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From museums to water park, Gurgaon is full of attractive places that will enthrall you and your kids with a lot of entertaining and educational activities. Check out these places!
2 days ago
There are so many entertainers out there in today's world who excel in different fields. Be it singing, acting, dancing or other forms of entertainment, they work hard and prove the best of them. Along with this, they have so many fans following worldwide because of their unique talent, charm, skill, good looks, hard work and dedication. So we get you a list of 10 richest entertainers in the world.
6 months ago
Metro has become a very important part of our life, whether we like it or not we just cannot ignore it and what makes metro the most interesting mode of transportation is our very own 'dilliwallas' who just cannot stop being themselves even in the most crowdest places. And believe me, that's what makes them the people they are!

So click and enjoy this video where you will see your everyday metro experiences highlighted beautifully by these two budding actors!
10 months ago
New Delhi
Exams are over-head and stress comes complimentary. Stress doesn't just come to kids but to you guardians too. If you are a one such guardian, then this piece of information is for you! Do not let your little one waste so much of precious time on the Internet and doing nothing significant. Instead, these constructive time utilization options can prove perfect remedy to break free from exam preparation stress. Options that are inexpensive and just a click away!
2 years ago
Some of the upcoming movies calling for a sparky September kickstart with masterly thriller themes are here with there sneak-peek trailers. Have a look and keep your eyes open for some greedy entertainment!
2 years ago
CELEBRITY GOSSIPS now that is what we love and there is no denying to it!! Whether it is chilling with your BFF or breaking the ice between strangers, celebrity gossip makes everything easy. In our society celebrities are like drugs and they are around us everywhere. They're an easy fix.
Here are 7 reasons why we love celebrity gossips.
a year ago
These celebrities are an inspiration in themselves. Not only have they given us some of the best entertainers in the last decade but also have set examples through their personal lives that if you set to achieve something, nothing is impossible! 
7 months ago
Finding the perfect toy for kids gets trickier every year. With so many gadgets available in the market, what can you get which will not only keep the kids off the TV and mobile but also at the same time teach them different concepts. Here are a few intelligent toys which will absolutely keep them entertained for hours!
2 years ago
Here are 7 most talented Bollywood actors who have changed their looks for the movies. These Bollywood actors have proved that they are multi-faceted. They became completely unrecognizable with their first looks.They have tried their best to entertain us. Kudos!!!
2 years ago
Love stories have been quintessential of Bollywood films and what could be a better template than William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet! Although, what the industry produced was far from being close to the Bard's mettle, but they entertained us nevertheless. Here are the 7 times Bollywood did a Romeo and Juliet.
a year ago