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In this period of globalization, life's no longer straightforward. There's dependably an idle weight to exceed expectations in each field—be it in pre-schools for the little children, in secondary schools, at office—and the circumstance deteriorates. To give individuals a chance to adapt to the "weight cooker" circumstances, many schools and universities hold sessions with the motivational speakers. These speakers "persuade" them to improve as well as, with their accommodating—once in a while, even clever—addresses, unwind them from their problems and inconveniences. How about we endeavor to know the best in the field..
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Imagine a laid back guy weighing just over 100 kgs; ready to pass out of high school and below average in studies. I dread those days and feel that if some people were not there then in my life; i would have made nothing out of me. Personally for me; negative motivation always worked wonders  to make me more disciplined, healthier and dedicated individual. I moved from step to step to satisfy short term goals in order to achieve longer ones. So I had the challenge of losing weight and doing good ( academically). This story might strike a connect with you instantly; but the interesting thing to know here is how these things fell into place.

Me and my father shared a strained relationship like any other teenager. But; just after my pre board exams and my disastrous performance in them; he bashed me up one day saying that i can for see your future of doing graduation from correspondence. That analysis of him shook me up ; finally for good. That was my first date with hard work; and ultimately it paid off as i topped my school in one of the subjects. I could see that proud feeling in my parent's eyes when i was being felicitated. Later he told me that  today i am really happy to be proven wrong by my lad.

With target 1 achieved the bigger picture was far more horrific and tough in sight. I still cant believe to have lost 25 kgs at a stretch in 4 months. The man behind it; was my brother -in - law. An avid health freak that he is; he couldnt stand a more unhealthy guy like me. His role is vital in my life and would stay so. He monitored me for 2 months and got off my back only when he knew i was there.

So Yes; negative motivation and I have been pals sice then.
10 months ago
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Movies can be a wonderful source of inspiration and motivation, as some of them can help you to change your mindset quickly into a more positive one.
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No matter how big your dreams are or how much you've been planning for your career, there are always those few hard days where you'll need some motivation and inspiration to get through the day.
It helps the most if you can find personal inspiration from someone who has been there, done that and done it well. Here are some of my favorite motivational one-liners that you may need at the start of another week. Like them, share them, but most importantly, use them to help you become an even better person than you already are.
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Everyone needs motivation and inspiration from time to time. In our busy work schedules, we all sometimes forget to see the bigger picture. We get lost in the things that seem important, but are actually very small. That is why it is important to keep reminding yourself why you chose to be where you are. Or maybe just reminding yourself where it is that you want to go.
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Robin Sharma is an Indo-Canadian writer and leadership speaker. He uses western and eastern spirituality technique to make people understand the true meaning of satisfaction and success in one's life.
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Size does make a difference so goes an old saying. In any case, on the off chance that it's the measure of the town/town one's conceived that you are discussing, a few people don't think so. They surmise that the springboard can be as little as it could be, however in the event that you have your eyes set in the ideal spot and with the guide of ability, you can in any case become famous. Take the instances of these residential community individuals who became famous in Bollywood, for case.
It can be their immense dedication,hardwork ,pure luck or motivation,whatever may the reason be,these actress proved themselves to be the one out of crowd making it big in the Bollywood.It can be a pocket full of motivation for you too


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Being a sportsperson is a lot more about passion, hard work, patriotism and dedication than just money and recognition. Their lives are full of lessons. Time and again our talented filmmakers have brilliantly adapted the intriguing stories of sports stars into films. Here are some that will stay with us forever.
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