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The eagle-eyed amongst us would instantly realise that this 1,000bhp-at-the-wheel 1967 Ford Mustang is the very same car that was featured in the latest episode of Jay Leno’s Garage. While a 1,000bhp Ford Mustang isn’t really groundbreaking as there are quite a few that boast that many horses or more, like this RINGBROTHER’S 65′ STANG and of course the mental 1,400BHP MACHINE THAT WE ALL KNOW AND LOVE AS “HOONICORN V2”. While these both are quite stunning examples of powerful Mustangs, what’s quite unique about this particular 1965 Ford Mustang created by Jason Pecikonis and his team at Timeless Kustoms is the spot-perfect way everything comes together in one package.

See more pictures of the beast here
4 days ago
Mean Machines
You can take away her power, condemn her freedom, abuse her body, and strangulate her to death but you can never outrun the magnificence of a woman.

Here is a selection of 10 worth reading books about women who dared to challenge their appalling conditions and heroically emerged as victors in their life stories. These incredible books not only portray them as the main female protagonists but as the untapped reservoir of strength, courage, intelligence, patience and self-respect.

Do read these and get inspired by the true spirit of feminism!
2 years ago
Applying these body language tips will surely help you in boosting your confidence and also developing a dynamic character.
2 years ago
We often fail at tasks because we have a very weak will power, we give up too soon! Have you ever observed successful people? What do they have in common? That is called "UNDYING WILL POWER" which makes them so persistent. You must have heard a phrase that "Its all in mind", its very true! If we really decide to reach a goal, nothing in this world can stop us, but then why everyone is not successful? Why everyone is not wealthy? Why everyone is not healthy? The same reason "they lack will power". 

To achieve anything in life we need a really strong will power, desire force alone can't do anything if it is not backed with will power, its like they both have to work hand in hand!

These are 10 exercises which will make your will power very strong by re-wiring your brain to obey you and you won't ever feel like giving up on anything. You will be amazed to see the changes in your thinking, and then success is sure to come, trust me!!!

Note: Be consistent with these exercises if you really want to control your mind.
2 years ago
Germans holds the top most position of the world's most powerful passports with the highest visa score. Europeans get a great deal of travelling power. Their passports have enabled them to fly to more than 100 countries without any visa! Wanna know more about which country stands on what position? We give you the world's most powerful passports!
2 years ago
Here's the list of  the most powerful Indian women as mentioned in Forbes Magazine. These women make us proud and have brought laurels to our country.

Proud to be an Indian!!
2 months ago
From global warming and depletion of water to sexual violence and color discrimination, our Earth is still getting plagued by plethora of terrible issues and problems. But what difference will it make even if thousands words are spoken to fight against such evils but no action is taken?

Above are 14 powerful print ads which were issued not only to fight against what's not right but to raise consciousness among masses to take action because more than anything, your actions are required to make a difference! Have a look!
2 years ago
Indian women have been making news all over the world. Be it sports, business, science or anything you can think of. They are doing well in anything they put their heart and soul in.
A salute to these women who are making us proud.
3 years ago
Women's Fashion
All over the World including our own India, not being 'normal' is seen as a problem; as a disease that needs to be 'fixed'. Yet, here is a list of some of these very men who have gone to be achievers and their gender never came in the way!
3 months ago
Never underestimate the power of thick black eye liner. Black eye liner are for those days when you dont want top opt for the shebang eye shadow but want to mean business and yet look sexy!
3 years ago