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Exams are the main problem for every student. Around 60% of students memorize their answers just before their exams and their is no utility of it after the exam. So try to overcome this problem by understanding your answers properly and hit your exams like a helicopter shot.
4 days ago
Exams are over-head and stress comes complimentary. Stress doesn't just come to kids but to you guardians too. If you are a one such guardian, then this piece of information is for you! Do not let your little one waste so much of precious time on the Internet and doing nothing significant. Instead, these constructive time utilization options can prove perfect remedy to break free from exam preparation stress. Options that are inexpensive and just a click away!
2 years ago
You’ve just stepped out of your college life and the world clearly is far more excited than you are.

While you’re trying to keep up with your traumatised mind, everybody around wishes to help you. Awwww that’s so sweet!
Oh wait! Correction... everybody decides to get into the “Hey let’s make them feel horrible” mode.
Because howww can you even think of living in peace huh?

 So before you experience it yourself, here’s a friendly advice for you... Be prepared!
I repeat, be prepared!

 Situation number one-

Yayyyyy! Vacation time...I’m so excited! Let’s go on a holiday
Family- Did you just say holiday? Do you even care about your future?
Buuuttt...My vacations have just begun! 

 Situation number two-

Walking around like a boss... (Oh no, oh no! neighbours!)
Meanwhile- Hey!!!! Final exams over right? Results are out? Got a job? What do you plan to do?
I plan to die!

Situation number three-

You’re enjoying the yummy food at a relative’s wedding when.....
Oh my god you’ve grown up! You were soooo naughty as a child...You always made me run behind you...oh by the way, results are out right? How much have you scored? You must have done well... I’m so prouuud.......
I flunked! You have a problem with that?

Well, Situation number four-

You decide to meet old friends and everybody is having a great time! Suddenly a topper tells y’all how well he is doing and has his goals set already!
(Howling from inside)
Once again child, stress doesn’t want to leave your mind

And situation number five-

“Hello, I’m calling from Fuckyou university, I believe you’ve recently graduated? Would you want to consider our programs for masters?”
Or how about?
“Hello, I’m calling from NoPeace consultancy. Are you looking for a job?
 On the other hand....Can I please live? :(
Hahahaha! Funny right? Making fun of it... but these situations have to happen and there’s no way you can escape them.
Trust me when I say that!”

You can be deeply passionate about something, you would exactly know what you want, and you could have your goals set. But this phase is when you only want to relax and want to gradually get yourself out of the comfort zone. It’s okay if everybody doesn’t understand that! Take your time, but do it.

Until then all you can do is...wait for the correct time to not say but to show them :)
2 years ago