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Planning to buy a bike.

Here check out this list of Bikes in India under 2 Lakhs and experience the advanced technology & best in-class performance. !
9 months ago
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Cruise bike fashion in India is not new but there has been a scarcity of options in this segment. For a long time Royal Enfield dominated this arena but the times have changed now and several major motorbike companies have entered the competition. The buyer thus has enormous options and choices to select as per the need. These 10 cruiser bikes cover the 10-lakh price bracket adequately offering a wide range of bikes. So if you got a cruiser bike up your mind, do check out these hot rides.
3 years ago
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Bikes for some people is not just a mere machine, it is a lot more than that.They want to invest their time, money and emotions for their dream bike to enjoy the ride of their life.
Here are some bike stations of India that can help you to live your dream.
11 months ago
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Cruising along the highway is an experience which speaks for itself. Travelling the distances, going to new places with your loved ones or solo on your most faithful ride, a cruiser. These high end cruiser bikes give biking a whole new meaning with there sophisticated engineering and beautiful design. Munching miles was never so much fun as on these sweet rides...
3 months ago
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Bike lovers, Check out this list of Upcoming sports bike in India, their expected price, images, launch date, etc.
10 months ago
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Not many options in the 300cc to 400cc bike segment were available untill a few years back. The scenario is no longer the same anymore. Several bike manufacturer companies have now entered the competition to challenge the segment dominator, Royal Enfield. This gives the customer a number of bikes to choose from according to his needs, preference, driving style and most importantly budget. These 9 bikes here offer a wide range of build-type and riding style to suit everyone's needs.
2 years ago
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Pack your bags and ride to these amazing roads and discover new places and mostly importantly yourself. These routes have beautiful views and valleys. These roads are full of greenery which will leave you awestruck.

These routes are out of this world and are best explored on two wheels.
4 months ago
Bikes is a necessity in the traffic-stricken nation. It is a feasible commodity that has enticed the Indian audiences in the past 5 decades. From superpowers like Bajaj and Royal Enfield in the competition, foreign companies like Benelli and Hyosung have stepped in to prove their worth. Nonetheless, the growing launches from different companies have baffled the Indian audiences. Hence, we sorted down the list of best 9 bikes in India between 200-400 cc.
2 years ago
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Bikes have had a huge impact in the developing India. Its utter effeciency to glide past city traffic and the equal steadiness on highways make it a common option. With so many bike manufacturers launching numerous two wheel machines for the Indian Market, it is difficult to opt for the right one. Hence, we jotted down a list of 8 most popular bikes that can be brought under 2 lacs. Effecient, speedy, and low maintenence cost, these bikes should definetly be considered if you want to enjoy the thrill of the two wheel drive. 
2 years ago
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