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Sex has always played a detrimental role in movies. There are only few movies that address sexual afflictions like sex addiction.
3 months ago
“Sex” in one form or another has always been an integral part of movies. Though, usually, sex is shown as an extension of romance. Rarely movies are made “about” sex (don’t we already have porn?). So, when filmmakers choose to make a film about sex, it more often than not deals with some form of sexual affliction. Among all the sexual afflictions, it seems like sexual addiction is the one that’s most commonly addressed.
a year ago
Being open up about your fantasies to your partner is always a little bit harder than it would seem.
Here are 7 of the most common sex cravings every men/women has, and a non-awk way of bringing them up.
5 days ago
It's 2017. Dating ain't getting easier.
Right guys?

The dating trend has been changing with time. Earlier people were willing to make efforts for their partner, actually live and be straightforward. Now people want the other person to take the first step. People make the things quite complicated now and that's why we've got 10 ugly truths about modern dating you need to know about.
2 months ago
Want to get into the mood but do not like watching porn as it lacks love and romance? Then you should be watching the above hot movies which are filled with such steamy sex scenes that are enough to get you sweaty, leaving you full of desire and passion for your partner!
a year ago
Some movies have definitely managed to give some in-depth looks into the lives behind the world of the world of fashion.
2 years ago