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Break the ice with any of the above questions. This way, not only will you be able to open a dialogue but you'll also get to know them better. 
4 days ago
Forget the usual movie or a fancy restaurant date. Think out of the box and go for something more interesting. Here is a list of some unusal things to do on a first date.
10 months ago
First dates are considered special ones because they always pop up an opportunity to find our perfect partner. But they can, in no time, turn into horrible ones if you will not keep up with not making any of these awkward statements. So, check out what not to say on your first date.
2 years ago
A first date says a lot about how the rest of the relationship is going to go. So it is very natural to be confused about where to go or take your date on this special day! You don't want it to be too cheap and it shouldn't as well dig a hole in your pocket.
So to find the perfect balance, refer to our guide. Here's a list which is sure to help you out!
a year ago
New Delhi
First dates are always exciting and beautiful. Your clothes play a very important role in making that first impression and when you have a date coming up, you should always be dressed in way that it reflects who you are.

Here’s some help on what you SHOULD'NT wear on your first date!

1.Super fancy party dress
For a first date, you may want to wear something simpler and more casual because chances are you maybe having coffee at a quiet place or going for a movie. It is always a good idea to never wear party dresses as it makes you look a little out of place. 

2.Uncomfortable shoes
Wearing shoes that are uncomfortable will make you walk in an awkward manner which can be a little distracting and for some people a bit of a turn-off.

3.Too much makeup
If you’re wearing loads of makeup on the very first date, you will have to keep the same thing up for the next dates which can be quite difficult.

4.Tops that are too revealing
The only thing you wanna do on a first date is really get to know each other, so wearing a top thats too revealing can just be an unwanted distraction.

5.Tight outfits
Wear clothes in which you are comfortable, tight clothes make you adjust all the time and well it can be difficult to concentrate on your date.
a year ago
Women's Fashion
As they say men are from Mars and women are from Venus, both want different things from life at all points! There are so many things men do that annoy women this much that they back out only after the first date! 
Here are some dating rules you must know before going on a date! 
2 years ago
For an interesting game of having fun.Some of these answers may surprise you but all of them will definitely lead to a better understanding of the person sitting across you.
2 years ago
A hot dress and pro flirting skills can make most guys show in interest in you. But if you want him to be head-over-heels, crazy-in-love with you, you need more serious ammo. That's where science comes in-well researched, tried-and-tested, proven ideas that always have the desired conclusion.
We've taken 10 of the best tips for you so landing the man of your dreams is as simple as reading a 4-page feature!
2 years ago
Because who doesn't love love?
You must make sure that this special day is celebrated in the best possible way. Everyone does the clichéd gifts for their first anniversary, but we have some special ideas for you to celebrate this lovely occasion.
3 months ago
Going out on a blind date with someone you haven’t met before? You know what blind dating is, don’t you? Blind dates are an exciting thought, but, it’s something that doesn’t always turn out right. Be genuinely warm the very second you meet your date for the first time.
2 years ago