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Break the ice with any of the above questions. This way, not only will you be able to open a dialogue but you'll also get to know them better. 
4 days ago
Forget the usual movie or a fancy restaurant date. Think out of the box and go for something more interesting. Here is a list of some unusal things to do on a first date.
10 months ago
Moving away from home comes with its own set of drama. Finally having people your own age around comes with its own set of challenges. But also leave you with a lot of bittersweet memories.
3 months ago
People often keep complaining about your dating habits. But it's only when your partner too starts thinking you as dominating, over-protective,clingy that it really bothers you.  
So perhaps it's time you understand yourself better and help him understand you too.
You are a PASSIONATE lover. That's all.
a year ago