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"In heaven there's no beer, that is why we drink ours here." Don't we swear by every word of this quote. Beer, to most of us is happiness! And this happiness doubles or should we say quadruples when there is freshly brewed beer available. So guess what, the Angels above are happy with you and hence you are in Gurgaon. This place has so many MicroBreweries and they are all nothing short of amazing.

My score from the above list is 7/11, what's yours? 
10 months ago
Because why not!

Lagom gives you every bit of a reason you need to have to party! It gets you in the best of mood instantly. No one likes drinking alone and this bar has the kind of people that you'll like being around. Most of us like to socialize at a place that enhances our mood and lifts our spirits, Lagom gives you exactly that.

You'll agree that there’s nothing worse than being in a bar that is so ungodly loud that you can’t hear yourself think, let alone catch what your buddy next to you is saying. Lagom takes care of this as well.

So, this Friday let Lagom Kitchen and Brewery be your party destination!

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10 months ago
Lagom is one of the best breweries on Sohna road, Gurugram. Serving a million of its guests, Lagom now has a new food menu for everyone!
4 months ago
2 months ago
Food & Drinks
What are you waiting for?
Mark the dates of upcoming festivals and enjoy them at Lagom Kitchen + Brewery with your friends and family!
9 months ago
Kasauli is well known town in Himachal Pradesh renowned for its tranquil and calm climate.It also serves as an army cantonment. Snow-clad mountains, dense forests and a pleasant climate make Kasauli a major draw among tourist. The cantonment town is also famous for the Kasauli Brewery, believed to be the oldest functioning distillery for scotch whisky in Asia.

Some of the places of interest for tourists  are the Christ Church, The Kasauli Brewery and the Monkey Point.
2 years ago
Amidst these hot cum humid summer days, are you looking for some amazing rooftop bars to spend the evening and relax your souls?

Here is the list of some of the best rooftop bars in Gurgaon.
9 months ago