight loss journey try to avoid snacking in between the meals with a thought that less food intake will lead to more fat loss which is entirely a false statement. That is why most of the diets fail. We must keep on feeding our body with food to maintain a good metabolic rate which can convert the food into energy by digesting it in the right way. However it is not advisable to eat unhealthy snacks to kill the hunger pangs, in that case my friend you are sure to gain more weight!

Above is a list of 12 super healthy snacks which you can have instead of those fried chips, or any sort of junk food. These foods will not only keep your stomach full and satisfied but will also make your body's machinery perfect!
2 years ago
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