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A camera lens are the eyes your camera sees through. To say the least, it should be clean! Do this, and you might hear your camera calling….Allo! I see everything clearly!
4 days ago
Mean Machines
Taking care of contact lens and your eye is very important; also we recommend that you always follow your eye care professional's directions. These are the 10 ways to take care of your lenses.
2 years ago
You must have always thought that lens solutions are just to clean and hydrate lenses, but think again there might be more uses, may be in make up? Shocked? I can understand ;D
Here are some cool tips and tricks to use lens solution in make up which can save you few bucks!
Have a look :)
2 years ago
For all the professional photographers and even of the photography hobbyists DSLR is one most loved gadget. And as they are smart and 'head over heels' with the photographic world they spent a huge sum of money to buy their favorite DSLR. Taking care of which thus becomes imperative.
The above-mentioned tips, and common sense can help the photographers to easily take care of it at home. But if at any point, discomfort, and shakiness creep in it is advisable to send DSLR camera at the service center for maintenance.

So take my piece of advise here- Spend the money and time cautiously- as it will be better than taking the risk of damaging it.

And take care of your photography talent too as it is precious and worthy of praise!
2 years ago

Contact lenses have been long known to change the look of the wearer. With advanced, modern day technologies the lenses have mutated into tints and shades of unimaginable colours and prints! (Yes prints, you heard it right!) . Contact lenses have such varied variety now that they could evenly be matched up or contrasted with any attire, makeup or liner you wear. As said an eye for an eye, can make the world blind but a lens on an eye would surely makes the looks change! 

Image Courtesy: michellephan peekandponder twitpic  

3 years ago
Hair and Beauty
If you love photography, just pack your cameras, explore and click. 
Here are the 7 most beautiful places of Leh Ladakh you should visit if you love photography and capture the best.

3 months ago
DSLRs are here to stay. They are powerful cameras for professionals and for anyone willing to step up their game in the field. Here are the best ones available in the market right now. Have a look.
3 years ago
Mean Machines
What makes photography so fun is that you can impart your own style onto anything that you’re working with. You can use these lenses for the purposes that they’re recommended or you can always have your own way and experiment what suits your style and budget.

Photography is a matter of prespective and a private choice, choose what you like, the universe is your limit.
3 years ago
Mean Machines
You've probably heard the saying, “Pictures are worth a thousand words.”
Well, if you are one of those who love to capture memories through your lens, then here are some good cameras which will help you do the same and give brilliant results.
a year ago
Your camera’s going to love you for taking care of it! Happy clicking!
2 years ago
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